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hello everyone
Thien Trang
and Dan Tam
would like to welcome you to the DecorTivi show
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today, we will bring to you a very beautiful house full of Japanese design called the Wabi's house
locates near San Diego
and a chair that can light up by itself in the New Products category
to all the students out there, in the Your Interiors category, we will show you all the tricks in decorating your dorm room
in the Design News category, we bring to you some information about the Mother Earth News Fair
thousands of people attend at the fair ground in Puyallup on June 4th and 5th
there are over 150 classes about green living
these classes and meetings talk about green environment and there are many other interesting shows
if you miss this event, you can still have another chance at Seven Spring, Pennsylvania on September 24th and 25th, 2011
for more information about the event, you can visit the website at
I see there are lots of green products at this event
from the foods to electronics, and they are all considered environment friendly
these are not only good for the environment but also good for your health
from what I know, the first event opens at Puyallup, Washington and the second event is at Seven Spring, Pennsylvania
another fair we'd like to share with you this week is the American Craft Council Show
more than 200 new designers show off their latest design on clothing, interior products, and decoration products
this event opens at San Francisco celebrating 36 years of the San Francisco Bay
this event estimates to attract more than 1000 visitors
visitors will enjoy wine tasting from the top wine companies
while participating in the live entertainments
I think this is a very good fair, there are lots of thing to do
for those who loves hand-made products, they can buy the hand-made bags starting from $100
for the garden, there are many hand-craft products that can stand weather's damages
these hand-craft products are good for the environment
you can watch live demo shows of how to create a product
these include clay, glass, thread, wood materials by local designers
that's really fun, you get to eat, play and drink wine at the fair
although the fair has passed, you can still see all of the products that hads featured at the fair at
Trang, do you like this type of fair? I am not really like crafting, but I know hand-made products are very popular now
more and more, we are depending on technology
it is good to acknowledge things that we can create by our own hands
Dwell magazine has picked Japanese style for their September's issue
they pick the Wabi's house in Carlsbad, San Diego as the feature house 45 00:05:55,083 --> 00:05:58,699 this house belongs to Shino and Ken Mori
this house has been designed three years ago by architect Sebastian Mariscal
Mr. and Mrs. Mori was thinking of a simple house
they didn't tell the architect too much of what they want rather let the architect came up with the design by himself
so the owners give the architect the ownership in designing the house
they are really brave
they must really trust their designer
for designer, when see "the green card" from his clients, he can design with no hesitation
the house has a simple design from the outside
all you see is a black fence with a white rectangular box be hide
what color the Japanese like to use in their house?
their color palette is mostly neutral like black, brown and white
in Japanese design, there're not lots of use of vibrant color such as blue, red, yellow
when you first walk into the house, you will cross a white cement bridge
this bridge is over a Koi fish pond
wow, that is nice
yes, I haven't visit the house, but I already fall in love with it when I heard about the Koi fish pond
it is impressive, the living space and the outdoor space merge beautifully
in design it called indoor-outdoor design
it means that when you are in door you feel like you are outside and the other way around
this house surrounds by trees and water, it makes you feel like you are living with nature
the living room is the room that the owners spend the most time
there are six huge glass doors that can be open completely
when do that, you don't know wheter you are indoor or outdoor
ah, so there is no wall in between the glass doors
the glass doors are from floor to ceiling height
I see that the house has a contemporary design
yes, a contemporary design house with Japanese details in southern California
the Wabi's house is a lesson of the contradictory
it might look simple from the outside but is the reverse inside
the house is a normal house in a normal neighborhood
but it is a wonderful palace for the marriage couple
when talk about the house, the husband says "you don't need a lot"
when ask what he means about that
he explains that in life if you have everything, you will not try to reach for your goals
that is a very "Japanese thinking"
that is the Wabi's House; we will be back with the New Products category
welcome back to DecorTivi Show, in this New Product category
we like to introduce to you to a club chair named Bloom
this chair is hand-made with microfiber material; and frame is made out of steel
this chair is in yellow, green, lime green, red and black. Its dimension is 80cm x 80cm x70cm
the total height of the chair is 46cm
as you see it on the picture, this chair is shaped like a bloomed flower
like a lotus's leave
with the microfiber material, the chair is very comfortable to sit in
i imagine it hugs me as i sit in it, what a comfy chair
it also has many colors to choose from, and is a focal point of the room
a unique table of the famous basket ball player, Michael Jordan
the table is made out of steel and has been drilled 32,292 holes by a hidden name designer
each hole is from 1/8 inch to 5/8 inch
why are there many holes?
