Mortal Kombat Conquest-Episode 20-Passation De Pouvoir

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Something new has arrived in Earth Realm.
Her name is Kreeya.
Kreeya's a monster.
There are thousands of children in there.
This is our way, Kung Lao. They're my children.
She's not just using Earth Realm as a hiding place, but as a staging ground.
It's time to get rid of her.
I must fight Shao Kahn as I have others like him.
I've turned traitor for you.
We will make many armies together.
Alert the troops. We are at war!
- You're my traitor. - No... No...
Yes. It is you who's been hiding Kreeya from me.
It is you who's been mating with her.
Yes! Yes, it's me. Anything. Tell me my crimes. I'll confess.
It's not him. You know that as well as I do.
I have fought side-by-side with this man for years.
But that's how it will be. A trusted ally. A "friend" right in my own midst.
It could be anyone.
Even you.
- You know that isn't true. - Nothing is true anymore.
I ask you to release this man. I can vouch for him.
He is released.
In each of us there burns a soul of a warrior.
In every generation, a few are chosen to prove it.
Centuries ago in a time of darkness and fury that fate befell three strangers.
A monk - Kung Lao...
An exiled guard - Siro...
And a thief - Taja...
Who have to defend our Earth Realm from the forces of Outworld.
By fighting for their lives.
By fighting for their honour.
Your soul is mine!
And by fighting for their realm.
It's the burden you must carry.
In a tournament called... Mortal Kombat.
You and that sword.
It's the most noble of weapons. A mystical blend of warrior and steel.
Man forges the blade, and the blade forges man.
Please. With this, I could shoot you before you'd even get near me.
Well, you'd better hit me with the first shot...
because I'd be on you before you could reload.
No problem, seeing as how I am a crack shot.
Oh, sorry.
Just aim at me next time. That way I'll be safe.
Nice sword.
I imagine Shao Kahn would love to use that in his most recent torture session.
Who's he torturing?
From what I hear, just about anyone he can get his hands on.
Shokkans, Motaro's people, everyone.
Oh, just some other happy subjects of Outworld.
Anyway, I gather his interest in finding his traitor is getting a wee bit intense.
It's funny, we know it's Reptile and he doesn't.
- Maybe he should. - Yeah, right.
TAJA: No, I'm serious. Let's rat the guy out.
KUNG LAO: One less enemy to worry about.
Good point.
But come on, how could we ever get the word to Shao Kahn?
Also a good point.
I'd walk to Outworld to see that lizard die.
- Not a particularly good point. - So what would you do?
Me? Let's see.
Shao Kahn is a ruthless killer, he is becoming a raving lunatic...
he's paranoid, suspicious of everyone, armed to the teeth, surrounded by killers.
Okay, okay, so we stay out of it.
Now that's the best point I've heard.
I gave you refuge.
Are you afraid to take what is almost yours?
- I'm afraid of nothing. - I know. I've chosen well.
An Emperor must be fearless.
When Shao Kahn is dead, you'll sit beside me in power.
- And share your throne? - Yes.
I offer you more than Zaterra. I offer you half an empire.
To the death of Shao Kahn.
We have an agreement.
As to Shao Kahn, I'll drink to him when he's dead.
Do you think it's wise to offer so much?
It was wise at the moment.
Your leader is fearless, but rash.
You've served us both well. Go and serve us again.
Yes, Kreeya.
Powerful. Like all of Kitana's guards.
Why am I here?
Good. Speaking already.
Now, if you answer questions as well as you ask them...
this will be easier than the last.
Shao Kahn seeks the identity of a traitor.
How does that concern me?
It should concern you, Edenian. You will talk to me.
- I have nothing to hide. - Oh, but you do.
There are secrets at the centre of all things, even you.
I will take you apart one small piece at a time...
and I will know what is in your heart.
The pain will last, you know...
even after you die.
- Can you face death, too? - So be it, Edenian.
Your way it is.
Die your "noble" death.
This can't go on.
And just what exactly would you have me do?
