Wegmans Easy Italian Pizza 2 Ways

Uploaded by wegmansfoodmarkets on 30.08.2011

Hey guys, Chef Mark here.
Today, we're gonna make pizza. We're gonna make it two ways.
One, I'm gonna use a fresh dough, the other one I'm gonna
use a naan bread. What I need to get
for the naan bread, I'm gonna make
Italian sausage pizza with the Italian Classics here.
It's got a great blend of garlic and fennel,
and it's a bigger grind on it, which I love.
All right, the first dough I'm gonna use is a cooked variety.
We're actually gonna use our Wegmans Traditional
Naan Bread here, obviously for Indian food,
but we also like to use it for pizzas as well.
Whole grain, traditional, garlic.
Let's use traditional today. Last thing I'm gonna grab here
is a pizza dough. We find it right in
our pizza shop, all you gotta do is
let this stuff rise, roll it out,
makes a great pizza dough. Now let's go cook these pizzas.
I have a similar setup like you might have at a party.
You set all your ingredients out here,
maybe let your guests make some.
I'm gonna show you two here. I've got an arugula
and fresh mozzarella pizza, we're usin' a fresh dough ball,
and then the other one's gonna be using our naan pizza.
I've got a sausage and banana pepper pizza.
So first thing I'm gonna do
is I need to flour my work surface,
so you take a little bit of flour and sprinkle it on your board here.
And then I'm also gonna do a little bit on my pizza peel.
And make sure it's nice and even,
you don't want big clumps of flour everywhere.
And then I take a pizza dough ball.
We're gonna lift this up very carefully,
try to keep the shape, because what we've done
is I've taken this out of the refrigerator,
cut it and put it into two balls. And I've let that sit on my counter
for about an hour. I've heated up my pizza stone
for half an hour at 500 degrees. That's gonna let that stone
really heat up nice and well so we're gonna get
a really nice crisp crust on it. So we're gonna
wheel this out a little bit at a time,
and you wanna work from the middle
pushing out to the edges and drawing back from there.
You never wanna pinch your sides here.
Let me get this worked out to about a 12 inch circle.
All right, now that I've got my pizza dough rolled out,
I've got it at about 12 inches, so if you notice,
I've got a little bit of flour left on there,
so try to pick it up with the back of your hands
and bring it over to your pizza peel
that already has a little bit of flour on that
and then we're gonna top it there and get it in the oven.
Trick is we wanna make sure we shake it a little bit
every now and then to make sure it keeps loose on the bottom,
but what we're gonna top that with is we have our pizza sauce here,
and you can use your favorite sauce if you like,
but we got a recipe there for you,
and we're gonna spread that apart.
I use one cup of sauce and divide that between
two pizzas on this one. And the next one,
I use about three quarters of a cup because the naan bread's
a little bit smaller. And I'm gonna spread
our pizza sauce all over the outside. Make sure you get
towards the edges. I like it all the way
out to the edge so I get a nice little bite
of tomato sauce on the edge. Okay?
Spread that out nice and even, and then we're gonna top it
with some mozzarella, and these pieces
I've sliced here, but you can come over here
and throw, you know, a couple tears here and there.
It's gonna spread out a little bit... as it melts.
Top our pizza like this, and this is gonna go right in
the oven just like that, okay? The next one I'm gonna
show you is our naan pizza. So we're gonna take our
traditional Indian-style bread here, the naan bread,
and this recipe calls for two, so we're gonna make two here,
and again, the tomato sauce right on the top.
This is a dough that's already made, ready to go,
pretty much already baked off, we're just gonna crisp it in the oven
and melt the cheese. So again, that three quarters cup
of the sauce, I'm gonna divide that
between the two of these, and then we're gonna top it
with a couple of our different ingredients here.
Today we're makin' a banana pepper and sausage pizza,
so I'm gonna take some of our mozzarella here,
I'm gonna spread that over the top.
I don't like to put too much cheese on there
because I wanna be able to taste the rest of the ingredients.
Also, I don't want that mozzarella sliding off.
And then I take some of my sausage here,
and this is some sausage that I've actually ground up
and put in a pan, browned 'em up,
cooked 'em all the way, and then you can
put it in the fridge and use it whenever you want,
so top it a little bit of the sausage
and then some of our banana peppers,
and these are fairly mild, they have a little bite to them
but they're certainly not all that hot.
They got a nice zing to 'em. All right, I'm gonna finish
this last one and I'm gonna get these
baked off in the oven. All right, so this pizza's
done right here, and I've got the other one
come right out of the oven. It's beautiful, nice.
If you can see the bottom of this crust is beautiful,
nice and brown. It's because we heated
our pizza stone up for that half an hour
at 500 degrees. And let's go ahead
and assemble this thing. A couple last steps
to put this together. What I like to do with
this pizza is season a little bit, 'cause that mozzarella
doesn't have a lot of salt. A little bit of salt and pepper,
not a lot, right here at the end. I love nice fresh
ground black pepper. And then,
we're gonna cut this guy, and however you like it,
you know, if you wanna cut it
into six or eight slices. If you can't eat eight,
go ahead and cut it into six slices. All right, and then go ahead and
top this with a little bit of arugula. Nice, fresh greens,
a little bit of pepper, and then...
little bit of extra virgin olive oil,
just to finish that up, because our sauce
didn't have a lot in there and I like a little shine
at the end, nice fresh olive oil flavor
at the end. And there you go.
Two simple pizzas, easy as pie.
Aw, come on, man! Boo!
You don't like it?