Mozart - Don Giovanni - Furtwangler, Siepi, Grummer, Edelmann (Salzburg Festival 1954)

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Slaving night and day for one whom nothing pleases
Enduring rain and wind, ill fed and short of sleep
I'd like to be a gentleman and serve no more
Oh, what a fine gallant!
He likes to be indoors with a beauty while I keep watch outside!
But I think someone's coming. I don't want to be seen
I'll never let you escape unless you kill me
Crazy woman! You cry out in vain! You'll never know who I am
What a din! What an uproar! Master's in trouble again!
Help! Servants! Seize the traitor!
Be quiet or fear my anger!
- Vile monster! - She's raving!
You'll see the scoundrel will land me in trouble
- I'll pursue you like a Fury - She's determined to destroy me
Leave her alone, villain! Defend yourself!
Go away! I do not deign to fight you
You think to escape me thus?
If I could only get away!
- Strike! - Poor fool!
Poor fool, stay then...
...if you wish to die
Help! I am undone!
The assassin's blade has pierced me
The rash old man is down, in mortal agony he lies
I see his life ebbing away from his throbbing breast
From my throbbing breast I feel my life ebbing away
Leporello, where are you?
- Here, unfortunately. And you? - I'm here
- Who's dead? You or the old man? - What an idiotic question!
Well done! You ravish the girl and butcher her father
- He asked for it - And Donna Anna?
Don't provoke me, unless you want me to do the same to you
I won't say another word
Come, my father's in danger; we must hasten to his aid!
All my lifeblood I'll shed, if need be
- But where is the ruffian? - This was the place
But, o God, what dreadful sight confronts my eyes!
My father!
Dearest father!
Dear sir!
The assassin has struck him down!
This blood
This wound
His face...
...discoloured with the pallor of death
He has stopped breathing
His limbs are cold
My father!
Dear father!
Dearest father!
I'm fainting
I'm dying
Quick, friends, help my dear one!
Find some scent, bring some spirits
Ah, do not delay!
Donna Anna!
My beloved!
My friend!
Her great sorrow has killed the poor girl!
She's reviving
Give her more assistance
My father!
Bear away this dreadful thing, hide it from her sight!
Beloved... comforted
Take courage!
Leave me, cruel one! Let me die too... that he who gave me life is dead
Hear me, dearest
Look at me but for a moment
This is your true love here, who lives for you alone
It's you! Forgive me, dear... My grief, my distress...
My father, where is he?
Your father!
Dearest, do not dwell on that bitter memory
You have both betrothed and father in me
Swear that, if you can... will avenge his blood
I swear it
I swear it by your eyes
I swear it by our love
Oh gods, a solemn vow!
What a terrible moment!
A thousand painful emotions jostle in my heart
- Come on, what do you want? - It's a matter of great importance
- Better still! Out with it! - Promise not to be angry
I promise on my honour, so long as you don't mention the Commendatore
- We are alone, no one can hear - It seems so
- I can speak out quite freely? - Yes!
Well then, this is it, my dear lord and master:
You're leading the life of a scoundrel!
- Rascal! How dare you! - You promised, sir!
I recall no promise. Be silent, or I'll...
I'll not say another word, sir
Then we can be friends again
Listen: Do you know why I'm here?
I've no idea, but since it's dawn, won't it be some new conquest?
I should know who, so as to list her
If you aren't the great man!
I'm in love with a lovely lady and I'm sure she loves me too
I saw her, spoke to her. Tonight she is to come to my lodge
But hush!
I scent a woman's presence
Heavens! What an expert sense of smell!
- She seems pretty, too - And what an eye!
Let's hide and have a look
He's on fire already
Who can tell me where is the knave...
...whom, to my shame, I loved, and who betrayed my trust?
If I find the traitor...
...and he will not return to me...
...l'll kill him most horribly and tear out his heart
You heard that? Some fair damsel...
...deserted by her lover
I'll kill him most horribly and tear out his heart
Poor girl!
Let's try to console her in her sorrow
As he's consoled some eighteen hundred
Dear young lady!
Who's there?
- Heavens! Whom do I see? - It's Donna Elvira!
Don Giovanni!
You here!
You monster of vice, you arch deceiver!
High-flown titles! She really knows him!
Dear Donna Elvira, calm this anger
Listen, let me speak
What can you say after such baseness?
You stole into my house
With fair words, vows and flattery you seduced my affections
You gained my love, cruel one! You declared me your wife
Then, casting aside the most sacred tie of earth and heaven...
