Hang Out with Beth - 11/6/12

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BETH HOYT: I think I was allergic
to that peanut butter.

Hi everyone.
I'm Beth Hoyt, this is "MyDamnChannel LIVE." Today is
Tuesday, November 6, a very big day here in the USA.
It happens only once every four years.
Presidential election day.
Also today we'll be announcing the winner of my retweet
challenge for free tickets to our live show tomorrow night.
But today we Americans vote.
I went this morning.
It's like, it's the most patient line you'll ever stand
in, because it takes four years to forget how slow and
manual the process of voting is.
You have to write out the thing in pen.
Most of us haven't written in pen in years.
I like, I forgot how to hold the pen.
I was like, how do I--
I don't--
I don't know how to hold the pen.
So that is happening.
But we all take a pause from that stuff at 4:00 PM Eastern
to live in the bummer free zone here at
MyDamnChannel LIVE.
Let's have fun and talk about things like
vampires and dancing.
Speaking of, so, yes.
Grace has moved to LA.
Grace is usually here on Tuesdays.
She's in LA.
It's 1:00 PM.
She's fine.
We are still friends.
We are all still her friends, because
Greece is the internet.
So we know plenty about her.
She's still doing Daily Grace.
She will still be on MyDamnChannel LIVE every week.
We just need to give her like, some time to get in a home.
Let's give her some time to find a mattress and explore
veganism, and then she'll be back next week addressing your
comments, you little birdies.
So all will be well.
In the meantime, speaking of comments, what you guys got?
You can ask me questions.
Let's just chat together.
We can talk about anything, or voting stuff.
Oh, here we have a comment.
This is from chloereidishere.
I have a great idea, Beth.
Since writing songs for Grace and Shannon, I realize I've
left one other amazing woman out.
How would you feel if I wrote a song for you?
Grace and Shannon love theirs.
How would I feel?
So, yes.
Do it.
That's amazing.
I would love that.
I'm super, that's really exciting.
Yes, please.
That was a really comment.
I'm really like, that's real exciting.
Yes please.
Thank you.
Here's another comment from Satyanal--
that's a lot of a's.
Easier question than username.
Elmo or Cookie Monster?
That was kind of an in between grunt, right
between Elmo and [GRUNTING]
That's like Elmo turning into Cookie Monster.
I went through a phase in sixth grade where I really
loved Elmo, but I don't, I think it was just like that
thing when you buy a starter jacket when
you're in sixth grade.
Because you like, want to like something.
Like my friend Jamie Borman who bought that Charlotte
Hornets starter jacket, because it had the coolest
colors of turquoise and purple.
But like, she didn't care about the team.
So I think I was really into Elmo then because I was like,
it was that age when it was like, let's
like childhood things.
And I got a bunch of Elmo stuff, and a Tickle Me Elmo.
Which, if you listen to that, it sounds exactly like this
one home video of me laughing.
It's literally identical, the two things.
But I think in reality, it's Cookie Monster.
Cookie Monster's the one.
Yeah, it's [INAUDIBLE].
Although Elmo's adorable.
Here's another comment from notfictionme.
If you could be something else for a day, who
would it be and why?
And then, oh my gosh, that's such a good question.
I would love to be someone who like, understands science and
like, space, and all the things that
I can't even imagine.
Because do you get to retain the knowledge you kept being
that person for a day?
That's my question.
Pretending that I do, I would love to have that, to be that
person for a day, and just like, live in that world, and
go to that day job of like, working at NASA, or something
something like that.
And like, understanding infinity and space, and
getting a little bit.
And then coming back in my--
And I feel like then, I'd be like, I'd be a
more settled person.
I would understand my place in the world a little more.
I think that's what I'd like to do.
Here's another comment from YouTube.
This is from MyssC.
Beth, what is your favorite and least favorite part of
this election?

