Univ. of Tennessee College of Law 2012 Novak Auction

Uploaded by UTKLaw on 19.04.2012

As you can see behind me it is the SBA's annual Novak auction
in it the SBA goes out into the community
and tries to raise donations
and get donations from restaurants and the like
so that people can bid on them
and raise money, and also we get
certain unique donations,
donations from professors like
dinner and drinks from the professor, and those are anyways a big hit
and all the money from the auction goes to support two funds,
the first one being the Novak Emergency Fund
and that is used for emergency loans for students here at the law school
in case they need money to pay rent
or need books and don't have enough loan money or the like.
to pay for that.
That's given to them and they repay it within a year or so and
it also is going to pay for a new scholarship that Pro Bono is going to start
this summer and next year and that's going to go for
students who want do public interest work during the summer
to try and get them some money because normally those positions aren't paid
so you know a couple thousand dollars or however much the Pro Bono office thinks
to fund those things so we can do good things here at UT.
Well, definitely this is a cause we are trying to support obviously
Professor Higdon we love him and
we would have bid anything to have dinner with him, obviously. But definitely the cause. I know
supporting summer fellowships is important. I have a few friends who are also doing summer fellowships this summer
so I'm really excited to support that for them.
Well, it's always a really good time.
Dean Morgan and Dean Blaze are aways great entertainers and it's for a good cause.
It's for the fellowships for public service, students working for public service over the
summer and throughout the year.
It's pretty much a win-win.
Apart from just having the dinners
and the outings with the professors and the BarBri productions and the courses we also have things
from gift certificates
to restaurants. We even have a makeup artist, so all types of things you can bid on.
So, it's a great event. And pizza.
Which is always great.