...three days later you fled from Burgos
You left me forsaken, a prey to remorse and tears
Was it a judgement for having loved so much?
She talks like a novel!
Oh, for all this I had my reasons, hadn't I?
It's true. Very important reasons!
What reasons, if not your treachery and profligacy?
But heaven willed that I should find you to wreak its vengeance
Come, do be more reasonable
This woman drives me crazy
If you don't believe me, then believe this honest fellow
- Anything but the truth - Tell her
- What am I to tell her? - Tell her everything
Well now, make haste
Madam, to tell the truth, in this world... know, the fact is, a square is not a circle
Wretch! Would you mock my grief?
And you!
The villain's fled!
Woe is me!
Where is he? Which way?
Let him go, he's not worth your thought
The scoundrel deceived me, betrayed me!
Console yourself, you were not the first and will not be the last
This volume is full of the names of his conquests
Every village, town, country bears witness to his amorous feats
Little lady, this is the list of the beauties my master has loved
It's a list I've made out myself
Take a look, read it with me
In Italy six hundred and forty
In Germany two hundred and thirty-one
A hundred in France, ninety-one in Turkey
But in Spain...
...but in Spain already a thousand and three
Among them are country girls...
...waiting maids, city beauties
There are countesses, baronesses...
...marchionesses, princesses, women of every rank...
...of every size, of every age
He will praise a fair girl's kindness
A dark one's constancy
A white-haired one's sweetness
In winter he prefers them plump, in summer slim
He calls a tall one stately
The tiny one... always dainty
He courts the elderly for the pleasure of adding them to the list
But his supreme passion is the young beginner
He cares not if she's rich, plain or pretty... long as she wears a skirt
You know what his game is
You maidens who think of love, don't let time pass you by
If your hearts are on fire, you see the remedy here
What pleasure in store!
Giddy youths, give up your trifling
The fun of dalliance soon passes, but for me it's not yet begun
What pleasure in store!
Come, my dearest, rejoice, let's sing and dance and play
Come, my dearest, rejoice, what pleasure in store!
Good, she's gone
Just look, what handsome young people, what pretty girls!
Perhaps among so many there'll be one for me too
Good day, dear friends
Do not interrupt your singing, good people
- Is this a wedding party? - Yes, sir, and I'm the bride
I'm delighted. Who's the groom?
- At your service - Excellent! At my service
- Spoken like a gentleman - Enough that he's the husband!
My Masetto's the kindest-hearted man
So am I, my dear!
We must be friends. What is your name?
And yours?
My dear Masetto! My dear Zerlina!
I offer you my protection
Leporello! What are you doing, rascal?
I too, master, am offering my protection
Quick, conduct them at once to my palace
Order them chocolate, coffee, wines, ham
See they are all entertained, show them the house
Take special care of my friend Masetto
- You understand? - I understand. Come along!
- But sir... - What is it?
Zerlina can't stay here without me
His lordship will be here instead. He knows how to take your place
Zerlina's in a gentleman's hands
Go on, you'll soon see her with me
Yes, don't be afraid! I'm in a gentleman's hands
- So what? - So you need have no doubts
Indeed, I haven't!
Let's have done with squabbling! If you don't go at once...
...without more argument...
...Masetto, I tell you, you'll regret it
Yes, I understand, sir!
I bow my head and go
Since you will it so, I'll hold my tongue
You're a gentleman
Of that I'm in no doubt
That's clear from the favour you bestow on me
Wanton hussy, you've always been my downfall
I'm coming! Stay then! There's a fine thing
Let my lord make a lady of you!
At last, sweet Zerlina, we are free of that booby
Tell me, my dear, wasn't it neatly done?
My lord, he's to be my husband
What, he?
Do you think a man of honour, a nobleman like myself...
...could allow a sweet, lovely face to be wasted on an oafish bumpkin?
But, my lord, I have promised to marry him
Such a promise is worth nothing
You were not created to be a peasant
Another fate awaits those roguish eyes...
...those lovely lips, those slender, delicate fingers...
...white as curds and fragrant as roses
I'm afraid...
Afraid of what?
...of being forsaken after
I know how seldom fine gentlemen are open and honest with us girls
That's a slander of low minds!
A nobleman's honour is written in his face
Come, let's not waste time
This very moment I'll make you my bride
You will?
Of course I will
That lodge is mine
We'll be alone, and there, my jewel, we'll be united
There we'll take hands, and you will say "Yes"
See, it's close by, let's leave this place, my dear
I'd like to, but I dare not, my heart will not be still
I know I would be happy
But he may yet deceive me
Come, my dear treasure!
