AstraZeneca - Srikant

Uploaded by CareerDashTV on 28.11.2011

Hi, I’m Srikant, as a new grad I am already having an impact on drugs
for the central nervous system at AstraZeneca.
I had done a co-op here four years back and I liked what I did and
also liked the people that I worked with.
I am involved in the group called discovery DMPK, Drug Metabolism Pharma Kinetics.
So we study the effect of potential drugs in the human body.
I have a bachelor of science in biology.
It's applying some of the knowledge that you got in school at work and
actually seeing what happens, what the text book is about.
I think it is a really good place to start.
There is a lot of learning and there is a lot of support from the team,
the team that I am working with and that's one of the reasons actually that I like it here.