Ek Niranjan Full Movie - Part 01/14 (English Subtitles)

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Don't cry dear... - What happened?
He wetted the shorts, father.
If you wash every time he wets, he won't get fever, right?
It's stinking every time he pisses, father.
If not stink, wiII it be fragrant? Men stink! What's it dear?
Open your mouth dear.
Run ! Catch them! Stop...stop boys...
Where are you running away? Stop...
Don't Ieave anyone, catch them. Stop boys!
Father, poIice are after us. - What did you do, son?
I didn't do anything, father.
How dare you enter home! Come out!
What did he do, sir? - Ask SI!
Sir...sir...what did my son do? Why are you taking him?
Won't I arrest if they seII marijuana on streets?
Sir, he's a kid, he doesn't know anything.
WiII he seII drugs if he's a kid? Take them away.
Go...go away...
ChiId! Why are you crying? Come with me!
Come to the station. - Sir...sir...Iisten to me.
pIease Iisten to us sir.
Come, Iet's go the station, don't know what theyiII do with him. Come.
Where is my chiId? My chiId...- What?
Younger son is missing. - He was here onIy.
Where is my chiId?
Where can he go? Has anyone taken him?
Sir, my son...
The chiId who got separated from his parents,
when he meets them again is the story of this fiIm.
Did you see a smaII chiId? - No.
My younger son... - Have you seen a smaII chiId...my son...
You must bring back every penny and pay me by evening.
If anyone spends it or save it from me,
I'II pIuck out your eyes.
Go to Lakdi-Ka-pooI! Go to Koti!
You aII go to ImIiban bus stand.
Hey, you come here!
Take him with you and sit at BirIa tempIe.
Okay, but money for miIk?
Beg...beg and buy miIk.
Don't give him miIk whenever he cries,
as much as he cries you'II get so much money.
You must get the highest coIIection.
Got me?- Okay. - Go!
pIease give me aIms, sir. - Go away.
pIease give me aIms, sir.
pIease give me aIms, madam.
Take it.
I knew he'II get the highest coIIection.
Come my son.
From today his name is Chotu !
AII of you must earn Iike him.
Take him, throw him inside. - Okay.- Go.
Give me. - Take it.
What? - Can't you come immediateIy on my caII?
Go and get beedi. - Money?
I'II beat you, get it.
Sir, my mother is not weII, pIease heIp me sir.- Go away.
My mother wiII die if I don't take her to the hospitaI,
no money even to buy medicines,
I beg you sir, pIease give me some money.
pIease teII me, where is my mother?
How wouId I know?
Do I've a mother? No!
Nobody here has father or mother.
You know but are refusing to teII me.
I beg you, pIease teII me.
I'II beat you, bIoody!
Go away! I toId you I don't know. Go away!
Chotu, if poIice ask, teII them I'm not here.
He's not here.
Search !
Hey Chotu ! What have you done?
Chotu, you got me caught! - Get up you scoundreI.
I'II not spare you, bIoody bastard.
WeII done! I Iike you. Keep this rupee.
That one rupee changed the boy's Iife entireIy.
He strongIy beIieved that if he catches thieves, he'II get paid.
Ever since then he has been running after criminaIs.
Who is he to arrest me? He's not even a poIice man.
Hey! Who are you man?
Four Iions work for Iaw,
to maintain Iaw and order,
you see onIy three Iions on khaki uniforms,
I'm Chotu, the fourth unseen Iion.
No saIary or service revoIver for this Iion.
That's why...
I'm very fast!
LittIe wiIder than other three Iions.
I'm teIIing you I'm a Iion, but why are you brandishing a bottIe?
How can it differentiate bottIe from knife?
I came for him, why are you straining yourseIves?
Is it necessary?
I Iiked your friendship, you made a vaIiant try,
your friend wiII be in remand day after tomorrow,
come with a biryani.
Once shifted to ChanchaIguda, it's difficuIt to meet him.
Sanathnagar murder case has been cracked.
We caught the kiIIer with great feIicity.
We seized Rs.3.75 Iakhs cash, 40 sovereigns of goId,
2 knives, 2 pistoIs, and 20 buIIets from kiIIer's house.
What are you watching? Take my photo.
Haven't you yet gone?
How can I go? You know to meet press and give poses,
but neatIy forget to pay me.
You're taking money bringing a criminaI everyday.
Your earning is more than my cuts.
OId due? - This is oId due.
The new one? - You can take it Iater.
ActuaIIy, you must pay haIf of your saIary to me, you know that?
Why are you after my saIary?
Won't I? I bring eIuding criminaIs, you get promotions.
Commissioner is caIIing you, go.
Read their names.
Not him, next.
He's Sagar, sir. - He's a pickpocket.
He's important. Catch him!
You say important, but SI gives pittance onIy.
Do you think there's CM's fund to pay you?
We are paying you by adjusting poIice commissions.