Full House Take 2: Full Episode 12 (Official & HD with subtitles)

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What is this?
At times like this, you need to divert the fans' attention.
So that they can forget about Kang Hwi's problem at once.
It also suits your vocal color well.
Are you asking me to release a solo album now?
That was what you wanted.
I'm letting you make the solo debut which you wanted so much. Is there a problem?
Do you remember what you said to me in China?
That you can't be on the same team with a jerk like him.
What I said in China! You know that is not what I meant!
If that is not what you meant? Is there a hidden, deeper meaning to what you said?
Just remember one thing. Now is your golden opportunity instead.
If you want to recover Full House as fast as you can, do as I tell you to.
Episode 6 Part 2
An entertainer who could be Won Kang Hwi’s gay partner?
Finally you scored, Reporter So!
Let’s see…
How will the news spread that I used this well?
Lee Jun 02-324...
Who is it?
President, have a word with me, please.
I’m a little tired. Let’s talk tomorrow at the office.
I also need to know what is happening with the guys.
I know fully well that you created this.
Why, on earth, are you doing this to the guys?
I think I told you this previously.
I told you not to ask me the question, “Why?”
Senior Manager Hwang, you just need to stay quiet.
Receive your pay and stay still.
Only if I know about the guys…
Didn’t you hear me?
I don’t pay you to worry about things like that, Senior Manager Hwang.
Don’t end up making the same mistake by worrying about the guys.
Just do what I tell you to do properly!!
Hey! Lee Jun. You are really..
I will let it slide this once!
Please leave now.
Senior Manager Hwang!
How, on earth, are you managing the guys?
If this also gets known, it is the end.
Even if I don’t tell you, you know that, right?
I will take care of it.
Take care of it properly so that there isn’t any talk about it.
The money?
The originals?
Working as a staff member is no easy job, is it?
Finding out who you are is an easy job for me.
Bear this in mind!
I will let this kind of prank slide by just once, but never twice.
I will believe that this is the original.
But if you even have one photo, it will only be safe for you if you burn it up.
Just because it is hard to make a living, it isn’t right to be doing anything.
I’m telling you this because you are like a younger sibling…
Will he be okay all by himself? It was so dreary…
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♫ All day long, I keep getting a fever. ♫ Don’t know why I’m like this.
♫ When you smile at me. ♫ When you pass by me.
♫ My heart keeps pounding. ♫ Don’t know, I get happy.
Ah, I'm cold.
♫ Little by little, I think I know.
♫ Love, Love, I call it love.
♫ This is love's first impression. ♫ It makes me happy; it makes my heart tremble.
♫ One by one, for me
Kang Hwi. ♫ everything is getting sweeter.
♫ I am flying through heaven.
♫ I just fall in love. ♫ I smile and smile again.
♫ My love, my love has come along.
♫ It's gently coming closer to me like a dream.
Now… What should I start with?
♫ We are in love.
♫ Love, love has come along. ♫ Like a dream, embrace me.
♫ Oh my love, I want to hold your hand.
♫ I only see you alone.
Good morning!
What is that?
Oh, seriously!
If somebody greets you, at least pretend you are accepting it.
Suddenly, “What is that?”
Wow! Really… you have no manners.
Where are you going?
After I do some work, I will leave quickly.
You should have rice in the morning. Will it suffice to have just milk?
What are you doing now?
I’m going to make something.
Why are you doing that here?
Don’t you know that they started construction in the main building?
I can’t go to the company because of this.
So, you are going to do that here?
I will get out real quickly. So don’t concern yourself about me and resume what you were doing.
U Entertainment's Biggest Crisis!
Problems Arise in Going Public on KOSDAQ Because of Won Kang Hwi’s Ousting.
Why is he in such a bad mood from the morning?
Man Ok, what is all this?
Did you wake up?
Aigo! Because the walls are so dreary.
Kang Hwi-nim, you need to stay here for the time being.
You don’t like it?
I thought you liked cats, so I chose this… Is it too childish?
No. It’s really pretty! I totally love it!
That’s a relief.
Ah, right! And this!
It is my grandfather’s. I thought you would need it if you have to call urgently.
Man Ok, thanks so much! Thanks!
Kang Hwi-nim!
For me, there is really only you, Man Ok!
- Thank you. - Yes.
What is this?
Now, you leave even without saying bye?
Your temper becomes worse and worse because you don’t have breakfast!
I made these using the organic materials in your fridge.
