Biceps Workout - 3 Bicep Exercises for Mass

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bjbj [Music] >> RYAN: Hey what's up guys this is Ryan from HYPERLINK "" and I've got a lot of emails, comments and questions about wanting
to see bicep exercises. So we're going to go over a couple of good exercises that you
can incorporate into your existing workouts to help give your biceps a good pump. Many
of you may already be familiar with this but it's important that we cover it just to make
sure. Obviously just doing arm exercises is not going to be enough to help you get big
arms. There's a whole program that you have to do as far as you need to be doing heavy
compound exercises like squats and bench press, and then of course you need rest and nutrition.
So those are kind of all elements that we covered in a full workout program. I am working
on one of those but this is just a couple of exercises that you can incorporate right
away if you're really looking to pump up your arms and do some new bicep exercises. So the
first exercise is the seated sheet roll and this one's a good one because it allows us
to overload your biceps and help them lift a lot more weight than they normally would
because we're doing only kind of like partial reps. And to do this you're going to sit on
a bench, grab a straight bar, and put on heavy weight that you can do three sets of six is
the rep range here. And start with the bar laying across your thighs and then lift it
up to the top position then lower it back down to the thighs up six times. So next we
have incline dumbbell curves which is a great exercise for giving your biceps some mass
and adding a peak to it. And it's really good because it stretches out your bicep all the
way because you're on that incline bench it kind of hits it at a different angle than
it's used to. So it's good for getting a good stretch and a good pump. So hammer curls are
great because they help overall mass and inner thickness to your bicep. They also hit the
forms a little bit too which is good because it helps your overall arm size. And because
we're attacking them or holding it at a different grip we're getting your bicep attacked at
a different angle, which again we kind of want to make sure that we're shocking it and
showing it new things so that you don't hit any plateaus. Well I hope you found that helpful.
If you're looking to add some mass to your biceps go ahead and incorporate some of these
into your workouts. Like I said I am working on a full arm total program so that will cover
the other exercises you'll need to do as well as some diet and nutrition. So make sure you
subscribe so that you can get notified when that comes out. In the meantime leave any
comments or suggestions or questions in the Comment box below. All right take care. [Music]
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