Spider Woman Agent of SWORD

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I'll be honest with you. I did the right place.
I go through a real and genuine crisis of faith.
Faith in ourselves, faith in the world ...
Faith in the ... faith.
Glutton. I looked in the devourer and I ask myself:
How does that work when you can have the knowledge that najzeznutija
person in the history of the universe.
Congratulations devourer.
You will never again najzeznutije the history of the entire world!
Damn it!
Instinct tells me that someone put to death.
As in a mafia movie.
It is very sad that my first thought to.
- Hi Jessica. - Who are you who the devil?
A woman who will save your life.
Do you know what is SWORD?
It stands for Sentient World Observation and Response deptartment.
Who does not like acronyms?
It's a secret anti-terrorist and intelligence agencies.
He is a potential threat to world security.
You think you do not go here?
You need to see what was happening to me and my people.
Frankly, it was my job and just to me to prevent what
You can happen.
It was my fault. Along came under my observation.
What should I do now? If you hit in the face?
There are 32 alien species on the planet Earth.
None are welcome. No!
There is an argument that says that their very existence threatens the balance of the world.
But we are here today to talk about Skrolovima.
Menjaoci-seems we have come to take over the world.
They failed.
Not all disappeared. They live among us, hide, plan, seek a way home.
I want to become an agent of SWORD's.
I want to find the aliens.
Especially the scrolling.
I want to sprečiš whatever they do.
I give the alien an executive order.
How can I find them to hell?
Well, you're a private detective. Do what you do.
But this ... This is a very useful gadget that you will not find in stores.
Encoder you updated information and radices what needs to be done.
How can I tell you by the person you represent?
Ask your fellow avengers. They know me.
I offer you the chance to collect all the rage and all the pain ...
and the outpouring of those who actually deserve it.
And you may be less iskaljivati ​​on it.
Yes ...
I'm talking about in that department.
- What is this? - Detector for scrolling.
No. Although, would not that be nice?
This is a very fancy šmensi bio-scanner for the environment.
Covers a small radius, and reveals that close to you has someone who is not a human being.
A useful thing that can be easily handled.
How long will this do?
While you can not say ... and stop when you want.
You stop this work, I stop I deliver money to your account.
And that ... I have money in the game.
- But ... - Both know that this is not about money.
I know it has also offered to be a vigilante.
If you want to, that's fine. None of this is debatable.
But this is separate.
These thy Avengers, this is not for them.
Besides gluttons, they will not go through what you'll be moving in this business.
Published in the name of your phone. Order it.
I do not lose that. It is expensive as hell.
By the way, I'm Abigail Brand.
Where am I going?
One thing about the world that still has all sorts of hidden corners.
But there's only one place in the world that is the right place to hide.
Medžapur, I think I know why I posted here first.
They know that I am prepared to kill everyone on whom I lay hands.
In this hole, my chance to hurt someone who at least is not guilty of anything,
almost nothing.
Now I have money. Can be stored in a fancy place in a better part of town.
But I feel that this is the place where I want to be.
All here appear to be disguised.
All seem like something that direction.
Pickup at the bar is ready to kill me.
She thinks her competition.
I should like to take a pill or something.
I bring it up to insanity.
This bed is disgusting. Who knows where I sit.
To see why I am here.
Koru Kavita ...
SWORD thought that he was under the command of Queen scrolling.
Wiped out before the big battle against the super heroes Scroll in central park.
When Tor appeared, the crowd is dispersed scrolling.
I love chicken.
Here, says he has super powers Scroll more heroes.
So I was overwhelmed.
I wonder why they think he or she is here.
I can ask.
Why do you think ...
Bitch ...
Damn it!
Jessica, thank God I found you! Listen to me carefully.
Your life is in danger!
Well, Spider-Man has just broken into my room to tell me that I was in danger.
I'm serious! You have to leave this country.
Besides this is not New York but Medžapur.
This is what we call bull excrement.
How so?
Now doing a SWORD. Appetite is checked,
and are completely infiltrated by operatives vaznemaljaca.
- The whole thing is a farce. - And you are the networks pentrao
even from New York to Southeast Asia just to get me to say?
No, the Avengers are all here looking for you.
Come with me. Let's go to the place of the meeting and will go from here.
