Hawk Link at the University of Kansas

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Sara: Hawk Link gave me a place
to ask questions, talk about
concerns as a new student and
gain friends that value
Somorah: Hawk Link helped me
meet people right away and find
ways to get involved on campus.
Mauricio: Through Hawk Link,
I've had a strong relationship
with my advisor who's helped me
out in becoming a successful
Erynn: The Hawk Link tutoring
is the most helpful because
it's free and I get help on
subjects I'm struggling with.
Vicky: The Hawk Link staff
really helped me deal with
being home sick.
I was able to open up and
involved myself on campus.
Helen: Hawk Link will always
be the program that helped
guide me through my first year.
The friends and professors I
made helped me adjust to
college life at KU.