National Health Service Corps- Beth Ruzic, Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner

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I do think we're on a mission.
I think we have a population of the working poor and underserved
that deserve our health care programs that we can offer them,
because they're Americans and, and they're doing their part to make America what it is.
With the Wellness Express, we've been, um,
three years, and growing.
Um, hopefully we can continue this on, and offer, especially the rural communities,
preventative health care.
When we, um, decided to go to Wilmur, which is a very small rural community,
um, very much underserved with health care facilities.
We are able to go out there once a week,
every week, and they know when we're there
and, a lot of times they'll come on their lunch time, and, you know, we'll work with them
and take care of their health, and, you know, their health care needs;
so that maybe we can prevent
um, them losing income, or having to go to the emergency room
and putting a burden and strain on the emergency rooms dealing, trying to deal with primary care issues.

-Heart sounds are good. Blood pressure is good. Lungs are good and clear . . .
If it wasn't for the Wellness Express here,
I'd have a lot of trouble getting, uh, health care that I need as often as I need it.
My husband is a severe diabetic.
The enormous amount of stuff you have to have for a diabetic, we just can't afford it.
So, without the wellness center I guess, um,
I guess he'd be dead, honestly, because we couldn't afford his, his insulin
or his, his care, which is considerable.

I work, and I make, I make enough money to pay my bills,
but I've met people at these, at this clinic that can't work.
They don't qualify for medical assistance.
So without the wellness center, where would they be?
I think it's great. It helps a lot. It helps a lot of people.
The wellness center saved our lives. What more can I say?
-See you later. Bye.
My commitment to the National Health Service Corps was for two years,
and I have surpassed that by two years,
and, I have no intention of leaving public health, um, probably for my entire career.