Jon & Kate Plus 8 - "Beach Getaway" Webisode #2 (Parody)

Uploaded by DrCoolSex on 12.05.2009

(Theme song) It all started with the two of us.
Then we had twins girls - not what I was expected.
Kate was so thrilled that we had sex for the second time...ever.
And we ended up with six.
Yeah, so now I have eight kids...Eight!
This is my life and Jon is a part of it! (Theme song ends)
Today we went to the ocean. Jon and I had an afternoon off.
The kids were being watched.
I can't believe you brought so much stuff. Why'd you bring the big cooler? Is there anything in it?
I want you-- I want you to take all of it and bring it down with us.
I can't get the umbrella.
Jon, you can get it. Jon!
I'm gonna come back for the chairs.
No, Jon!
Jon, the chairs are the more important thing. Jon.
Jon, I have my book and I just got my nails done. I can't deal with it.
Jon, the cooler, Jon! The other cooler.
Come on, Jon. For Christ's sake. Come on.
Where are we going? Can't we just put it down over here?
No, Jon! I want to find the perfect spot.
Jon, come on!
I know -- Jon! Jon!
Sorry! Sorry!
I tripped on-- there was a shell or something.
Men think they can do everything by themselves.
Jon! You're dragging!
It's meant to be in the sand and the water.
Jon, don't get the chairs sandy! Put the blanket down!
Why do you think I brought the blanket in the first place? My God! It's like I have nine children.
I'm not going to set up the umbrella because the sun's not out.
The sun could come out at any second, Jon.
But it's not out now.
It's not out now, yes. But it could come out, no?
Jon, you almost hit me in the face with it.
It's not tall enough. If I put it down, it'll be like this.
Well, do you plan on doing jumping jacks under it?
Oh, Lord...
How do I lock it?
We're just trying to rekindle our relationship a little bit.
Jon! Why is this cooler in front of my feet?
I hit it every time I turn a page!
Move it! Just move it to the side!
Jon, it's not my job!
I think there's something dead over here! I think this is something dead.
Jon, don't touch it. (Screams)
Don't do that!
It's a crab shell.
That's it. No more pizza for you.
Alright, fine.
Fine? Okay. No more vegetables. Still want to have an attitude?
Keep going, Jon.
Are you going to be quiet now?
Why don't you be a man? Can you do that?
Yes, I can be a man.
Gosh, roll in the ocean please.
Roll in the ocean, Jon. I'm asking you to roll in the ocean. You just did a horrendous thing to me.
Roll around, Jon!
I'm not going to roll around!
It's so cold. I just want to go home.
(Theme music plays) I'm sorry.
Don't touch me! Don't touch me! We're going home.