Change tactics. Stop these suicidal attacks.
Wars are won by battles, Vorpax. And in battles, warriors die.
By fighting? Or by being sacrificed?
- My women fight... and bravely. - Do they? Have you seen them?
You no longer lead the front.
You just lie here while everything we've built is being destroyed.
You dare talk to me that way?!
Does it shame you? The way you shame us? We are losing this war.
Perhaps things might be different if you had done your job.
I broke you out of the Cobalt Mines to help me.
The "seduction" of Earth Realm was your idea. And it failed.
This war with Shao Kahn is your idea. And it's failing.
You are my daughter, but I urge you to remember that I have many more.
If this war continues as it is, you will have none.
Too many of my sisters are dying.
They die for my purpose. I am your Queen.
Show your obedience now or leave forever.
You are my Queen.
You are first-born to me and hold a special place in my heart.
I need you now. No more quarrelling.
No more questioning my authority.
No, never again.
Now go.
This is nuts.
I still say we should turn Reptile into Shao Kahn and make his day.
- And then what happens? - I throw a party?
Think about it, Taja.
If Shao Kahn's busy killing off his own people...
he might not have time to come after us.
Yeah, and just maybe we'll get some quiet around here for a while.
I've come to talk. Only that.
You're gonna have a tough time with my foot in your mouth.
You'd be dead already if that was what I wanted.
Will you listen to me?
So talk.
What I have to say is for you three alone.
- And I keep my sword. - Agreed.
What's this about?
- Yeah, you've got our undivided attention. - I need you to kill Kreeya.
- You want us to kill your Queen? - Your own mother?
Yes. To save us all.
Your realm. And my people.
Kreeya has changed.
She's become obsessed with winning and she doesn't care who dies or how many.
No one can trust her.
Even I fear for my own life.
Sounds like it's your problem.
It's yours as well. Think about it.
With Kreeya dead, there'll be peace, on one front at least.
I'm offering you an opportunity to remove an enemy from your flank.
Kill her and we'll all leave.
Return back to our own Realm.
Wait a minute. Say Kreeya dies.
Who's to say somebody else doesn't decide to be Queen?
That can't happen. Kreeya is irreplaceable.
She has ancient powers none of us possess.
She alone can breed. She is the essence of our army.
With her gone, the will to fight will disappear.
And we all can be saved.
With Kreeya dead, Shao Kahn can focus only on us.
That's the way it was long before we arrived.
You'll return to a stand-off. Shao Kahn forbidden to invade.
Back to Mortal Kombat deciding our fate.
- I think we should do it. - I agree.
Will you do it? Will you join them? Will you kill Kreeya?
- Wait a minute. - No, no.
She's here because she knows she can't do it alone.
She can't even talk in front of her own warriors.
I'm not going to be someone else's assassin.
Would you give us some time to talk in private?
One hour. I'll be in the city.
What was that all about? Her offer made sense. What have we got to lose?
Yeah. If it puts her army in retreat, I think we do it.
Look, I want Kreeya dead as much as you do...
but there's something's very wrong about this.
You're not the only one she's trying to kill, Kung Lao.
Taking her out first is a smart move.
Why can't he see that?
It doesn't matter. You and I'll do it. We don't need him.
Right. I'll go talk to Vorpax.
- I'm in. - You're sure?
You've stood by my side when you weren't sure I was right.
Now, I'll stand by yours.
Thanks. Let me get to Vorpax.
Tell her... tell her it has to be here, on our ground.
Will do.
You're making the right choice, Kung Lao.
- Nothing? - They endure... and die.
They fight... and die.
They crumble from the pain and falsely confess and die.
It is a waste.
And it will continue until l find who I'm looking for.
Find only the traitor. Hear it from his lips and spare the loyal.
And how do you propose I do that?
By sacrificing one more who is loyal.
- No more riddles, Priest. - Then I need your sword, Emperor.
In your service, we offer our gifts.
A dead priest?
Part of him still lives... for you, Emperor.
We must prepare the link.