I'm sorry for Masetto!
I'll change your fate
Quick then, I can resist no longer
Then come, oh come!
Oh come!
Then come, oh come, my dearest, and ease the ache of a chaste love!
Stay, villain!
Heaven has made me witness of your perfidy
I am in time to save this poor innocent...
...from your heartless clutches
- What do I hear? - Love, inspire me!
Don't you see, my angel, I'm just amusing myself?
Amusing yourself indeed!
I know, cruel man, how you amuse yourself
Sir, is what she says true?
The poor lady is infatuated with me
In pity I must pretend to love her
I am, I'm afraid, so tender-hearted
Flee the traitor
Let him cozen you no more
Deceit is on his lips and falsehood in his eyes
From my sufferings learn what it means to trust him
Be warned in time by my plight
The devil's taking sport today in thwarting all my pleasant plans
All are going awry
Dearest, dry your tears! Let us speak of vengeance
Ah, Don Giovanni!
This is all it needed!
Sir, we meet most opportunely
Have you courage, have you a generous spirit?
Strange question! Why?
We have sore need of your friendship
Yours to command: My friends, this sword, my possessions... blood I'll give to serve you
But, dear Donna Anna, why do you weep so?
What demon has dared to trouble the calm of your existence?
I find you again, you perfidious monster!
Unhappy woman, do not trust that hypocrite
The scoundrel has betrayed me, he will betray you too
How noble is her bearing!
What dignity and sweetness!
Her pallor and her tears fill me with pity
This poor girl has lost her reason, dear friends
Leave me with her
Perhaps she'll calm herself
Do not believe his falsehoods!
- She's crazy, take no notice - Stay, I beg you!
- Which am I to believe? - She's crazy
Strange suspicion stirs within me
Scorn, anger, spite and alarm...
...rage in my bosom
I barely understand a host of things about this unhappy girl
I barely understand a host of things about this traitor
I'll not go from here until I've solved this matter
Neither in manner nor in speech does she seem mad
If I leave them... may look suspicious
You can see his black villainy in his face
- So you say she's... ...demented
- And you say he's... ...a traitor
Poor creature!
He's a liar!
I begin to have doubts
Do be quiet, or you'll create a scandal
Don't hope to silence me, villain
It is too late for discretion
I'll proclaim your baseness from the rooftops
These low whisperings and his change of colour...
...are signs too revealing, that make things clear to me
Poor afflicted creature!
I will follow her steps for fear she commit some folly
Excuse me, fair Donna Anna
If I can be of service, you have but to call on me
Farewell, friends!
Don Ottavio, I'm fainting!
What's the matter?
In pity's name, help me!
My dearest, take courage!
Oh heavens!
That is the man who slew my father
- What are you saying? - There is no further doubt
The last words the villain uttered, his whole voice...
...recall to me the intruder who came into my chamber
Heavens! Is it possible that beneath the cloak of friendship...
But tell me more exactly of this extraordinary incident
It was already somewhat late at night
I was all alone, as misfortune would have it, in my room...
...when I saw a man come in with his cloak about him...
...who for the moment I took to be you
But I soon found that I was mistaken
Horror! Go on!
Silently he drew near me and made to embrace me
I tried to free myself, he seized me closer, I screamed
But no one came
With one hand he sought to stifle my cries
With the other he held me so tight that I feared all was lost
Horrible! And then?
At last my shame, my horror at this vile attack...
...lent me such strength that by dint of struggling...
...writhing and twisting...
...I broke loose from him
Thank God! I breathe again
Then I redoubled my cries
I called for help
He took to flight
Boldly I pursued him into the street to stop him
Now I was assailing the assailant
My father appeared and challenged him
But the wretch, who was stronger than my poor old father...
...rounded off his crime... killing him
Now you know who sought to steal my honour...
...who was my betrayer and my father's murderer
I ask of you vengeance, your heart asks it too
Remember the wound gaping in his breast
Recall the earth covered with his blood...
...if ever the wrath of a just fury should weaken in you
I must at all costs have done for good with this madman!
Here he comes: Look how coolly he's behaving!
Leporello, all's going well!
- Don Giovanni, all's going badly! - Why going badly?
I went home, as you said, with all those people
I tried to entertain them with the flattery I've learned from you
I tried to placate Masetto and turn his thoughts from jealousy
Well done, upon my word!
I got them drinking until they were half tipsy
Some were singing, some making merry
All was going well until guess who came in?
