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Down with the phoney reforms! Down with dictatorship!
- Down with the phoney reforms! Down with dictatorship! - Catch them.
Down with...
Down with the phoney reforms! Down with dictatorship!
Down with the phoney reforms! Down with dictatorship!
Down with the phoney reforms! Down with dictatorship!
Down with the phoney reforms! Down with dictatorship!
Down with the phoney reforms! Down with dictatorship!
Down with the phoney reforms! Down with dictatorship!
Down with the phoney reforms! Down with dictatorship!
Down with the phoney reforms! Down with dictatorship!
Fellow students! Attention please.
We will now begin the memorial ceremony
for fellow student Kim Sang- Jin, patriot and comrade.
Yong- Su.
You'd better get out of here.
Let's go.
Once again our notion's tottered. Dreams of democracy destroyed.
With the bright red blood of April we inherit the deaths
of Jeon Tae- Il and Kim Sang- Jin.
Collecting on the grass
Than a pearl
the beads of my sorrow cling like morning dew
- Cops! Must be after someone. - Cops running around.
Let go of me.
Umbrellas! Umbrellas!
For sale!
Umbrellas! Umbrellas!
Over here!
100 won.
- How old are you? - Nine.
See that policeman?
Give one to him.
Sir... for you.
- It's for you. - Clear off!
That man told me to give you one.
- Who? - That man over there.
- Oh, you're here. - Yeah.
How's the job?
It's good to do something physical.
I like working in here.
The boss treats you okay?
I was looking through this.
It'll be important for us when it's published.
- You know about the meeting? - Of course.
See you on Sunday, then.
Take care.
You're missing Jung- Soon, aren't you?
The security clampdown since the fall of Vietnam
makes everything harder.
The Park regime answers only to America.
Maybe we can pressure the Yanks
through religious groups.
That's on the agenda today.
I'm so frustrated.
The way things are now...
I'm coming to think of Jeon Tae- II's death
as a kind of religious martyrdom.
- Yong- Su, time to eat. - Yeah.
You're not sick, are you?
I must go back...
no matter what...
to my pitiful workmates...
Back to where my heart and mind belong.
Back to the innocent souls at Pyung- Hwa Market.
Now I'm waking
from a long, long dream.
I must stand by them in all their frailty.
I'm ready to sacrifice myself.
Hold on a little longer,
I'll not leave your side again.
That little that I am, is yours.
You are the home of my soul.
You're back.
You weren't in jail, were you?
- Jin- Taek! - Tae- II!
- Great to see you back! - Yeah, nice to see you.
- Nothing's changed around here? - You said it!
Excuse me...
This is for you.
You can't afford this!
You brought us bread many times.
And we're so glad you're back.
Come in.
- Good morning, Ma'am. - May I ask where you're from?
I'm a tailor with Chonggae Garment Company.
I'm here to lodge a report with the inspector of labour.
I've noted some conditions which require appropriate action.
Miss Kim, What's up with you?
Can just anyone walk in here like this?
- Gentlemen of the press, how are you? - Anything new?
- There must be. - It's been a while.
Yes, Mr Kim Quite a while.
Director lm, long time no see!
- And Mr Kang too. - Yeah.
We can't receive you in here. Let's move into my office.
- Anything new in your office? - Yes, a lot.
Let's talk over some tea.
- Sounds good to me. - Yes.
Goodbye, ladies.
Asking for too much.
Not much earned today.
- Where to now? - Back to the office.
It's deadline day.
Excuse me...
- Aren't you a reporter? - Yes, from Kyung- Hyang Daily.
I want to tell you about illegal labour practices.
- You work for Chonggae Garment Company?
Let's talk outside.
We'll call ourselves "Sam- Dong"
after the three market buildings we all work in,
a name to unite the workers
of the three buildings.
Much better than "Fools' Association". We don't have to be fools anymore.
Our first priority
is to publicize the conditions we work in.
I met a newspaper reporter yesterday.
If we give him the details, he'll write about us.
- Will they really publish it? - We must trust him.
Anyhow, talking to officials is a complete waste of time.
We must tell the world
about the unfair and inhuman conditions
in the "Sam- Dong" factories.
- Okay, how? - A demonstration.
You know like the university students.
Let's get down to concrete plans.
How many days off in a month?
- Two. - Sometimes none.
I wish we had Sundays off, in fact, all holidays off.
Why do you ask? I want to go to school.
I work around 16 hours a day.
You like such long working yours?
- Then why do it? - Ask my boss.
I'm from North Chung, Bo- Ryung, Sao Road... dunno the number.
I've been assistant tailor for three years.
I get 23,000 won per month.
Used to go to church sometimes but...
