Australian aid arrives in Pakistan 2010

Uploaded by AusAIDvideo on 15.08.2010

My name's Suzanne Edgecombe.
I'm the AusAID liaison officer to the Australian Defence Force.
And I'm here today in Pakistan working with the ADF
to deliver humanitarian assistance to affected communities in Pakistan.
We left Amberley Air Force Base on 13 August, round about 10:30.
We've now arrived in Islamabad.
We're off-loading from the C-17 and we'll be handing the kit off
to the Pakistan Government and to the UNFPA.
Australia has a long history of providing humanitarian assistance
in the region.
The government is very concerned about the suffering,
alleviating suffering and saving lives in the region.
And we are proud to work with the Australian Defence Force
in facilitating that.
We really appreciate the relief efforts
of the international community,
and especially the Australian Government.
The people of Pakistan, the government of Pakistan,
and the National Disaster Management Authority
is really thankful and indebted
to the government and to the people of Australia
for their generous and kind support.