- Zerlina! - Bravo! And who was with her?
- Donna Elvira! - Bravo!
- And she called you? - Every name she could think of
- Well done! - What did you do then?
I kept quiet while she went on shouting
When it seemed that she was tiring, I led her out of the garden
I locked the gate and left her in the street while I vanished
Very well done indeed! You couldn't have done better
Now what you've started I can finish
These country wenches attract me
I'll amuse them...
...until nightfall
Prepare a great feast until the wine makes all heads reel
If you find any girls in the square, bring them along too
Let the dances be without any order
Give them here a minuet, here a folia, there an allemande
Meantime I will have my own fun, making love to one or another
By tomorrow morning my list should be another ten to the good
Masetto, just listen!
- Leave me alone - Why?
You ask me why? Hussy!
I'll not allow your faithless hand to touch me
Don't be so cruel! I don't deserve such treatment
What! You have the face to make excuses?
To go off with another man on our wedding day!
To bring the mark of shame on one who's poor but honest!
If it weren't for the scandal, I'd...
But I've done nothing wrong! He deceived me for a moment
What do you fear?
Calm yourself, dearest, he didn't lay a finger on me
Don't you believe me? Ungrateful one!
Then be angry with me, kill me, do what you like with me
But then, darling Masetto, let's make peace
Beat me, dear Masetto, beat your poor Zerlina
I'll stand here as meek as a lamb and await your blows
You can tear my hair out
You can put out my eyes
Yet gladly I'll kiss your dear hands
Ah, I see...'ve no mind to
Let's make peace, dearest love!
In happiness and joy let's pass our days and nights
Just see how this little witch gets round me!
We men are so weak-minded!
See that everything is ready for a splendid entertainment
Masetto, listen! It's his lordship's voice!
- What of it? - He's coming!
Let him come
If there were but some hole to hide in!
What are you afraid of? Why do you turn pale?
Ah! I see, hussy
You're afraid I shall find out what went on between you
Then quickly, before he comes I'll stand aside somewhere
Here's an alcove, I'll slip in here and hide
Wait! Where are you off to? Don't hide yourself, Masetto!
If he finds you, my poor dear!
You don't know what he may do
He can do or say what he likes
All my words are wasted on him
Speak up, and stay here!
He's so pig-headed!
I must know if she is faithful and what the truth is of this affair
His unkindness and suspicion will end us up in trouble today
Good people, rouse yourselves!
Come, be of good cheer!
We'll have gaiety and mirth and sport
Take the guests in for the dancing
Let there be food and drink for all in plenty
If I hide among these trees perhaps he will not see me
Sweet Zerlina...
...I saw you, don't run away!
Please let me go!
No, stay here, my fairest!
If you have any pity in your heart!
My dear, my heart is full of love!
Come a moment into this arbour and I'll make you happy
Ah! If my bridegroom sees him, I well know what he may do
Yes, Masetto!
And why in hiding there?
Your lovely Zerlina, poor little thing...
...needs you with her
Yes indeed, sir
Then come and make merry
Hark to the music, come along with me
Yes, let's make merry
And let's all three go and join the dancing
Now we must steel ourselves, dear friends, to courage
And we'll expose his wicked crimes
Our friend is right, we must have courage
No time now, my love, for distress or fear
The step we take is dangerous
Some calamity may ensue
I fear for you, dear betrothed, and for our friend here too
Sir, come and see these charming maskers!
Let them come in
Ask them to honour our revels
That voice and manner reveal him as the traitor
Pst, pst, fair maskers!
Go on, reply to him!
Pst, pst, fair maskers!
What is it?
My master sends his compliments and invites you to the ball
Tell him we'd be honoured. Come, dear companions
My lord has two more for his bag
May a just heaven protect my heart's zeal
May a just heaven avenge my outraged love
- Take a rest, pretty maidens - Take a drink, young gentlemen
Then return to the revels, to mirth and to dancing once more
- Chocolate! - Zerlina, be careful!
- Sweetmeats! - Zerlina, be careful!
Everything's going too gaily
The sweet may yet turn to sour
You look lovely, my little Zerlina!
- Oh, my lord! - The minx is flirting again
- My lovely Giannotta, Sandrina - Touch her and I'll have your head
Masetto looks angry. There is trouble ahead
Masetto looks angry
We must think of some plan
Pray come this way, fair maskers
A welcome to you all
Long live freedom!
We thank you for your generous greeting
Long live freedom!
Strike up the band again
Find everyone a partner
Come and dance, everyone
That's the village girl there
I tremble!