My favorite is honestly watching "Saturday Night
Live." I think that's like, a really funny thing.
And it's been so good, and like watching, all the debates
and everything every week, and then like, wondering what
they're going to do on the weekend.
That's really fun to do that.
My least favorite is the anxiety of today.
We're all fine.
Just a little bit on edge.
No big deal.
This morning really got me in the voting spirit, you guys.
Obviously I have some polls for you guys.
So like, here's a, here's a question.
Here you guys get to vote now.
So remember I wore these new glasses yesterday?
I'm wearing contacts.
Right now I'm wearing double glasses.
Do you like these glasses, or these glasses?
These are more comfortable, but
they're getting too scratched.
You guys can vote.
These, or these?
Here's another thing, you guys keep voting.
Here's another one.
to tell you the truth.
No, I'm not going to make you biased on that one.
My next question is, so I gave up candy until Halloween, and
now I'm not back on it.
So I've been eating these Starbursts, but every time I
open up a double pack, I debate for so long which
flavor's better to have first.
So that, in this pack, I mean, what is the best of the four
Starburst colors?
Ah, ah.
sorry, Nate.
Red is definitely the worst, right?
Trish thinks red is the best.
Red is def--
Nate doesn't agree?
NATE: Red is good.
BETH HOYT: It's good, of course it's candy, but--
NATE: Yes, it's one of the best ones.
BETH HOYT: One of the best ones?
NATE: Yes, red is one of the best ones.
BETH HOYT: You guys, we have a comment from you.
I think it's definitely any of the three.
trghudson, black frames.
Well, here, is that a trick answer?
Because these are brown.
I don't know what to do.
Now I don't understand at all.
Here is the final one.
If there's a yellow one.
Aw, this is, there's no yellow to even be an option.
I'm recently into yellow, you guys.
This is what's happening in my life.
But Nate thinks red is one of the best ones.
OK, here's another one.
What's a better childhood show?
"Roseanne" or "Saved By The Bell?" I watched a lot of
"Roseanne" last night.
Here is what I was debating.
I watch a lot of "Roseanne" and though, which presidential
candidate can make me a child again?
Because that show just really reminds me of like, when I'm
eating dinner in my kitchen table at home, and like,
having homework.
You guys, if you have homework, you should really
appreciate it, because I miss homework.
Like, having something you can fill out and
then be done with.
And then like, hand it in the next day, and it's done.
Doesn't happen in my life anymore.
Things, I'm just still working on like, everything.
Like myself.
Here's a comment.
Is it Starburst?
Oh, "Roseanne." Obviously.
From Liz Louis.
It's two very different categories.
One is like, right after school, and one is like,
during dinner, right?
But really, I'm telling you guys, if you rewatch
"Roseanne," it's really good.
Because they love each other.
And they're really mean to each other, like meaner than
you ever remember, but they love each other
more than you remember.
It's so great.
Darlene is hilarious.
This guy, I'm going to tell you this, you guys.
This guy [INAUDIBLE] the scene, she went to a concert,
and then the girl wouldn't bring her home, so Darlene was
like, trying to get a ride home.
And she's in the parking lot.
And then um, this like, bad guy comes up to her.
And then he's like, well, good thing we're waiting, because I
have, like have some joints in my, in my coat.
And Darlene goes, god, I feel like I'm in the middle of an
after school special.
It was so funny.
It was so right on.
She's so smart for her age.
And now she's on that show which was canceled.
I look at Nate as if he watches "The Talk." Is that
the show she's on?
All right.
That's it for our voting section, except for, you guys,
we have one really big vote.
I hope you saved your energy for this vote, because you
guys, I really want everyone to get on this.
And the winner is not going to be announced today.
The winner will be announced tomorrow.
I'm such a tease.
Here it is, though, you guys.
Get in the chat and tell me, this is big, which t-shirt I
should wear tomorrow.
This one, or this one?
This one, or this one?
Keyboard cat or guacamole?
The winner will be revealed because I will be wearing it.
You choose my wardrobe.
Now is your chance.
Be a part of the process.
Also, before I mentioned our live show, this
one, or this one?
We're going for two hours yet today, right?
Doing this?
This one or this one?
Before I mentioned our live show, which is tomorrow.
Here are the details.
We are-- you guys, we're taking MyDamnChannel LIVE live
at the Ace Hotel in New York City this Wednesday night.
That's tomorrow.
Trish, my BFF and I are hosting.
We're going to be breaking records with the
record setter guys.
You remember how we did that on this show, right?
Let's show them the balloons.
-Another one!
-Come on!
BETH HOYT: This is fun.
-OK, we're at 15 seconds.
We're still up one balloon.
OK, there's two.
Here we go.

BETH HOYT: Should have put knives in my shirt.
We didn't break that record, but tomorrow we are attempting
to break a new record that involves
about 30 whoopee cushions.
We're doing that live, and we're letting the audience
break records, too.
It's going to be really exciting.
Also, Shannon Coffey from Coffey Chat will be there, and
is performing, as well as some of my favorite comedians.
Kate Berlant.
She's so funny.
Stucky and Murray?
Do you guys know these guys?
Jermaine Fowler.
Todd Barry's our headliner.
And our house band is Dave Hill and Walter Schreifels
from Quicksand.
I am so excited.
And yesterday, I said whoever retweeted me would get their
name in a hat.
This is the hat I wore today.
For a chance to win two free tickets to the show.
Thank you to all of you who retweeted it.
I've put your Twitter handles in, and the winner is
Marshall Zhang, there will be two tickets
for you at the door.
Come meet me after.
The rest of you, you can buy tickets here.
This is Marshall, the winner.
Marshall Zhang, thanks.
So the rest of you can buy tickets at this at
So before it sells out.
Please come have a drink with me after the show.
I'm already wanting it.
I will see you tomorrow here at 4:00 with
comedian Dan St. Germaine.
We have a really fun show planned.
I'm going to need your help with pick-up lines.
There's another teaser.
Subscribe, you guys, and please keep in mind all the
victims and people still suffering
from hurricane Sandy.
Go to www.redcross.org, or just text Red Cross to 90999.
It's $10.
Also, you could buy a ticket to our show tomorrow at the
Ace, because the proceeds go to Red Cross.
So those are a few of my commands for you.
And lastly, go out and vote if you haven't done so.
And I will see you tomorrow, favorites.