School of Management

Uploaded by UniversityOfBradford on 17.03.2011

I think the number one reason why people would come to the University of Bradford, School
of Management is the reputation. It was one of the first business schools to be created
in the UK. It is consistently ranked in the top ten by the Financial Times. We are accredited
by Equis and Amber and brand reputation is key. Well I’m quite passionate about Bradford.
It’s a region of enterprise, of excitement, of social activities and clubs. So it’s
really got everything that a student could want in terms of a student who’s studying
management or law because we’ve got the financial services in Leeds, we’ve got big
companies, plus we’ve got the excitement and availability of lots of exciting things
for you do in your spare time. We’ve got the most fantastic campus here at Heaton Mount
and Emm Lane. We combine the both the traditional and historic with modern and fantastic facilities.
It’s a leafy suburb. Beautiful place to study, to be creative, to concentrate but
also to have fun.The area is really nice because we have the park and if you want a break from
your lectures when you have a break you can just go to the park and just sort of like
completely relax and because it’s a new build as well the building is just brilliant.But
you’ve got the main campus as well. Even though we’re out of town, we secluded to
be, it’s almost cocooned to be as professional as possible and that’s what it’s all about.
When you go around and you see the library, the library in particular is very well facilitated.
There’s a huge volume of new books every semester.I think it’s really important for
students to feel comfortable in the place where they are studying, so that they can
both focus on their studies but also socialise and have fun with their fellow students.I
think that the School of Management and the University of Bradford itself does quite a
good job in respect of helping students with their CV, with their covering letters, with
interview preparation.You get a lot of support. Your lecturers are your friends as well as
academics. And also the effective learning service, the fact that they help you though
the whole job application checking your CV, finding out what kind of recruiters are best
for you. I think the key thing to remember about Bradford University School of Management
and the Law School is that we employ both senior researchers and professors, leaders
in their field, as well as people who have got practitioner background. I myself for
example have got twenty-three years business practitioner experience working for Shell.
So I’m just one example of many. So there’s a combination top-level researchers with top-level
business practitioners. While studying at Bradford I was on the Business Management
programme, within that I studied a few management modules, which was great for helping me to
train for day-to-day life in business. The support from Bradford was great. I wouldn’t
be where I am today without Bradford. I’m absolutely amazed how fast School of Management
campus is actually changing. I’ve been here for I think five years now in Bradford and
this is truly amazing how much the University and especially the School of Management is
changing. I really enjoy it. I think it’s really inspiring for students that the University
and School of Management are investing money in education. I was fortunate enough to be
here whilst the campus was developing. I’ve seen it from where it was to where it is now
and it’s a great facility, great equipment and yes I’m jealous now, I’m jealous I’m
not here with this new facility.