The New Car (June 24, 2011)

Uploaded by PhilipDeFranco on 24.06.2011


What's up Vloggity

so I got a few extra minutes today
and I know I haven't been updating the vlog channel
as reguarly and it's just because we have
so much on our plate, but I don't want it to be one those
videos that are like "Hey I know we haven't seen each other"
I wanted to answer a question
that you guys know that I crashed my car
like 2 months ago

and I finally got a new car

some of it was actually based on your recommendations

before everyone in the comments is like
"Oh it's this or you should've gotten this"

just understand, I'm happy with it

it's a big deal for me because it's the first car
I've ever

you know, I was just able to get it
and I never thought
like this is a big deal for me
I never thought I'd buy a *NEW* car

because I grew up pretty... you know

I wasn't dying, but I

I don't know, I'm just- I'm happy
and so I wanted to show it to you, share with you
I didn't think I was actually going to get this car

but here it is, yeah, this is my

my Dodge Challenger

but yeah that's all
that's all I want to show of it
I don't want to come off bragadocious

because you know

when someone shows you something that they have, they're like
"Check it out, check it out"
I just want to answer it because

people send me twitter, facebook, emails
just over and over "What'd you get, what'd you get?!"
and uh that's what I got

and you know what?

if you want argue in the comments do that
like "Oh it has this horesepower and then you have to
get a supercharger and then you got to get blah blah blah..."

whatever, I don't...
no, it goes vroom vroom, it goes gargle gargle
it uh takes me from gas station to gas station

very well

and I like it, it's like a big

I don't want to say like man
but like my RX-8 it was so tiny
I was like time to get in the RX-8

but like this, I'm like oh I can

like look around and move my body
because you know I dance and I salsa
in the car a lot

but there it is

video done, stuff and things

but yeah

yeah yeah yeah
I love your faces

what else was I going to say?
oh I was going to ask you

what comic should I read next?

I just read this

Nemesis it's by Millar
the guy behind Kick-ass
and now I guess Kick-ass 2

but I've also been reading The Boys
I don't know, anyway

I got to go back to work and stuff and things