Glutton thinks it can find Nick Fury to find out what happens.
- The only problem with your story is ... - The story?
you're completely full of gov ...
12'ti floor ... This will hurt.
Do not ...
I must be moderate.
Dead suspect was no suspect.
I dropped out of the building.
It is very hurt.
I do not care who you are.
Powerful or not ...
When you wake up after the fight,
do not you first wake up the brain or eyes.
First, the pain wakes.
Yes, so I thought it would be if even wake up.
Medžapuru in prison.
It would be nice if I first woke up in a place like this.
It is sad that this is not the life I live.
Let zverke, showdown.
You're probably thinking to yourself: Is it not a super hero
who has super powers. Did not he Spajderžena?
Do not be drawn from this?
I can.
I swear.
But it will not give me what I want to know.
I want to speak to a manager.
- What are you doing here in Medžapuru Ms. Drew? - It's mine.
I know.
- What is it? - This is the hour.
No, no.
This is a detector for aliens from outer space.
How does it work?
- You see a green light? - Yes.
This means that we are wrong. When you turn red, not so much.
- And this? - It's my phone.
The American super hero is coming to this country with a false passport
and killing space aliens from the public.
We have already contacted the people of Norman Osborn.
Will create a quiet extradition.
They were very interested to find you.
Well ... I guess it is time ...
- Can I tell you something? - Please.
I am very afraid ...
- Can ... - Easy to fear ...
This is something you do not like to talk to people so often ...
This is something I can do.
The power I have.
I did not do anything ... My name is ... I ...
- I was attacked. - I know.
I know.
Can you help?
- Can you remove me from here? - Everything will be fine.
In itself certainly think: Wait a minute, what happens now?
One minute you examine cold-cock,
and now will swoon from your sight.
Can I brainwash people? Not really.
But I can make people to love me, or are afraid of me.
To work with chemicals.
They can be emitted from the body and make you feel close to all that I want.
Can you take me to your car?
He knows what he feels. I do not know what to think.
Let's go.
And one more thing. The effect does not cease immediately.
I'm very glad that we met like this.
You have no idea how much I was looking for someone who ...
it really connects with me. In ...
Damn it!
I was wrong. This is not Scroll. It is sild.
Flying cars and assassinated. Certainly sild.
- Police! Stop! - Do not move!
Lie on the ground!
Shit ...
514 Here, we need support!
I was wrong. This is not sild.
This is the Hydra.
Come Give mom a hug!
Madame Hydra.
AKA Vajper.
AKA one of the biggest terrorist who ever existed.
Only this ... All this time since they kidnapped me Scroll
i ruined my life.
It's the only thing in the world that we lacked.
- Get in Jessica. No
My mother. My real mother.
She said not to get into the car with a known terrorist and murderer
that carries a big gun.
Yes, in these moments of madness, she thinks she is my mother.
It is not. My mother is dead.
Come inside for more police to come. See, a police helicopter was on its way.
So it's better to go.
You blame for this mess. Get in.
- I have something nice to show you. - Would venture.
Dear, pregaziću them all to one. You know I will.
- Stop it! - Come then.
It will. She did not care for anything.
Damn anarchists.
- Move. - Take us home, Vajper.
Do you know how excited you are back?
I really am! I can not keep to himself.
We all watched what trash in New York, and there you are! Alive and well.
I was very happy and proud of you.
What do you want from me?
You know what I want.
I want to have back. Become a Hydra. You are a Hydra.
- The blood you. - Stop it.
Without us, what are you?
You are hardly a reflection of the former self.
You've never been more alive than when you were with us. You know it!
That's why you're here. You came in Medžapur because we are here.
I came ... I want to listen to me.
- I came here because ... - I know why you think you came here ...
Because you have a SWORD agent who came to hunt down scrolling.
How do you know that?
We have agents all over the place.
- The SWORD-in? - Everywhere!
Why do I need it?
You do not need me. You need us.
I am here to save you. To help you to understand that.
Let's go.
You have to escape from a new life.
I give it to you! You're it and take it.
We take care of their own. We are all the same.
Can you prove it.
For once, my dear, my heart ...
All stop!
I told you. Jessica is just confused.
It's been through a lot.
You like it? Stolen from Sild.
