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Orlando golf lessons grip is going to talk to you today about how to grip the club and it is very very simple first of all
if I put my hand out like this most people are going to take the club in their hand and watch what I do
see my right hand their going to close their fingers and then put their hand on ok that's
not how it works
if i get here the best way for us to understand this is I am going to get here like
and I am going to close the top part and the bottom part of my fingures together at the same time so I am
here like this
close them both i'm not going to grip an than close
i'm not going to push down and then close
it is here
if i was going to pick up a five gallon bucket from here
ssee how i do that it's not just my fingures that are picking it up my whole hand closes
and then I lift it up my whole hand closes and then I lift it up okay
so again the right hand is very simple
I am going to set the club
within this part of my fingers right now it is across that area which is very easy
to see now I am just going to close my hand and when I put my hand forwad like this and i put my hand down 0:01:09.330,0:01:14.010 you're now going to be able to see that the v is pointing right up to you my right
ear or right shoulder how ever you want to think about it
so now that we know how to put our right hand on correctly
now you're just going to do the same thing with your left put your left hand on
let me show what it looks like from the left side here it is
no big deal there it is right there I am just doing the same thing i did with my right hand
I am going to close it with both it is closing like this
the top part and the bottom part of my hand will close together
just like that
it is perfect now watch this
i setup where is that v pointing it is pointing right to
the top part of my right ear or to my right shoulder so now i will do both hands i will set up
here's my grip with my right hand I grip
now place the left and put them together now look where both lines are pointing
they are both pointing at my right shoulder
or my right ear there is no gap it does not matter you can use a baseball grip
over uh... uh
interlocking grip
or an overlapping grip it doesn't matter but what does matter is the hand goes like
this it closes from both directions from the figures
and from the palm the meety part of the right thumb it just closes just like that
it is that simple and then from here the left it just closes now i just make my little adjustments
and as you can see
my hands are so together it's unbelievable now there's another part of
the Orlando golf lessons grip that a lot of people don't talk about
once this
once we have the grip secured in my hands that's it ok we also have to learn
something called abduction when I am standing up strait like this and I am here
okay it is very simple to see most people get set up and they are in their posture and i will get in really good
posture for us so I am here I am upset in my posture correctly
now if you notice the angle an I am going to leave my arms here for a moment
see how if I was standing up straight it very much looks like there's a forty
five-degree angle from my hip to my shoulder from my shoulder
to my wrist joint
okay the reason that happens because I am abducted
what happens with the other players is they get set up like this
and they say my arms are a little soft my posture is a little off
whatever you know
but the reality is they are not abducted
and when they are not abducted what happens is they
are going to get here now I am going to hold this angle up and you can see it is not a forty five-degree angle anymore
it surely is not
plus when I stand here like this
and i have my arms like this I am not abducted
my elbows are pointing to the outside of the infrastructure of me
being this area right here
when we get abducted like this I will pull my sleeves up for a minute when we get
abducted watch this i'm just turning my elbows inward like this
where it's like I am lifting a five gallon bucket right
so we get here we turn the elbows in and
when i turn the elbows in you can take a straight line from this point of my
elbow to here and they're going to be pointing at the inside my hips
so i get abducted like this
and then I just grab the golf club that was pretty easy now
so we get abducted first then we grip the golf club this is the proper way to grip the club so many people
are like chris I just can not feel this or pete i am having a hard time with my grip
we had a student that used to fight us for about six months an said I just can not
feel my grip our answer was did you get abducted
did you get abducted
the key is you have to take you arms it's real simple if i just take arms
and turn them upward just like that i am holding something in front of me
then i get into my posture
I am right there look how easy Orlando golf lessons grip actually is
and then all we do is set it forward to make our
golf swing but our abduction is perfect
now how does it work
again I am going to leave my sleeves up for this
when we get abducted what we have to think about for a moment okay if i was wearing a bikini or brief underwear
or what ever you want to imagine I will have a line that comes in right here
when I come in
and i get abducted even though I am getting abducted in front of me like I am telling you to get you
can see the fourty five degree angle
from the hip to the shoulder to the right wrist joint
now when I get abducted I have to have or
feel like i'm coming in like this
from underneath the club right on the bikini line
right here on the bikini line
I come in
like this and i'm very very strong and very athletic from here right
you can see that everything is just nice and geometrically put together
and everything is happening from here
now watch what happens when I get set up like this again I will leave my shirt
up so we can see this
when i get here like this okay
I will move the left hand correctly on to the golf club and watch happens when I move the right away
what did it just do
it set me off at the wrong angle which is why so many people have
a hard time with their direction
which we are going to get into later
but when we get set up like this watch what happens
the sholuder can not come from around the side of the club
it must come from underneath
and when it comes from underneath look how much my spine has not moved now I will get set up again
and i will come from underneath and nothing moves
when I come from around
or the side
of my body
notice what my shoulder is doing this is what messes people up from around does not work
and you have no idea where you are going anymore because your body and mind
do not understand what
direction you are trying to go but your body
does understand in the golf swing that we have to get abducted here
from the bikini line
down under the golf club
make our grip the correct way
hold the club and you will be absolutely ready to go
orlando golf lessons grip should help you improve your grip
do it correctly and you will see great results