WORLD PANORAMA 2010 07 23 2/3 (IMF, Washington Post, history)

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... So let us go back seven decades in time.
John Montgomery's memoirs about the days after Pearl Harbor:
"I wasn't in Hungary when on 12th of December 1941
prime minister Bardossy announced
to break off the relations with the United States.
Bardossy called the embassy by phone,
and said: 'Hungary was at war with the USA.'
But he emphasized that he didn't consider it as a declaration of war.
When Travers, the first secretary of the U.S. embassy
was on a farewell visit by the regent,
Horthy told him: 'Don't forget, this so called declaration is not legal:
the parliament hasn't contributed it and it doesn't have my support.'
Apparently Hitler was who forced Hungary to this declaration
and Bardossy took it upon himself to make this step.
President Roosevelt realized it rightly.
He knew, the small nations were forced by Hitler to declare the war,
and he was willing to not to accept it.
It took six months of soviet pressing, when on 2nd of June 1942
he sent a message to the congress where he stated,
that we're at war with Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria... "
Here we stop!
Hungary declared war to the bolsevism and anti-national socialism, that was dangerous
to the whole world order, even without the german national socialism,
since, in spite of Hitler's appeal, hungarian legions
started off in 1941, as an answer after the blitzkrieg of Kassa and Felsõ-Tisza,
against the Soviet Union and Stalin. With his austrian origin - and don't we continue
what else -, the german national socialist lead
dreaded of the Hungarians and he also respected them.
This panic terror came up whenever Horthy or the national
hungarian commonweal were in the air.
I'm studying right now the documents of the german state department and the nazi secret service.
Important confessions will come up from these later too.
Well, the german-hungarian acquaintanceships were about
germans always beating us, because we were always protecting the Jews,
and because we took into the Jew, Polish and other European fugitives.
Because when we didn't give special rights
to the Hungarian German minorities: to get in SS, and because
we didn't let the german empire to deplete our economy.
If someone reads these documents, anyone gets surprised, how persistent
conflicts were shadowed the alleged "ally relation".
Even the two Vienna Awards were supported by the germans with a bad grace.
Our relations were surrounded by many mysterious deaths.
Gyula Gömbös died very soon and unexpectedly,
who, despite his german origin - oppositely of Hitler, he supported Italy,
to poise the nazi-danger.
Very quickly and unexpectedly died also István Csáky foreign minister,
probable candidate to be a prime minister, who prepared the Vienna Awards
nothwithstanding the slovak- and romanian-friendly german interest.
And, prime minister Pál Teleki committed suicide under very mysterious circumstances,
who didn't want to let the Germans to wade through our land
against Yugoslavia. Everyone died quickly,
who placed the hungarian interest before anything else.
Curious, isn't it? And what more about the attack against the Soviet Union:
Hitler was afraid of us, because he knew, until now each world empire failed,
which made Hungary annexed, forced her to be ally.
This is why the fuehrer had never claimed Hungary to get in the war directly.
Eventhough, since Stalin with Hitler chopped up Poland,
we had common borders with the Soviet Union.
Which is in the geopolitical meaning seemd to be logical
to go in war by the german operation Barbarossa.
But no, Hitler had akick against us, we were just for a location of the procession
through our roads, railways.
But with no military participation.
He had known, which came to be real later:
The third empire occupied Hungary,
like once the Tartars, Turkish, Habsburgs,
and how it ended? And the Soviets who came after Hitler?
And the ... who came after the Soviets...? But, go we on with Montgomery's memoirs:
"Before our diplomats left Hungary,
they were lavished by huge signs of friendship.
Like my wife and I, we both were crowded by flowers
and gifts, when in March 1941 we left Hungary.
When the enginge of the plain got started, István Horthy came,
as a vice-regent then.
With a great bunch of orchid in his hands..."
Yes, István Horthy. It's not well known today,
that the monument of the Gellért-Hegy was built in remembrance of him.
He was kept count of being a descendant of the regent.
He could have been the young hero of the hungarian independence,
if he hadn't died at the eastern front lines in a plain crash.
Very misteriously. Just like here at home Gömbös, Csáky, Teleki.
Hitler had enough by Horthy himself.
I said many times, Hungary - in the second world war,
redeemed those parts of the land wrongly taken away,
which he could without wars, destruction.
Both Vienna Awards peacefully had given us back some parts of our land taken away.
The Bacska would be given back in peace, if the Serbs, despite of the international martial law
wouldn't launch terrorist attacks.
Hitler hated us that much, that he didn't even give us back the Bansag.
There was a crusade against the Soviet Union.
Against the caesarism of the international communism,
the internacionalist Bolsheviks, the globalist Socialists
and against the biggest ketch of the history: Stalin.
Because Stalin killed much more people than Hitler.
The anti-national socialism wasn't less dangerous than the national socialism.
And see: The Great Britain and the United States
helped the mass murderer Stalin by weapons, food,
to give him nations of the Eastern Europe by a world apportionment of Tehran, Jalta and Potsdam.
Why was it obligatory to choose one of two lurid regimes
to the american-british liberal democracy?
Why didn't they await, until these lead themselves a dance?
Why? Globalism, internationalism, "Internationalist Interest Fund".
Here are Montgomery's memoirs,
let's continue: "On the hungarian independence day, on 15th of March 1939,
there was a gala performance in the opera-house of Budapest.
Hitler choose this day by accident
to attack the Czechs. Of course high stress was sensible
in Budapest. Before the performance a young scout
came on the scene to say a salutatory speech.
But, he barely started to talk, when unexpectedly
he was stopped by a choral-like roaring.
'Truth to Szalasi!' Since Szalasi was the leader
of the hungarian Arrow Cross Party,
this was obviously a form of a demonstration against regent Horthy and Teleki.
I left quickly my box seat with my son-in-law,
to check what happened.
We were right at the stairs, and while listening that the clamour comes from the circle,
hurried up quickly. The speech choir was disturbed by a noisy shout.
We didn't know what could happen.
When we came up, we were wondering,
that the louring voice comes from the regent.
Two or three men were lay down.
Another demonstrator was pinned by his throat by the regent,
and was punched by him and barked: 'Do you want to ruin our homeland?'
The regent was all alone there, but he was on the ball completely.
When he put off that man, he grouched something,
slicked his clothes down and went around us,
down the stairs without any word.
The whole incident was characteristic not only
how the regent hated the outlandish lores,
but even what stuff he was made off.
Eventhough he was 72 years old then, he didn't even called any help.
He took the reins like a captain
if a riot break out on a ship.
Similarly Horthy had never allowed Hitler
to attend him like a dictator attended
the leaders of another countries.
Hungary - unlike Britain and other kindoms,
put the crown above its holder,
the king was like a trustee of the crown,
the crown has been standing for the highest authority
for centuries, since Stephen I of Hungary.