Mos Wanted Crew ABDC 7 - Favorite Crews - America's Best Dance Crew

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JUN QUEMADO: There's been a lot of crews on ABDC that we
all look up to.
One of my favorites crews I've trained with was Jabbawockeez.
I really look up to Quest Crew.
Basically all the crews here, there's always something that
you can learn from everyone here.
BAM MARTIN: For me, just personally, Super Crew because
I was always a B-boy growing up.
And I always looked up to each one of
those individual members.
And they came together and made a Super Crew.
And I kind of feel that same connection with
us being put together.
It's a blessing that kids look up to us and what we do.
So I can relate to that.
IAN EASTWOOD: Obviously, Jabba is an inspiration to everyone.
Even though I'm young, I've been in the dance community a
really long time.
And I knew who Jabba was way before they were on the show.
And they were a really big inspiration creatively.
And they were just mind blowing.
They have a really amazing concept.
And they took it to TV and shared it with the world.
And them and, honestly, Soreal Cru because my best friend and
one of my hugest inspirations in the world to me brought
himself to TV.
And I'm back here with him again.
BRIAN PUSPOS: For me, just like Ian said, Soreal Cru.
I mean, that's where I came from.
And I'll never forget where I come from.
And I would have to say I aM mE because
they are from my hometown.
And I've trained Chachi since she was young-- actually
almost all of them.
RICKY COLE: I've known a lot of the people
that were on the show.
Obviously Soreal Cru and that whole movement inspired most.
I think Jabba was a really big inspiration, knowing them in
the community before this all became ABDC.
And a really, really close one was Poreotics.
I pretty much was in their big brother crew.
And I watched them branch off and do their own thing and
create which is Poreotics now and literally
saw the whole process.
And for them to step away from the crew we were in together
and win ABDC was freaking amazing.
JP GOLDSTEIN: I'd say Jabba, Kaba, Quest Crew.
Super Crew inspired me a lot too because just like us
coming together.
And unfortunately, I couldn't be on season two with my crew,
But they held it down.
And I was supporting overseas.
So, yeah, it felt really good to see them on the show.
LANDO WILKINS: It would probably be Fanny Pak.
They were daring to be something different and
present something different.
So I supported them then and still now even while
we're on the show.
JAWN HA: Funkdation, in my opinion, just due to the fact
that they study their fundamentals and they really
try to get their base level down before they venture off
and take on these challenges.
So big ups to them on taking that up.
MOS WANTED CREW: Mos Wanted Crew.
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