Asian Diet vs. Standard American Diet - Dr. John Mc Dougall

Uploaded by TheCoolVegetarian on 19.04.2012

I started out as a traditional medical doctor, as a matter of fact,
I like people to think of me as just a regular medical doctor, general doctor, an internist.
I don't like people to think about me as an alternative medicine doctor or holistic doctor.
I just practice standard old medicine, except for the fact that
I don't treat dietary diseases with drugs. I treat dietary diseases by fixing the diet.
The way it evolved, is, when i was a young doctor, I worked on a sugar plantation in Hawaii,
and during that opportunity I had a chance to take care of
first, second, third and fourth generation Filipinos, Japanese, Chinese and Koreans.
My first generation people lived on rice and vegetables.
They learned that diet in their native land.
And as a result of that basic diet, of starches, rice and vegetables,
they were always trim.
They were really healthy people.
They didn't have colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease,
rhuematoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis.
They were hard working into their eighties and nineties
Now, after they moved to Hawaii, and had their families, their kids learned a Western diet,
and their grandkids learned a fully Westernized diet,
and as a result, they changed, and they changed not only what they ate,
but as you'd expect, they changed their physical appearance and their health.
They got fat and sick like traditional Americans. Well, I saw this! I saw the obvious impact of diet on people's health,
diet on people's health looking to do
the progressive generations of people, and so it gave me this big clue as to how important diet was.
The next discovery was when I looked at the scientific literature,
and I found out that other people had made a similar observation,
people's health, the way they looked, and what they ate.
Probably more importantly, I discovered that if you stop doing
the things that make people sick, what happens is that they get well. In other words, you switch your Western diet
to a starch based diet with fruits and vegetables like Asians consume,
and what happens is their cholesterol goes down, you lose weight, the bowels start working.
Their disease problems go away, to a large extent!
Now, of course there are some irreversible damages that people incur
by years of eating an unhealthy diet,
but its amazing what kind of changes take place in people.
And the reason I practice this way is because it works!
I became a doctor to help people, so why would I prescribe ineffective tools?
I feed them a good diet!
And I feel good about it!