Keep up your part
All's going well, indeed!
All's going very well!
Keep Masetto occupied
Aren't you dancing, my poor friend?
Come this way, Zerlina, I'll be your partner
No, I'm not dancing
Come and dance, my friend
Dear Masetto!
I can hold out no longer!
You must keep up your part!
Come and dance, my friend
Let's do like the others
- Come with me, my dearest - Let me go! Ah no!
- Come, come! - Heavens! I'm undone!
The fat is in the fire now
The villain walks into his own trap
Help! Help! Someone!
We must save the silly girl
Ah! Zerlina!
You villain!
Her cry came from there
We must break down the door!
Help me! O help me, or I'm ruined!
We are here to defend you
Here's the ruffian who attacked you
But he must reckon with me
- Die, villain! - Have mercy!
- Die, I say! - Have mercy!
Not so fast, sir!
The scoundrel thinks by such a trick... hide his crime
- Donna Elvira! - Yes, villain!
- Don Ottavio! - Yes, 'tis I, sir!
- On my honour... - Traitor!
Everything is known
- Tremble, vile seducer! - My head is in a whirl
- I know not what to do - The world shall know...
...your base and hideous crimes, your heartless cruelty
His head is confused, he doesn't know what to do
Heavens, a fearful storm threatens him!
Hear the thunder of vengeance break all about you
This day, on your head the blow shall fall
But I'm not lacking in courage
I'll not hesitate or weaken
Though heaven itself should fall, he'll not show the slightest fear
Though heaven itself should fall, I'll not show the slightest fear
Now then, you rascal, don't annoy me
No, my lord, I will not stay
Listen, my friend
I'm going, I say
What have I done to make you want to leave?
Oh, nothing, only half killed me
Don't be stupid, it was only in jest
And I'm not jesting, I'm off
- Sir! - Come here
Let's make peace. Take it
- What? - Four gold pieces
I'll accept the routine just this once more, but don't rely on it
Don't try to seduce a man like me with money, as you do women
Enough of that! Are you minded to do what I tell you?
If you leave women alone
Leave women alone? You're mad!
They're more necessary to me than the bread I eat...
...than the air I breathe!
And you've the heart to deceive the lot?
It's all for love. To be faithful to one is to be cruel to the others
I have so generous a heart that I love every single one of them
But women, who don't understand, call my good nature deception
I've never seen a heart more all-embracing
What do you want of me?
Did you see Donna Elvira's maid?
Not I
Then you missed a rare beauty, my dear Leporello!
I'm off to try my luck with her
And since it's getting dark, I thought I'd salt the jest... going in your cloak
And why not your own?
People of her station can suspect a gentleman's appearance
- Quick, off with it! - My lord, for several reasons...
Have done, I'll brook no opposition
Be still, fickle heart
Cease to agitate my breast
He is a scoundrel
He is a betrayer
To pity him is a sin
Softly, my lord, I hear the voice of Donna Elvira
Then I'll seize the moment
Stand here before me
My adored Elvira!
My adored Elvira!
Is that not the deceiver?
Yes, 'tis I, my heart, and seeking your forgiveness
Heavens, what strange emotion awakens in my bosom!
She must be mad indeed to trust in him again!
Come down, joy of my life!
You are the one my soul adores
I am already penitent
- You brute, I don't believe you! - You must believe me!
- Or I'll kill myself! - If he goes on, I'll laugh
Come down, my dearest
- I'm torn asunder - I hope she'll give in quickly
- I don't know whether to go or stay - That would be sport indeed
There's none cleverer than I at such delicious jests
Ye gods, protect my trusting heart!
Ye gods, protect her trusting heart!
His lying tongue has already ensnared her again
- What do you think of that? - I think you have a heart of stone
I think you are a blockhead!
Now listen: When she appears here, embrace her and imitate my voice
Then do your best to lead her away
- But sir, if she recognises me? - She won't, unless you let her
Hush, she's coming. Be careful!
Here I am
- Let's see what he does - Here's a fine to-do!
Can I believe that my tears have melted your heart?
Has my beloved Don Giovanni repented...
...and returned to his obligations and his love?
Yes, my dearest!
Cruel one!
If you knew how many tears and sighs you have caused me!
I, dear heart?
Poor darling! I'm deeply sorry!
- You won't leave me again? - No, my fairest
- You'll be mine always? - Always
- My dearest! - My darling!
- I'm beginning to enjoy this - My beloved!
My Venus!
- I am on fire for you - I'm burnt to ashes
- The rascal's warming up - You will not deceive me?