Good thing. I know that can sometimes be purchased.
You want to fight with me? You want to kill me?
What do you want? To escape?
I know. It's okay.
What I say is confusing and I'm offering.
I offer that rebelled against the corporate society.
I offer to sacrifice a lot for something thoughtful.
You have to belong to something stronger.
Let hunters scrolling. I want to show you something.
Our needs are the same. Our goals are the same.
You have to hunt scroll, and I need to hunt scrolling.
I was thrilled to SWORD and is hired.
Scroll want out of this country.
This is our base and they disturb the delicate nature of our work.
Wait ... Wait ...
Have you set the I to come here?
No - Does the brand agent works for you?
I would not say it is. I would.
I hate you.
I hate everything you represent.
Murderers! Coward!
Sprovodiš their plans through me.
Constantly we are entering into life as we do that service.
Better to fight me now because I'm going to leave.
- Avenger and I will bring to a ... - Hold that thought.
I told you. You need us and we you.
You want the final word? Here's the final word.
Only yours.
Yes, I present you a very good and sincere modest.
We got him when he tried to throw us into the ranks.
He thought we were stupid.
- The Scroll empires us probably think ... - Stop talking about.
The problem is that he is a very tough nut to crack.
We can not compel him to speak. There is nothing to draw from it.
- But now that you're here ... - Stop talking!
Tell her friend my own name, the creature.
Give honor to his queen.
Why did God curse me?
Because he does not like you. And yes, God does not exist.
Leave us alone.
God ... Alien from the planet fools who believe in God.
- Incredibly ... - Would you leave us alone?
Will wait outside.
I know you're watching Hydra.
I know that here is something else going on.
It is not yet revealed all their cards.
All hell is that scrolling made in my life ...
All they stole ...
I've never seen one.
What is your name?
Pili Natu.
You're not the one they seek.
Can we go home now?
How much I needed to figure out that he thinks I'm one of them.
He thinks that the Scroll me I was replaced.
Must have rocker.
Who knows how long here, or what he was doing.
- Looking for Koru Kavitija. - Hurt me.
They ... They are monsters.
Koru Kavita.
- Take me out of here. - He does not know.
I do not know anything.
Take me home!
How you left the country?
I do not know.
If you tell me, can you bring out here.
I am not your queen.
I'll kill you!
You do not think this can not stand?
I can not stand it.
I can not stand all you have.
I was born this way.
I was born broken!
You're welcome.
But no ... No.
I do not know what to do.
I do not know. I do not know where to go.
I am just going to run.
Just ...
I have here.
I can be here! I can not!
No more!
2 things. Pack your building, we burglarized.
A second ... Find Ms. Drew, and bring me.
Tie back if necessary.
I shook from panic just in time to remember.
I can not fly.
When you need to die, the world does not run slow ...
Your life flashes on any part of the body.
As I recall, several times I should like to die.
Quite the otimaš air and leaving in a world of hype ...
It does not matter ... Jumping from a building managed just ...
Actually I have a uniform Spajderžene and unique biology.
And on my wings spread out in costume ...
But I managed.
Without wings, I'm just this.
Can not decide whether I'm going to fall. Do not try this at home.
What I was told ... And that ...
Do any of you can give me clothes?
I would like to be arrested, if possible.
Yes, this will be fun.
The last time I was here 2 days ago, Madame Hydra was killed
Two dozen police officers.
Yes, I was unconscious for 2 days.
At least I naspavala.
For them, I killed those cops.
These officers wanted to kill me and I do not blame them for that.
Most of them speak English or would say something to explain.
What can I say ... Why I was asked to take me back here?
I hope you feel better now buddy.
But I do not think so.
I am a detective Veng.
English, well. Healthy. I want you to know that I have nothing to do with poli ...
Why are you here Ms. Drew?
I am a secret agent who hunts alien scrolling.
You know that from previous investigations that have taken.
A dead body in your basement ...
We have many bodies in the basement when you came here.
And those things ... It will take me back.
Just a bit. I have a few questions.
Just a little?
Have you heard the part where I say I know where the Hydra is?
Which organization do?
Kidding me with this?
Hydra has just killed the mass of your colleagues and you vozate me here?
You're asking me questions for which you already know the answers?
It's a secret.