- Our only hope is Earth Realm. - This is nothing new. We both know that.
It is a safe haven from Shao Kahn. A place for my hives.
- Then we must take it. - How? We have failed before.
Even a few hidden hives were discovered and destroyed.
- All by the same people. - Kung Lao and his friends.
They're the only ones who stand between you and victory.
They die and we succeed.
We have been over this. I cannot lead an army openly into that Realm.
I'll be forbidden as Shao Kahn is.
You don't need an army.
Just me and four trusted warriors.
I've scouted their trading post. Kung Lao will be alone tonight.
Ambush him.
After he falls, the other two will be easy to kill.
- And I take Earth Realm and a mate. - Yes...
there are hundreds of warriors in Earth Realm.
Choose any one. Choose them all.
Pick your four warriors.
To be attacked by your enemy...
is the nature of battle.
To be attacked by your ally is betrayal.
You are to all bow and swear to me.
I swear it by your sword.
As everyone must!
- This is beneath a true warrior. - I will have your oath, Reptile.
Or I'll have your head.
You will have my oath.
He's there, alone.
Take your positions. If anyone enters the square, kill them. Quietly.
I will enter from the back, you from the front.
No. You're going alone.
- Alone? But that's not... - Alone!
I'll enter the fight after you've weakened him.
This is your plan, Vorpax.
You must take the lead.
- I don't know if I can defeat Kung Lao. - Take the lead.
Yes, Kreeya.
- Siro and Taja? - They're ready.
I'll go set the trap.
Vorpax! Vorpax! Vorpax!
- You're trapped. - Yes.
And I will kill all three of you. Then my daughter.
Siro, Kung Lao's hurt badly.
- How is it? - Bad.
Kreeya? Is she dead?
She is dead.
What are you doing? Where are you taking her?
To show to our warriors. To prove she's dead. Then we're going home.
You'll never see us again.
Let her go.
You saw that.
Yeah, but we gotta take care of Kung Lao. Go get him some water, okay?
Yeah, sure.
- Broken? - I don't know.
Hey, Taja, go...
Oh, no.
Vorpax is up to something.
What is it Lieutenant?
I've been summoned to the throne room.
I've heard that the Emperor is torturing...
You've been called to swear an Oath of Loyalty.
- We all have. - But I am no traitor.
- Then you won't mind swearing to it. - No, but...
Do you question the Emperor's orders?
This are dangerous times calling for such measures.
Personally, I hope I find the traitor before Shao Kahn does.
Who is he talking to?
- But is it true about the torture? - Yes, and if I find him...
I will cut his heart out, and deliver it to the Emperor my self.
Anyone who defies Shao Kahn defies me as well, and will die for it.
Why have you stoped?
Reiko is silent. They have moved on.
Why can I only hear Reiko?
Only those sworn on the sword can be heard.
I'll hear enough to find my traitor.
Damn leg! I am worried about Taja.
Yeah, me too.
I am glad she went, though.
We need to find out what Vorpax is up to, if anything.
What can she do?
She said it would all fall apart without Kreeya.
She said a lot of things.
Our Queen is dead. Killed in battle.
But her powers will live on.
A new Queen must take her place.
It must be her first born daughter.
Kreeya, I ask for and accept your powers.
It is done.
I am Queen.
- Queen Vorpax... - Did you find him there?
- Yes. - You've done well.
I'll go to him alone.
I'll return to camp later to address the others.
- What if Shao Kahn... - Shh...
Say "is successful".
Say it!
- Is successful. - Good.
- The Emperor can hear you. - What?
You kissed the sword.
And now the Shadow Priest can hear your every word.
But not mine.
Let Shao Kahn hear... exactly what you want him to hear.
So my emperor hasn't found his traitor.
Perhaps I have.
My emperor's enemy is my enemy.
If any of our warriors have a problem with this, I will fight them to the death.
He's heard enough.
Reptile is loyal.
You don't seem happy to hear it.
Just think how easy it would be for Reptile to hide Kreeya in Zaterra.