- No, never - Swear it!
I swear it by this hand that I kiss with rapture...
...and by those orbs
Oh heavens!
It seems my luck is turning
Let's see
These are the windows
I'll serenade her
O come to your window, my treasure
O come and dispel all my sorrow
If you refuse me some solace...
...before your eyes I will die
Your lips are sweeter than honey
Your heart is sweetness itself
Then be not cruel, my jewel
I beg for one glance, my beloved!
Someone is at the window! It must be she
Don't weaken, I'm positive we'll find him
- Somebody is speaking - Stop
I thought I heard someone move
That's Masetto
Who's there?
No answer. Have your weapons ready! Who's there?
He's not alone: I must be careful. I mustn't be found out
- Is that you, Masetto? - That's me. Who are you?
Don't you know me? I'm Don Giovanni's servant
Leporello, servant of that worthless lord!
- Just so, of that scoundrel - Of that dishonourable man
Tell me where we can find him
We are out to kill him
Well done, Masetto, I'll join you and get my own back on that rogue
But listen, I have a plan
Let half of you go this way
The other half go that way
But look for him very cautiously
He can't be far from here
If you hear a man with a maid on the street...
...or making love beneath a window...
...then strike out hard
It's bound to be my master!
On his head he wears a hat...
...with white plumes
He has a cloak around him...
...and a sword at his side
Be quick and go about it!
You alone shall come with me
We can deal with the rest
And how, you soon shall see
Hush! Let me listen
All's well
- So we ought to kill him? - Certainly
Wouldn't it be enough to beat him or break his ribs?
No, I want to massacre him, make mincemeat of him
- Are you well armed? - Just look!
First of all I've this musket and then this pistol
- What else? - Isn't that enough?
Plenty! Take that for the musket and that for the pistol
- Oh, oh! My head! - Quiet, or you're dead!
That's for massacring him and making mincemeat of him
You knave, you blackguard, you dog!
Oh, oh! My head! My chest! My shoulders!
I thought I heard Masetto's voice
Oh God, dear Zerlina! Help me!
What's happened?
The villain has broken every bone in my body
Poor me! Who?
Leporello, or some fiend in his shape
The brute!
Didn't I tell you that your stupid jealousy...
...would land you in some trouble?
Where does it hurt?
- Here - Where else?
Here, and here too
Doesn't it hurt anywhere else?
My foot hurts a bit, my arm, and this hand
Come, come, it's not so bad, if the rest of you is all right
Come home with me
If you promise to be less jealous...
...l'll make you better, my dear husband
If you'll be good, you'll see, my dear...
...what a lovely cure I can give you
It's nature's cure
It's not unpleasant
But no apothecary can prescribe it
It's a certain balm I carry within me
I can give it you, if you'll try it
Do you want to know...
...where I keep it?
Feel it beating
Put your hand here
I see torches coming this way
Let's stay here until they're past
What is there to fear, my dear?
Nothing, just being careful
I'll go and have a look
How can I get rid of her?
Stay here, my love
Ah, do not leave me!
All alone in this dark spot I feel my heart is throbbing
Such fear overcomes me that death itself seems near
The more I search, the less I find this confounded doorway!
Softly, softly
I've found it
Now's the time to get away
Dry your eyes, my beloved, and still your sorrow!
Your father's shade...
...would grieve to see your anguish
Leave me, ah leave me but this small relief for my sorrow
Only death, my treasure...
...can end my pain
Where has my husband gone?
If they find me, I am done for
I see a doorway here. I'll slip quietly away
I'll slip quietly away
Stop, wretch! Where are you off to?
Here's the villain! How came he here?
Death to the villain who betrayed me!
He is my husband
Have mercy!
Is this Donna Elvira that I see?
I can't believe it!
Have pity!
No, no!
He shall die!
O forgive me...
...noble friends
I'm not your man, she is mistaken
Spare my life, I beg you!
Ye gods!
What trick is this?
I am amazed!
What will happen now?
A thousand desperate thoughts...
...are whirling in my head
Heavens, what a day of unexpected shocks this is!
If I survive such a storm it will be a miracle indeed
So it was you who beat up my Masetto just before?
So you deceived me, wretch, pretending to be Don Giovanni?
So you came here in disguise for some mischief?
Let me punish him
- No, rather me - No, I will
Let us all beat him together
Spare me, good people! Have mercy!
You are right, sir, and so are you, madam
But the real crime isn't mine
It was my master's tyranny that robbed me of my innocence
Donna Elvira!
