Nancy Nkansah - Faculty Profile

Uploaded by ucsfpharmacy on 20.12.2010

My name is Nancy Nkansah, I'm a faculty member with the Department of Clinical Pharmacy at
UCSF School of Pharmacy.
I'm a clinical pharmacist with an expertise in diabetes, obesity, and diversity in pharmacy.
I apply my specialty in three ways: one, that would be clinical practice; two, in my research,
and; three, in my teaching.
In my clinical practice I have a medication therapy management service based down in Fresno,
California. And in that service I work with patients one-on-one by meeting with them face-to-face
to ensure that their medications are working as well as they should based on their lab
work and consultations with their physicians, or their healthcare providers, and I make
sure there are no safety issues with their medications.
In my second area, my teaching practice, I give lectures on the main campus in diabetes,
obesity, and medication therapy management, and I also have students on-site with me in
my clinic in Fresno, where we work one-on-one to provide patient care.
With regards to my research, I have a portfolio of research in various different areas: one,
I look at medication therapy management practices, such as my own, to evaluate the various different
ways in which they work, and best practices associated with providing that service. Two,
I look at diversity in pharmacy and evaluate various different factors related to the admissions
process for schools of pharmacy.
And, three, I specifically evaluate my medication therapy management service in Fresno, and
the different factors that determine its success.
The reason why I love what I do so much is because I'm deeply committed to providing
care for underserved individuals, and I'm able to teach my students to provide care
as well for those populations.