How long have you been Medžapuru?
Do you remember when I told you that I can do that people have
certain feelings towards me?
I remember that one police officer forced her to fall in love with me?
I can not turn the process.
- Are you the Hydra agent? No
If only a small focus, can intimidate anyone.
- What about lying? - No, no ...
- I'm ... - I tell you that I know a terrorist
those who killed fellow, and you act like that I tried to sell you insurance?
Please! Do not hurt me!
You know that I could, right?
- I came to razračunamo. - Please!
Do not!
It does not have anything to say. I figured.
The last police officer told me.
We will make a silent extradition.
They were very interested to find you.
- Damn! No
Do not! Please!
Close your eyes.
Who is here to me the center?
- I do not know ... - Who came to pick me up!
Well, whoever the camera monitor
now it is at the door.
I have about 3 seconds to do what I need.
Funky is what I came here to clear my name with these characters.
I do not know that the police are corrupt, or not.
I just know that a few characters died for no reason.
Characters with their families. Children.
Children ...
But I will not lie, I came for myself.
I had here to do some things.
And to be vozana of the Hydra, was not it.
To be deceived is also not to be.
Surely I will not allow me a ...
Hi razgaćena!
Yes, I know ... It's too late.
As with most things, without this I could.
With the powers vested in me, from the U.S. Norman Osborn,
you ... dear you arrested!
No offense, but have no idea who you are.
Lie on the ground Ms. Drew.
You heard the girl. Lie down!
What are you? Some defenders of new or ...
We are the Lightning.
We are an A-team of Norman Osborn.
He is now the main charge.
So basically, you are screwed.
Yeah, I figured that part.
The problem is that I'm not sure what to do here?
I do not know what is the connection between Osborne and a SWORD.
Now I realize that I do not know much about my new mission.
And I was too angry to ask if I had the chance.
You are Osbornov A-Team? Really?
How many have fallen low when you hired the characters?
No offense ... character instead of the head with stuff.
- And you ... - Two of us are first-class shooters.
And both have guns pointed at the beautiful triangle in your head.
What do you want from me?
We do not want anything from you beauty, you just need to pick up.
Usually when people see us, turn off the lights and hi hi.
You're lucky. Osborn wants to talk to you.
We have strict orders to bring the mercury.
Climb aboard!
Little advice for people who want to do such work.
If you do not intend to kill your opponent, not to speak to him.
It gives him a huge advantage.
Get out!
Yes, I fled ... Sometimes it's the smartest move.
Not very cool, but the smartest.
- I did not know that it can snap. - Read her data.
- I see how much you helped. - Here we go!
Well ... Well ...
Here the spirit ...
You are welcome.
Duh ... Right. I love these invisible characters.
I always want to show that becoming invisible.
Another tip for you beginners.
If you could become invisible, stay invisible.
My God!
Visibility completely negates the effectiveness of invisibility.
Damn it!
Untouchable ... it is another matter ...
I know how to fix it for this character.
If you get him to remain untouchable, will not be able to do anything to me.
He can not fight back. It's like training Nika Furies.
Do not be so ... Damn ...
Folks, I lost the ...
Paladin, take the position.
Entmene, aerial reconnaissance.
You must be a little impressed.
It is good.
Yes, here I am ...
I think the best way to fight this to an end ...
If I tell my boss to tell their boss that I be removed from the backs.
Sorry boss, I can not talk now. Lightning are there. Can you remove them?
No - What should I do?
Osborn does not know for SWORD. Does not enter into conflict. Do not get caught.
It's too late for the conflict. Pressed me. Tip?
Get out!
I hear that collude. Near the.
So far it has gone. Better to regroup.
Hello? Do you any of you heard?
Hold on.
Hedsmane? Hedsmane?
I say to regroup. Come here, we need to surveyors.
This guy does not listen.
Super. Bring the boat around. We will have to scan the environment.
- What to now? - Bring the ship around!
What we can say Osborne?
I tell him that the mission failed.
It did not like it.
Well ... as we return home?
Are you ready to zajebancije Ms. Drew?
Have you forgotten what the phrase'' Secret Agent'' means?
I had a very busy Ms. Brand.
So that's why you said that local police are a secret agent
Scroll to chase?
They had a modest dead in his basement. Hydra also!