Forgive me!
You know how he is
About Masetto I know nothing
This lady here can vouch
For nearly an hour I've been wandering around here with her
To you, sir...
...I can say nothing
It was partly fear, partly accident, it was light outside, dark in here
I've no excuse
The door, the wall
I was just going over to that side, so I hid in here
The rest you know
But if I'd known, I'd have run from here
Stop, villain, stop!
- He's got wings on his feet - How neatly the wretch got away!
My friends!
After such shocking events there can be no doubt...
...that Don Giovanni was the wicked slayer of Donna Anna's father
Stay in this house an hour or so
I will inform the authorities and promise to avenge you very soon
Honour, compassion and affection demand as much
Meantime go and console my dearest one
Seek to dry the tears from her lovely eyes
Tell her that I have gone to avenge her wrongs
I shall return only as a messenger of punishment and death
In what enormities, o God... what dreadful crimes is the wretch involved!
The wrath of heaven must be at hand, its justice will not tarry!
I see the deadly thunderbolt poised above his head!
I see the fatal abyss open before him
Unhappy Elvira!
What conflicting emotions strive in thy heart!
Why these sighs?
Why this distress?
That ungrateful man betrayed me
He left me wretched, o God!
Yet betrayed...
...and forsaken, still I feel pity for him
When I think of my wrongs... heart urges vengeance
But when I see his peril my heart falters within me
This is fun! Let her look for me here!
What a lovely night! It's brighter than day
It's just made for hunting about for girls
It's two o'clock in the morning
I'd like to know what happened to Leporello and Donna Elvira
He wants to be the ruin of me
There he is. Hey!
- Leporello! - Who's that?
Don't you know your master?
- I wish I'd never met him! - What's that?
- Oh, it's you! Forgive me! - What happened?
For you I was nearly murdered
- Quite an honour for you! - Thank you for nothing
Come here, I've a pretty tale to tell you
- But what are you doing here? - Come, and I'll tell you
I've had several adventures since I left
I'll give you just the choicest now
- About a woman? - What else?
I met a young girl in the street, pretty and well dressed
I approached her, took her hand
I said a few words, and who do you think she thought I was?
I don't know
- Leporello - Me? That's good!
Then she took my hand
- Better and better - She caressed me, kissed me
"My dear Leporello! Leporello, my darling!"
So I realised she was one of your conquests
Damn him!
I put her mistake to advantage, but she recognised me
She cried out, I heard people and ran away
Quickly I climbed the wall into this place
- You tell me this so casually? - Why not?
- What if she had been my wife? - Better still!
Your laughter will be silenced before dawn
Who spoke?
Some spirit from the other world who knows all about you
Quiet, fool!
Who's there?
Lmpudent fellow!
Leave the dead in peace
I told you so!
Someone is playing a joke on us
Isn't that the statue of the Commendatore?
Read me the inscription
Excuse me, I never learned to read by moonlight
Read it, I say!
"Here I await heaven's vengeance upon a vile assassin"
You hear that? I tremble!
That old fool!
Tell him I expect him to sup with me tonight
Are you mad?
Oh God, look at the terrible way he stares!
It's as if he were alive, heard you, and wished to speak
Go on, or I'll kill you here and then bury you
Please sir, I'll obey you
O most noble statue of the great Commendatore...
Sir, I'm trembling all over, I can't go on
Get on with it or my sword shall run you through
- What mad caprice! - It's most amusing!
- My blood freezes - I want to make him tremble
O most noble statue, although you are of marble...
Sir, just look, he's glaring at us
Die then!
No, wait a moment
Sir, my master...
...please note, I said my master, not I...
...asks you to sup with him
What a scene this is!
Heavens! He nodded his head
What a fool you are!
But look yourself, sir
What is there to look at?
With his marble head he nodded like this
...if you can
Will you come to supper?
- I can barely move - A strange adventure this
- My strength fails me - The greybeard will come to supper
- For God's sake, let's leave - Let's go and prepare it
Let's get away from here
Be calm, my dearest
Soon we'll see the criminal's vile deeds punished
We shall be avenged
But my father, oh heavens!
We must bow our heads to the will of Providence
Look up, beloved!
If you so wish, tomorrow my hand and heart...
...will make fond recompense for your bitter loss
Alas! How can you say that in this moment of sorrow?
Then would you increase my longings by fresh delays?
Cruel one!
I cruel?
Ah no, my dearest!
It grieves me much to postpone a bliss we have long desired
But what would the world say?
