Ricers are AWESOME !!!

Uploaded by WhatIThinke on 25.12.2010

Welcome back to the what I think show in the open outdoors, todays show will not be about
stupid stories but it will involve stupid people that you see every single day. To start
us off, lets talk about ricers and how dumb they are with their vehicles. To do so we
will first describe ricers and then we ll show you a few examples on how not to become
a ricer yourself. Rolling up in your mom s minivan blasting Justin Bieber s latest song
. Is not cool Rolling up in your dads car blasting a lie I JUST HAD SEX is ironic but
still not cool Being a ricer doesn t just mean you steal your parents car and act like
a fool in public, it also means you re a tuner. By which of course I mean you add useless
modifications to your car to make it look faster than it really is. These modifications
include huge exhausts that produce a lot of noise and bring no performance. Massive spoilers
on the back of your car that resemble park benches more than anything else. As a ricer,
you should also like stickers, so you need to add tons of them on your door with name
brands you don t even have on your vehicle. To be a ricer you also need to have flashy
rims that most often weight and cost more than the car they are on. They be spinnin
YO !!! As a ricer you also want to be seen at night, so you must have underbody glow
lighting because this is 1999 and people are still watching the fast and the furious. To
become the ultimate ricer, you need to have Lamborghini doors on your honda civic, because
they are so played out even Lamborghini Gallardos don t come with them anymore. Another useless
activity involves decorating your dash like a children s play pen . Toys R US is NOT Cool.
And finally one of my favorite type of ricers is the automatic modifiers. By which of course
I mean people that modify automatic cars and think they are sports cars. Modifying an automatic
car is NOT cool. So there you have it, you now know what a ricer is defined as and what
it takes to be a ricer. Simply obey these simple tips and people wont be pointing and
laughing at your car as you drive by. Because believe me, they are not impressed by your
ride, they are simply entertained by it. Everytime I see a ricer drive by, I most certainly point
at their car, but its not because im impressed with their vehicle, I point and laugh at how
stupid they look in their modified 4 Door Honda accord. My name is Andrew, thanks for
watching, be safe out there and subscribe for future educational videos. They be spinnin
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