- I do not mean that you have voluntarily ... - Listen!
I was in an ambush at the moment when I came here.
Scroll knew was coming. At least one of them ...
And if one did, then he knew that when I ask ...
You think I do not know what I'm doing? You think I did this before?
This you do when the target is hiding.
When you target can be any shape and size, this is done!
I have set the.
And when I appear, they are scared and make mistakes.
They started in on me and rolled fearfully.
And I need to be scared and i rolled.
It has to be, get it?
Confusion that you made a madam forced Hydro to your back.
Half of the authorities and asks Medžapura.
You said that you have a clue for my modest?
Yes, the Scroll and attacked in a hotel room has a civil document.
- His human identity. - Really?
You could own to check.
I was unconscious.
Maybe so.
This has left us clues. Contacts.
You remember that day when you were a private detective, is not it?
I think it was much less malice in you when you hired me.
I see you got the impression that I was attacked by scrolling the moment
When I came here, and the only ones who know that your people are coming.
Yeah, well ... please note that I was close.
I know when my agent sold a story.
All this as if you knew what you do ...
Do not go with me.
Listen ...
I know you're lucky and you did not know what will befall you.
I'm not trying to makes you.
But you are there and things are complicated!
You ... You need to be smarter.
If I wanted someone to bounce off the walls, I would take Spider-Man.
I need to give the maximum.
You have to give the best.
Or almost.
I'll send you the information that I have.
Do not worry about Osborne or hydro.
Stick to the mission. Good luck.
Love you.
It took me a day to sleep, bathe and feed it.
I do not care if my Scroll give 20 hours of advantages.
For days I stood. I needed to heal.
What is the big shift in my case?
These scrolling change forms, but must somehow fit.
They need to interact with people on some level.
Flee across the world from war crimes.
They need to interact to some of that work.
When one disappears, and I know that 2 disappeared
someone should be a concern. Someone should have noticed.
One person is. Girl.
Cheng Li.
Reported that her new boyfriend yesterday disappeared.
She went to the police and asked to speak with the avengers.
She said she has some important information.
The police told her to fill out forms and left to sit in the hallway
6 hours before she got up and left.
Sorry. Speak English?
By little.
I am a detective Drew,
you asked to speak with police about the missing person?
Yes, it will take me a little chemical romance with her.
I really want to hear what you have to say.
My boyfriend ... My boy is gone.
You told the police that you should speak with the avengers?
My boyfriend ... He was Spiderman.
I'm afraid he died or was injured.
Your guy is Spiderman?
Yes, gone for a week.
There is none.
How long have you coming out?
3 weeks.
Did you say your real name?
Yes, her name is Brandon Kay.
Is he an American, or ...
No, he is here.
- He is Spiderman? - He showed me the power of spiders.
I saw ... Stuck to the wall.
- I lived here in Medžapuru? - Yes.
Okay then. It seems that one of the Scroll found stupid girl that spanđa.
The girl seems to be no problem with the fact that Spider-Man lives in New York.
Perhaps the Scroll that attacked me was under the delusion that he is Spiderman.
These Menjaoci-shaped ... Who knows how to hold true identity.
Maybe you do not believe, but it said it would be trouble.
He told me that people will come for him if they find out who he is.
- He gave me the money in case you ... - Money?
Just in case something happens to him.
I live here.
How much money?
A lot of money.
Do you know a guy with some friends?
Who else can I talk to?
He informed me that the men did not know.
He told me that it is a secret.
Do you know where they are met?
- Yes, I would say in one place ... - Is it here somewhere?
This is the 14th district
This is the bar.
It is always a bar.
Do you think that someone has violated?
I do not know. Thank you.
What to do with money?
Keep them. Buy yourself something nice.
But do not Leave the city.
Where would she go?
I swear, I wish I was cute and stupid.
Just for one day.
Well ... Damn. Scroll inside.
I ask that my scroll, I ask that my Scroll ...
I thought my appearance would be enough.
I have my appearance Scroll Queen may make one of these
seljober to get up, run, begin to worship or something ...
But nothing ...
There is certainly Scroll.
It can be anyone.
My heart just as it explodes from the chest, but I will not do a thing.
Stojaću here, a blank look, I will bring him to discover.