Do not tempt the fortitude of my tender heart
Love already speaks to me on your behalf
Say not, my beloved...
...that I am cruel to you
You well know how much I love you
You know that I am true
Calm your torments...
...if you would not have me die of grief
Perhaps heaven will have mercy upon me again one day
Well, the table's ready
Strike up, good friends
Since I'm spending money let's have some entertainment
- Leporello, serve the supper! - At once, my lord
Good! That's "Cosa rara"!
How do you like this music?
It's just the thing for you, sir
This is a tasty dish!
What a ravenous appetite!
What enormous mouthfuls! And I am faint with hunger
While he watches me eat, he is faint with hunger
Take it away!
Yes, sir
Long live "I due litiganti"!
Pour the wine
This is a good vintage!
Very, very quietly I'll swallow this bit of pheasant
The rascal's eating! I'll pretend not to notice
That tune I know only too well
Coming, sir
Speak clearly, rascal!
I've something in my throat that prevents me, sir
Whistle the tune while I'm eating
- I can't - Why not?
Forgive me
Your cook is such a paragon...
...that I thought I'd try him too
My cook is such a paragon he thought he'd try him too
Let me give you one last proof of my love
I'll reproach you no more for your deception
I come to save you
What's this?
My heavy heart seeks no thanks from you for its fidelity
I'm astonished! What do you want then?
If you won't get up, I must kneel too!
Ah, do not mock me in my anguish!
- She has me almost in tears - I mock you? Why should I?
What are you asking, dearest?
That you change your life
- Fine words! - Heartless man!
Do let me eat
And if you like, eat with me
Cruel man, remain a horrid example in the stinking pit of your iniquity!
Here's to women and good wine, the support and glory of mankind!
What is that cry?
Go and see what's the matter
What a fiendish cry!
Leporello, what is it?
My lord, for mercy's sake, don't go out!
It's the stone statue, all white
Master, I'm scared to death
If you but saw his face! If you but heard his steps!
I don't understand a word you say
You must be out of your mind
- Listen! - Someone's knocking
- Open! - I dare not
Open, I say!
Lunatic! To clear up this nonsense I'll open the door myself
I'll never see my friend again. I'll hide myself away
Don Giovanni, you invited me to sup with you, and I have come
I would never have believed it
But I'll do what I can
Leporello, have another supper brought at once!
My lord, we are all dead men!
Go, I tell you!
No, stay!
He who has eaten the food of heaven has no need of mortal food
A graver purpose than this...
...another mission has brought me hither
- It's as if I had the ague - Pray tell me!
- I cannot keep from shaking - What do you seek?
What do you want?
Hear what I say, my time is short
Speak then, I am listening
You invited me to supper
You know a host's obligation
So answer
Will you in turn come and sup with me?
He hasn't got time, I'm afraid
Never will I be accused of cowardice!
Make your decision!
I have decided
- You'll come? - Tell him no!
My heart is firm within me. I know no fear
I'll come!
Give me your hand in pledge!
Here it is!
- Alas! - What is it?
What torture is this?
Repent, change your life
Your hour of doom is near
For me there's no repentance. Avaunt, away from me!
Repent, wicked man!
No, you old dotard!
- Repent! - No!
- Yes! - No!
Your time has come!
My spirit is seized with a trembling I have never known
Whence come these dreadful spurts of flame?
No doom is too great for your sins
- Worse torments await you below - My soul is torn in agony!
My body is in torture!
What torment! What madness!
What hell! What terror!
Doom is in his face!
Damnation is in his gestures!
What shrieks! What cries!
I am dead with fright!
Where is the miscreant? Where is the criminal?
Now shall our retribution be unleashed
Only seeing him...
...bound in chains will calm my torments
Do not hope ever to find him again
No need to search, he's far away now
- What has happened? - There came a statue
- Quick, tell us! - How can I say it?
Quick, tell us! Hurry!
Through smoke and fire came the man of marble
There was this heavy blow
Just there the devil dragged him down
- What story is this? - Every word of it's true
That must have been the spectre that I met
That must have been the spectre that she met
Now, my dearest, that heaven has avenged us all...
...grant me, I beg, my reward, do not leave me still to languish
Give me but a year, my dear, for my heart to heal
True love must yield to a beloved's plea
I will enter a convent, there to end my life
We will go home and have our dinner together
And I'll go to the inn and find myself a better master
Let the wretch remain below with Proserpine and Pluto
And we, good people, will gaily sing the ancient moral:
This is the fate of miscreants!
The wicked always die... they have lived