- How's your health? - My eyes are a bit...
How would you improve your own working conditions?
Well, for me
I think I've become retarded.
They gave me those shots four days in a row.
Now I can't see properly.
And my fingers are stiff.
I came to Seoul with Kyung- Ja. She had a terrible time here.
She went back home when she got TB, I heard she died.
- Tae- II! - Tae- II!
- Tae- II, take a look at this. - What's up?
Our story is in the paper!
In the paper!
You really did it!
- Tae- Il - Yeah.
Newspaper! Newspaper!
2,000 won
Let's go!
Newspaper! Newspaper!
Pyung- Hwa Market...
Our story's in the paper!
Our story's in the paper!
Here you are.
What is it?
Special report on Pyung- Hwa Market!
"Reduction of working hours, one rest- day per week."
"Medical checks, abolishment of work- attics."
"Guaranteed menstruation leave!"
Do you girls get that too?
Fine ideas.
But not so good for business solvency.
If you can't answer now, we can wait a few days.
A few days?
And if I still can't answer you, then?
- Then we'll do what we must. - What we must?
Aren't we all eating from the same rice- pot?
Can't we reach a compromise?
When does the parliamentary inspection finish?
Next Tuesday... One week to go.
One week?
I'll try to stall them that long.
Try to keep an eye on them.
This is truly a great day!
Tae- II, a man like you
who fights for others' welfare
deserves a medal!
You're a fine man, Tae- II! A fine man.
I must be going now.
I've paid for this.
You bosses can host the rest of the evening.
- Enjoy yourselves. I'll be on my way. - This is a great treat.
- Our problems are half- way solved. - Absolutely.
Yes, absolutely.
The issues you've raised will be addressed.
- Yes. - Thank you.
- Rest assured. - Yes, sir.
We'll put in the ventilation system
- as soon as we can. - Okay.
When did you say that would be, Mr Kim?
Within a week, sir.
Sorry to have troubled you, sir.
- No problem. - Goodbye, sir.
- Take care. - Thank you.
"Lmprovements within a week!"
"Wait one more week" Those lying bastards!
They never meant to keep their promises.
They treat us this way because we're not educated.
Any more slogans, Tae- II?
- "We Are Not Machines." - We... Are... Not... Machines...
We've tried to improve the ventilation.
But you know the country's difficult situation.
Keep working hard, I can promise good news soon.
So get back to work!
You're all patriots, aren't you?
Now's the time to buckle up and work hard.
By the 1980s, you'll all own cars and live in luxury.
You don't believe that?
Shall I show you the statistics?
Don't think you've scared us into talking to you.
You don't know what you're doing.
Anyhow, the inspections are over now.
Fair working hours!
Comply with labour laws!
- Abolish! - Abolish the work- attics!
Install ventilation!
Install! Install!
Guarantee menstruation leave!
Install proper lights!
- Install - Install proper lights!
Comply with labour laws!
Comply with labour laws!
Comply with labour laws!
It's hard enough to survive when you work your guts out.
I won't hire anyone who knows those Sam Dong gangsters.
It's up to you!
Those fools are all Commies.
You'll be ruined, idiot! You'll end up in handcuffs!
Tae- II... Don't give up.
It's like hitting a stone with a feather.
Not a word about us in the papers.
It looks easy when the students do it
but it's really hard.
At this rate, tomorrow could be a washout.
Let's burn the Labour Law book.
First we'll form a crowd.
I'll stand on a table in the middle,
and read out the relevant clauses of the law.
And then I'll ask what use they are.
Laws that aren't enforced may as well be burnt.
- Yeah. - Mrs Jeon, what brings you here?
I took four or five buses to get here...
- Over there - Please come in.
- How are you coping? - Good... I have plenty of space here.
Jung- Soon was released a few days ago.
She's with your parents.
I asked my father to let me see Jung- Soon.
I'd have to write about Tae- II's death.
I had to glimpse at her briefly, even from a distance
and my child inside her.
Maybe Jung- Soon embodied a hope which would help me
to get through the darkness of Jeon Tae- II's death.
A hope!
A new life must surely lie beyond that darkness.
Off to work, Tae- II?
See you later.
- Where is everyone? - So hot...
Let's see what's going on.
The boss told us to stay inside during lunch.
They're all afraid to come out.
I'll try talking to them.
I'll try here, go ahead.
Hey, Tae- II.
- Let's go! - It's all prepared, Tae- II.
I'll go out first.
Abolish work- attics!
Fair working hours!
Lmprove working conditions!
Install ventilation!
Install ventilation!
Comply with labour laws!
We are not machines!
We are not machines!
Comply with labour laws!