Come on, I am the image and likeness of your queen Scroll ...
I'm Jessica Drew, I killed your friend ...
I have pictures of your failure. Take action. Go crazy!
Flee to the hills!
Well, it did not work.
Let's try ...
Koru Kavita!
Arrest you!
Hey ... well ... So ...
It is completely bezveze how this goes.
Well, now partying begins.
I know you think,'' Well, Spajderžena against a large super modest ...''
This will be fun.
We have seen that it works before. We know that to kill this guy from being hit.
Not to spoil you, but the previous scroll with which I was confronted
was tortured by professional torturers.
If it were not tortured and beaten ...
Now it's time to go folks.
The Scroll was almost finished.
Yet should I invest all I have to defeat him.
This guy ... This guy is a pro.
Trained ... Ready for the fray.
Heap and a little drunk.
Do not forget that he is drunk.
I think the deciding factor in how well it will Isprasite me.
All depends how much is drunk.
Man ...
You killed my comrades!
You did it!
Let you leave your gods, like me, my!
Feel what the hell!
I am not defeated. I am realistic.
He was sharp to me. What I thought when I came here?
You have no clue what we went through!
I can not give my sympathy!
It seems that hell in which I have a lot to do with you!
All the training world can not prepare you enough.
I have endless energy.
Damn it!
I do not know yet how much they like this.
Who do you blame? Me?
She blames me for this thing?
Do you want to know why we chose the queen of your appearance?
Do you want to know why she knew she could replace you?
You know my answer.
Actually, I want to know!
That's why I came here!
That's why I'm here!
You should run away ... It should ...
The reason, as we know it can be replaced by one of us ...
is that of all people in the world, discovered we ...
to anyone on the planet ...
did not care enough about you ...
that the general notice.
But our invasion went wrong ...
because the one thing we were absolutely right.
Well, it seems that you were completely right.
Jašta ...
Scroll ... They are all scrolling ..
Not the Avengers ... It is not a glutton ...
Ordinary scrolling. Here are the end to me.
Well, certainly I was crazy, but I have every right to be.
Tell me why I was not crazy?
Watch that detects scrolling not read anything, because a Scroll in front of me.
Large Scroll warrior ...
Get out?
Is this the plan?
The plan was to lie on the ground with his hands on his neck.
It is not easy go, right?
Jessica, do not ...
Jessica, that's fine. It's me.
- Carol. No
What about you?
Not Scroll ... That's it.
This is Carol.
She was once best friend, first of all this ...
Pre ...
It's me.
We heard about it from lightning. We thought you were in trouble.
- We came to help. - How did you hear?
Dear, it was on CNN.
We came as fast as we could.
Do not! Can be alone ...
What is this? What are you doing even here?
Scroll hunt?
More to ...
And you could not call it me?
You think you and I will hunt the Scroll?
I ... This is ... I have this very ...
When I was foolish as ever ...
Who helped me?
- Yes, I know ... - You do not think I would do the same for you?
- I know. - Without any hesitation.
I know!
- I do not know. - I know now.
Yes, you know.
How the devil which we now find him?
He's right. It can be anyone in the crowd.
- Is it ... - Yes.
Where did you get?
Santa Claus.
Is it possible for me to purchase one?
Please all ...
Folks ...
Makes it difficult for me with all these quest ...
If scrolling is among you, please raise your hand!
Thank you!
Please go away and let us do what we came.
Move it!
Folks ...
Get out of here or I will kill all these people.
In fact ... I have a better idea.
I got you, son of a bitch!
We take care of ours.
Well, they are not scrolling.
- Who are you now doing? - Agent Brand.
- Do you? - You know it?
- I know it. - A man has to work.
Certainly. But to go on a hunt like this? This is the path of no return.
- I managed. - There is no doubt.
- But you went there to izmlate. No
It took me a long time to learn this ...
There is nothing wrong with go out and do what you need.
Just nothing.
When you're lost, go back home.
Do not run away.
I do not know exactly who are my friends ... more
Look around you. Now you know.
I know that you sensed izmešanja. Kapiram to.
But I promise you that I still najzeznutija person in the history of the universe.
Mission Accomplished, What else you got?
I have a bad ghost, space knights, space rioting symbiote cult ...
For what you're in the mood?
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