the unique thing about this table is that 32,292 holes represent for the time that Mr. Jordan has scored
cool, he is my hero
proven that everything is possible, the Affinity chair explores the relationship between human, light and space
when by itself, the chair adapts to it surrounding and becomes invisible
when being touch, the chair awakes and creates an illumination space in the bottom
the chair has a heart beat with a futuristic design
from far, you might not see the chair, but as you touch it, it lights up and become visible
this chair reminds me of the touchable lamp, where one touch turns on the lamp and the second touch turns it off
wall paper that made out from the light's ray designed by designer Damilla Diedrich
inspire by the ray of light through fabric, the designer creates colorful floral imprint on vinyl and nylon fabrics
you can use this wall paper with or without light, and it is an eyes catching for your dining or working corner
next product is the egg's holder; this reminds me of balut eggs (just joking)
this egg holder is super cute, from what i know, people put the egg in the holder and tap the top of the egg to open it
it is a great idea; it really dresses up your dining table
yes, although you don't know how that dish will taste like, but if it has a nice presentation; it catches your eyes and chances that it is a good dish
yes, i see that there are many colors for this egg's holder
you can use red for the holiday and blue for spring
that is all we have for the New Products category, we will be back with Your Interiors to share with you a few tricks on how to decorate your dorm room
welcome back to Decortivi Show with Your Interiors
in today show, we will bring to you, and especially students, some tricks on how to decorate your dorm room
in the last episode, we had introduced some cool, new and beautiful products for your dorm room
i see that most of students change dorm room every year
many schools require students to live in the dorm the first year of college
i feel bad for them, because they have to use the assigned furniture such as the bed, study table and a closet
the students also cannot paint or drill on the walls; or do things that damage the school's property
so how can we decorate the room so that it's more lively and colorful?
i think the reason most of dorm rooms are small is because they want the students to study in the library and just use the dorm room to sleep
i would focus on the bed when decorate your dorm room, make sure that you have a really good bed
a day of a student is long, they spend most of their day time in the classroom and doing their homeworks in the afternoon
when designing your bed, focus on choosing a nice bed's cover or bed's set
all walls in the dorm room are white, so don't be afraid to choose colorful bed's cover, it'll add colors to your corner and makes it more lively
place plastic bins under the bed for extra storages
the window is also another important feature of the room, so don't forget to decorate it
if you share the room with someone, ask him/her on how you both want to cover up the window
depend on how you want your privacy, you can select a thick or thin fabric for your window's curtain
when I decorate, I will select the color of my window curtain base on the color of the bed's cover
for example, if the bed's cover has blue, white and pink colors, you just pick one of the three colors for the curtain
should we use solid color or floral pattern for the window's curtain?
it depends on the print of the bed's cover, if the bed's cover is not a lot of abstracts print; you can have matching window curtain
if you have a big floral pattern for the bed's cover, you can use the small floral pattern for the window's curtain (make sure that they have the same color and design)
it's all depends on your taste and personality
in the last episode we also introduced the wall stickers for decoration, looks like that you want to use it for the dorm room?
yes, those stickers are inexpensive, lots of designs and colors to choose from 139 00:19:13,340 --> 00:19:27,141 you can use the stickers to decorate your bed's head and your study's corner
in dorm room, it could give you a headache when finding space to store all of your things
yes, i would focus on organizing the closet
beside the space to hang clothes, you can get metal shelving to separate your shoes, sleep wear, day wear
it helps finding your stuffs easier and also de-clusters the closet
floating shelf is also great for storage because it doesn't take lots of space and it has a nice and clean look
there is a the picture on the screen, where they use a long floating shelf as a study table
earlier, you mentioned that you can put plastic containers under the bed, that also saves a lot of space
what about accessories? such as alarm clock, picture frame...
well, first pick out the bed's cover that you like, then use it as the main color palette to decorate for the entire room
use the palette to pick out your window curtain and all of your accessories
i don't know what about you, but i love hanging pictures of my friends and family
looking at the family and friends pictures help when you feel a little home-sick
like i said earlier, most of the dorm room walls are white, so don't be afraid to hang colorful picture frames
other accessory is alarm clock; don't depend on your cell phone to wake you up
study lamp is another great accessory; do get the one that is flexible, so that you can turn it to your study table and your bed
some lamps have the clip so that you can clip it onto any areas
to those lucky people who have a big dorm room, invest in a small area rug. It'll complete the look of the room
when shopping for the accessories, bring a pillow cover with you
you can use the cover as a color palette when choosing the color for the area's rug
so you recommend picking out the bed's cover that you like first, and then all the colors for accessories including the area rug will have to coordinate with the bed's cover
yes, when look into the room the bed is the biggest furniture, and the colors on the bed dominate the room
so in conclusion, the colors of the accessories have to go with the color of the bed's cover
that's a really cool trick
i want to make sure that you understand it, because we don't want the room to ends up looking busy
having a color palette when decorating helps guide you to select the right color
yes, and if it's not turning out the way that you want, just give me a call and i will show you how to fix it (laugh)
yes, Trang is good at interior design
if you have any questions or comments about today show, please email to us at
also please do share with us if you have any other ideas on how to decorate your dorm room
we've put together a short slide show, sharing with you some of the products and designs that we feel you may find interesting
thank you so much for watching the show, see you next week
see you next week and happy design everyone
bye bye