If it's not Reptile...
then who is doing this to me?!
Shang Tsung.
You fool. I sensed being watched. I hoped it was you.
So you could kill me?
Why else?
I'm not the same woman you tormented in the mines.
Kreeya's dead.
I have her powers now. All of them.
You may remember you couldn't beat Kreeya, not alone.
Don't press me, Shang Tsung, or I will show you what I can do.
Then why don't you?
Things are different now.
My needs are different.
You used to enjoy it.
You certainly wanted me often enough.
What are you saying?
This time I want you, Shang Tsung. I want you as my mate.
The new queen needs a mate, one born of Earth Realm.
Not just any man.
One with power.
My seeds of greatness.
Think of it, Shang Tsung. An entire. army, half warrior, half sorcerer.
In the Mines, I could force you. But it's not the same, is it?
You can't force what you want out of me.
I have to be willing...
...and I'm not.
Even if the price is right?
And what do you offer me...
that I haven't already had?
Against our warriors, Shao Kahn will fall.
Earth Realm and Outworld will be mine to divide.
We've shared moments like this before.
Perhaps you enjoyed them more than I realised.
Perhaps I did.
I'm yours, Shang Tsung.
Kung Lao.
I'm offering you realms and you are still obsessed with Kung Lao?
Make an army with me and he'll be crushed with the rest.
Including me, if you decide to betray me.
- I won't. - Of course I believe you.
Kill Kung Lao, and I'll give you as many warriors as you desire.
If it's the only way.
It is.
- Then swear we'll have our moment. - Many.
I wish I could go with you.
I'll find her.
- I was on my way out to look for you. - You all right?
Leg's gone for a while. Someone after you?
No, I ran. You're never going to believe...
- What is it? - I followed them.
We've been had. Vorpax lied.
- What happened? - I saw it.
She took Kreeya's powers from the dead body.
Vorpax is the new queen.
- She can breed, make hives? - All of it.
- One monster for another. - It gets worse. She found Shang Tsung.
- She wants him to father her new army. - Kreeyans with the power of sorcery.
- We've gotta stop this. - It may have already happened.
Even at our best, we're no match for the two of them combined.
What are we gonna do?
We'll figure it out when we get there. Can you get us to them?
- Yeah. She took off for her new camp. - Come on, let's go.
Taja, take your bow.
Come on, come on. Let's go. Go.
Be careful!
We're wasting time.
I have to get word out to the entire army that I'm the new Queen.
And the maker of armies. After I have Kung Lao.
What will you live for once he's dead?
Revenge. There are plenty of others who have earned my attention.
One arrow in the back of the neck.
- Too far for a clean kill. - I'll settle for a dirty one.
We're not here to commit suicide. We wait and destroy the nest.
- Let's get to the city. - Yes.
- What're you doing here? - Claiming what's mine.
You'll send Shang Tsung and Vorpax straight to us.
What does he have to do with you?
Nothing. His dealings were with Kreeya.
As I'm sure you know, she's dead.
I don't care who sits on the throne beside me after Shao Kahn falls.
But I will have what is owed to me.
Kreeya's promises died with her.
I owe you nothing, Reptile.
I've chosen Shang Tsung.
One of Shao Kahn's prisoners over the ruler of Zaterra?
I was at Shao Kahn's side when he conquered your realm.
I will be at her side this time.
You'll be at my feet. Dead!
Let's finish them.
Help me. Hurry.
- Ew! - He's gone.
No, no. He's here somewhere. Just invisible.
Why am I always on the wrong end of that thing?
And why do you always show up when it's all over?
And who says it's over?
Then what happens?
Hard to say.
The balance of power is shifting in ways I couldn't have imagined.
So no one's safe.
Not in Earth Realm...
or Outworld.
Where is it?
- We've searched the entire palace. - The sword is gone.
My enemy walks right into my throne room and takes what they want.
And you do nothing!
Get out.
Get out!
Get out!
Do you hear me?
I will have my revenge!
I will have my revenge!
I will have my revenge!
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