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Hi. Sorry to keep you waiting.
One small crisis after another.
Sure. It’s ok.
How are you? Thanks for coming in. Yep. What’s up?
Josh Taylor, optimum grades. He’s one of our stars, academically.
His teachers like him. He can play the class clown every now and then but he is funny and doesn’t over do it.
I’ll talk to him about that.
It’s no big deal. Generally, he’s very polite.
How is he at home?
Good. Good. I mean he’s a pain in the ass but I mean, no, he’s a good, he’s a good kid. He’s very loving and... We’re close, I think.
It’s just the two of you, is that right?
Uh huh.
Has he mentioned getting into arguments with a couple of the other boys?
No. No. What about?
He said something to a twelfth grader that had that boy in a rage and he’s a big guy and his soccer teammates had to hold him back from beating up Josh.
Wait, why are you talking to me? You should be talking to the other kid's parents.
I did. They are very upset and would like to meet with you and Josh.
There’s more.
Another boy, a senior who went ballistic after Josh apparently slid this into his locker.
Mother I’d like to...
I know what a MILF is.
Was that his handwriting?
I don’t know. Did he confess to that?
Yes. He was seen leaving the note, by other students. Apparently he didn’t care.
Again, this boy had to be restrained from physically attacking Josh.
These are big guys Ms. Taylor and Josh is not. He is our youngest freshman.
It could’ve been ugly. Well it’s your job to make sure things like that don’t happen.
What did he say to the soccer player?
I’m not quite sure. I must tell you that parents are considering taking legal action against the school if Josh isn’t seriously reprimanded, perhaps even expelled.
Well what could he have said?
I put together something from the bits and pieces that have been going around.
That boy Harry is adopted. It’s no secret. Family is open about it, very stable but it appears, I can’t confirm this…
That Josh said something to him along the lines of “You were given up for adoption because you come from bad sperm."
After the first incident, I had Josh in here to get his version of events.
He said he was sorry he had done it. That it was an impulse and he that would apologize to whom ever needs to be apologized to.
Those are the words he used.
And he added he would really appreciate it if I didn’t bring it up with you.
He said you were fragile, again his word. That you are, I quote,
“ A nervous person who can’t really deal with conflict and who sometimes is overwhelmed with being a mom."
And that he’d make it up to me if I kept you out of it.
Was there anything like this going on when Josh was in middle school?
Was there anything at home that's changed in that last few months?
No. Nothing.
Talk to him.
We talk, Mr. Weston. We talk plenty.
I didn’t mean to imply you don’t.
You didn’t? That’s reassuring.
I’m not the enemy Ms. Taylor. Josh is a brilliant boy. Brilliant.
And I don’t throw that word around to any parent that comes in here.
He’s also very charismatic and a good reader of people. It’s a powerful combination for such a young person.
I just find it hard to believe that he wasn't able to foresee how those older boys would react.
What do you mean?
When Harry was after him, Josh didn’t run. He stood his ground for whatever was coming his way.
Mrs. Tenant, the art teacher was there. Apparently, Josh didn’t look like he was going to fight back or defend himself in any way.
Before they were pulled apart, Harry had Josh by the throat and was ready to punch him in the face and Josh stood there, waiting.
Are you saying he wanted to get beaten up?
From the way it was described to me? Yes. That’s what it seems.
Has Josh ever been in therapy? No.
I think you might want to consider that.
Also, if Josh went into therapy, I would be able to argue in his favor against suspending him, or worse.
Talk to him. Please let me know how it goes.
Here’s my cell number in case you need to reach me.
That boy is a gem, Ms. Taylor, he’ll be fine.