The Great American Disconnect

Uploaded by zionget on 21.06.2011

Perverted Jewish Congressman Anthony Weiner’s recent online ‘sexting’ scandal has brought
even more focus to the complete disconnect between our allegedly elected Washington policy
makers and the ever more disenfranchised and betrayed American public. Weiner began his
political career as Senator Charles ‘Chuckie’ Schumer’s legislative aide – soon climbing
the jaded rungs of the New York Jewish power ladder as a US Congressman. Perhaps learning
well the political art of bald-faced lying during his years sucking up to Schumer, Weiner
stupidly told reporters when asked about his lewd photo exchanges with some VERY young
women, that his Twitter Account had been “hacked” by his enemies who, he would like us to believe,
were driven by ‘Anti-Semitism.’ Although Weiner claimed he was 'set up,' as the old
saying goes, “You can’t hide those lying eyes.” Now watch Weiner squirm and worm.
[Clip: “Congressman, I think the main question that everyone has, is, was that a picture
of you?” - “Well, the main question a lot of people are asking is, did I send the
photograph? I did not, this was a prank, a hoax.” “So it sounds like it was a photo
of you.” “Well, we’re going to try to find out exactly what happened. The photograph
does not look aah look aah aah familiar to me.” Of course, Weiner was caught in his
transparent lie and was forced to resign last week. As a reward for betraying the public
trust, Weiner is now eligible for a fat 1.3 million government pension – paid for by
the looted American taxpayer whom Wiener and countless others of his synagogue sidekicks
have betrayed. As the chasm grows wider between the very rich — which includes an astonishing
number of influential Jews dominating finance, monetary policy, academia, the courts — and
the declining White Christian Middle Class, a Great American Disconnect is now in full
bloom. This “disconnect” can be clearly visualized in our airports, for example, where
the sheep are degraded, probed, groped and made to know their place...which is that of
being targeted as hypothetical 'terrorists.' All this was concocted and installed by Zionist-Jewish
politicians and their controllers who have so shrewdly stripped America to the bone.
Yes, in TSA lines across America, most citizens can rest assured they will be undressed and
given a dose of radiation en masse by a machine called RapiScan...which clearly should have
been named RapeScan. The policy makers behind this strip-search machine are former Department
of Homeland Security chief Zionist Michael Chertoff, now head of the Security Consulting
Firm, The Chertoff Group, and Zionist Senator Joseph Lieberman, Chairman of the Senate Committee
for Homeland Security, who happily handed the mega-million dollar RapiScan airport radiation
cooker contract to his fellow Talmudic Jew, Michael Chertoff. [Clip: “When we talk about
screenings at the airport and other protective mechanisms along the way, what should we be
doing that clearly we’re not? “First, we could deploy the scanning machines that
we’re currently beginning to deploy in the US that would give us the ability to see what
someone has concealed underneath their clothing. Now there’s been a very vivid lesson in
the value of that machinery.”] Chertoff is quite bold in affirming that he’s the
consultant for the backscatter boxes, he makes no bones about it [Clip: “I know you’ve
been an advocate of this technology for a long time.” “Correct.” “But just in
the interest of full disclosure I also want to point out in your current role as a security
consultant you are representing some of the companies who manufacture that technology.”
“Ab, ab, absolutely correct, yeah.”] and this should indicate to every thinking American
(if there are any left) that American Jewry’s spokesmen couldn’t care less about any outrage
regarding their in-our-faces arrogance. So, next time you stand in a TSA line, remember
that two Talmudic Jews are undressing you, blasting your DNA with radiation, and not
only getting away with it, but getting PAID for it, too. Along with Lieberman and Chertoff,
[is another Zionist-Jewish policy maker, Senator Carl Levin, who chairs the Senate Armed Services
Committee and also serves on the Senate Committee for Homeland Security. At the Joshua Rosenthal
Lecture Series at Ford University, (yet another of the thousands of Jewish organizations inundating
our country), Levin told his co-religionists that the Afghan military theatre is the “central
focus in America’s war on terrorism” – and although proven a grotesque lie – Levin
affirmed that Saddam Hussein possessed “weapons of mass destruction” as justification for
the annihilation of the sovereign nation of Iraq. [Clip: “The CIA director told the
president that it was a slam dunk case that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. When
army chief of staff General Shinseki warned that he could take several hundred thousand
US troops to occupy and stabilize Iraq after the war he should have been listened to.”]
In spite of both these wars being highly unpopular with the American people, Jewish leaders like
Senator Carl Levin have no problems promoting them, because the tens of thousands dead and
maimed are the Goyim, not Jews. The children of the Zionist warmongers simply do not fight
or die in the wars their parents and elders force America into waging. Finally, in America’s
cultural realm, the relentless bombarding of “Jewish victimization” brought to us
by our policy makers in Washington, keeps on endlessly ramming “The Holocaust Religion”
down the throats of the American public. The most visible icon, the high priest of the
Holocaust 'Religion' extortion machine is, of course, the omnipresent, ad nauseum apostle
of the everlasting “Yiddish gripe,” Elie Wiesel. During yet another ceremony awarding
Wiesel with yet another gold chain, the ever-sulking, ever-offended proselytizer of Holocaust Religion
demanded that American Gentiles honor dead Jews as holy martyrs or be guilty of “killing
Jews again” with a “second death.” [Clip: “To forget the dead would mean not only
to betray them but to give them a second death, to kill them again.”] What is the greasy
Wiesel suggesting here? Just that Gentiles must send Jews to heaven, rather than an eternity
in hell, which is what deniers of Christ deserve, according to Orthodox Christian dogma. America
has been sent into a manufactured, fatal identity crisis. The disconnect, the gigantic hole…between
the Zionist-Jewish policy makers and their multitudes of dupes and servants in Washington,
and the American people, is so wide that one still above room temperature can’t help
but call our society terminally dysfunctional. This monstrous disorder, which I call, “The
Jewification of America,” is now SO DEEP in its decay that NO amount of therapy — whether
at the Ballot Box, Tea Party Meetings, or Town Hall Protests — can ever reverse or
rehabilitate. As the timeless title of the famous Thomas Wolfe novel states so clearly....
You Can't Go Home Again.