Hitler reacts to Hitler parodies - featuring Barber paradox, math and childhood traumas

Uploaded by Pawltastic on 09.02.2010

They've published yet another new parodic video.
It has been posted on Youtube from a cybercafe in Berlin.
There are now 172 videos online featuring us with poorly written subtitles
which, I must say, could have been written by two-year old monkeys.
I contacted the authors, so they'll soon be removed.
My Führer...
The authors...
The authors all rejected your request.
They did not remove their videos.
Please stay in the room only if you have an account on Youtube
That was their last chance! That warning was their last chance!
Who are they to think they can ignore my requests ?
The posters don't want to remove their own videos. Alright.
Then I will remove their videos for them! I will remove them if they don't!
I will remove the videos of each one who does not remove his video himself!
My Führer, then you would be among those too and...
I don't give a shit! Then alright, I'll have to remove my own video too!
..my Führer, but then you wouldn't be among them anymore
Oh, of course! Now I can't do this because I don't know shit about... "set theory"?
Damn Barber paradox!
I have always been mocked by nerds like yourself, year after year at the academy
...just because they said I sucked at math!
"Hey Adolf, your derivative is wrong!"
"Hey Adolf, there are two mistakes here and here you idiot!"
Yet I tried and tried...
...but I couldn't get grades as good
as Stalin!
I was the laughing stock of the academy.
But when I alone, alone without any help Finally understood the lessons by myself...
...it wasn't enough.
They made fun of me because I wasn't quick enough.
"What a nice weather outside! Are you still not finished?"
Oh, I asked them what their secret was. Do you know what the guy told me?
Do you know what that fucking guy told me?
Don't worry, we have calculators now.
He said it was because his family was jewish.
But why... I also have jews in my family tree
If I recall...
...they're even still hanging there.
And just when I thought I could forget...
...this had to happen. If they want to post parodies of me...
Just let them do.