【DEMO:CC】SCI Prophet5

Uploaded by musictrackjp on 08.08.2008

Today I'll be showing you the Prophet 5.
The real thing - genuine!
So, without any further ado,
let's dive right in and check out the sound.
The first sound up...
That's a nice one to start with,
a very 'Prophet 5'ish brass sound...
Let's take a look at the front panel.
Just at a glance it's easy to see
where everything is. Oscillators here...
There are two oscillators.
Change the pitch...
And the waveform too...
A few to choose from...
A unique feature of the Prophet 5 is
that you can use multiple waveforms at the same time.
Sawtooth, triangle and square.
Over here is the Mixer, which mixes them together.
There's noise too.
And here's the filter section.
There's an envelope generator for the filter.
And last in the chain is the amplifier
and its envelope generator.
Ok? Next...
this section over here,
is really key to the Prophet 5.
This is the modulation section.
The routings are very extensive.
Now, the mod wheel is set to...
This row here controls the mod wheel settings.
...here we have frequency A and B,
which, when activated, apply modulation
to oscillators A and/or B.
Right? Or you can set it to affect the filter...
and the modulation is applied there.
This section up here controls the LFO.
Square waveform...
You can control the speed of course.
So you can do lots with that.
Another key feature is polymodulation.
Polymodulation is really interesting!
For example...
we can use the filter envelope
and route it to the polymodulation
the filter envelope was over here, right?
Hear how the pitch is affected? It falls...
This can be used to make metallic sounds.
Lots of interesting possibilites.
I think this is a huge feature of the Prophet 5.
Ok. Next on the agenda,
now that we know our way around the synth,
I'd like to demo some of its sounds for you.
Here's the brass sound from before...
that was nice, but let's check out some strings.
Ah, the strings on this...
What can I say about this?
This strings patch sounds rather
like a square waveform thing,
but if you tweak the mod wheel...
...a sense of depth is added to the sound.
Quite nice, don't you think?
Number 3.
This is a pretty fat sound...
because of Unison mode.
With Unison mode turned off...
Ok? Turn Unison mode on and...
Altogether there are 10 oscillators,
with Unison they're all turned on at once,
and the result is a very fat sound.
That's nice.
This sound is uses fifths.
A bit of a sharp brass sound there.
This is another lead sound, but
the polymodulation is used to get a sync sound.
Remember, we have oscillators A and B,
and here we are applying mod to oscillator A,
which is being forced to follow, or sync to,
oscillator B's cycle. Which sounds like this...
Quite harsh, like a distorted guitar.
That's that.
Ok. Bass.
Nice, eh?
Something else about the Prophet 5,
All of the knob positions can be stored with the patch,
and patches can be selected via the programmer here.
As soon as you enter a number, the patch is recalled.
This is a very useful feature.
The sound effect patches are really interesting.
The Prophet excels at sound effects.
I'm going to tweak it here...
So I think you can see how
with just this amount of knobs,
the variety of sounds you can make is huge
with the Prophet 5.
It's not too much to say that
even now, the Prophet 5 is
a gem among analog synths.
And that was the Prophet 5!
Translation + Captions by:
SWCreative Japan.