So don’t worry and just heat up the soup and eat.
No Caller Identification
You are President Lee Jun of U Entertainment, right?
Who are you?
It is difficult to tell you who I am.
I have something to tell you about Lee Tae Ik.
I have a photo.
I wanted to consult with you on what to do with the photo, President.
He needn’t have gotten a suite room.
I told you that I won’t let you go a second time.
Don’t think of doing anything stupid.
I am used to dealing with people like you.
Don’t try any of your petty tricks
and give me the photo first.
Ah, seriously!
I said that I get it.
Would I do something stupid when there are those hulks behind you?
Hey! Hey! Catch him!
Uh? What are these?
Ah! That jerk…
Catch him!
Leave! Leave! Leave!
Catch him!
Catch him!!
Ah! That rat-like jerk!
Sleep! Sleep! I must sleep. It will all become alright if I sleep.
I am full. I am full. I am full…
I’m hungry! I’m hungry!
Is there a beggar in my stomach? How can I still be hungry after eating all that?
Ah! I can’t even call Man Ok in the middle of the night.
What is it?!
I scared myself.
What thieves.
They're gone!
Tuesday’s salad, Wednesday’s salad,
3 bottles of organic juice!
2 bottles of mineral water.
Stylist Jang is here!
I came in because the door was open…
I've been robbed.
Call the security firm quickly!
A thief?
Ah! That’s why the door was…
What disappeared?
Salad! Juice! Mineral water!
What are you doing? File a report quickly!
Is that all? That was stolen?
That’s right! I've been completely robbed of them!
Didn’t Baek Go Dong or somebody eat it? Or you had it and forgot about it.
Baek Go Dong never touches my food!
And, I wrote dates on them, so there is no way that I’d forget about eating it!
Hurry and call the security firm!
This is definitely a robber’s doing!
What robber?
What robber, on earth, would just steal and eat salad and water?
After passing through this iron security…
Last night, I definitely heard a rattling noise…
This is definitely!
What is that expression?
Was it you?
I asked if you ate it.
Yes… I was hungry. So I had salad and juice, just a little bit.
A little bit?
Are 2 boxes of salad and 3 bottles of juice just a little bit?
Why are you acting so cheap over something like that?
People will call you a petty person if you do that over food.
Am I saying something because you ate it?
- If you are going to eat somebody else’s food, then you should tell...
Ah ah All right! I will replace them all.
Never mind!
The… breakfast yesterday…
I will count that as your payment.
Hyung-nim! Hyung-nim! Tae Ik hyung-nim?
What again?
This crazy!
What is the matter?
Ah! That is…
Won Kang Hwi Ousted Over Unprecedented Scandal!
The two were in that kind of relationship?
We Need Won Kang Hwi! Reinstate Won Kang Hwi!
Ga Ryeong, until when do we have to be like this?
I think my butt will erode.
Bear it a little bit longer. I think I’m dying, too.
I finally scored!
Preparing for a party, call me.
No way!!!
You're here.
How, on earth, are you taking care of things?!!
I’m sorry.
Come in!
What is the situation like?
The advertisers… are asking to cancel the contracts.
I think it will be difficult to proceed with Tae Ik’s solo album.
What about the reporters?
Did you hand out the press release?
It’s of no use.
I feel… that this time, Tae Ik should personally come forward and hold a press conference…
It’s not yet time.
Cancel all of Tae Ik’s schedules.
For the time being, don’t let him be exposed to the media or allow him to leave the house!
But, that wouldn’t suffice…
Don’t you understand what I am saying?
Make Tae Ik disappear!
That is what you have to do, Senior Manager Hwang.
Yes, I understand.
You may leave.
Hey! What about the car? Are you going somewhere?
We’re on our way to the broadcasting network.
Tae Ik hyung-nim…
Did you or did you not hear me tell you to cancel all of Tae Ik’s schedules?
I told you not to let him take a step out of the house!
It’s Tae Ik hyung-nim’s fixed schedule, so he said that he can never cancel it.
Does that make sense? This punk!
Hey! Tae Ik!
I will proceed with my schedule as I wish.
Why are you also acting like this? It won’t get solved by you doing this!
Because of a rumor that doesn't make sense,
I have no intentions of cancelling my schedule and staying in hiding.
So don’t try to stop me!
What are you doing? Come quickly!
Hey! Tae Ik! Tae Ik!
Ah! Grandfather!
Man Ok, it’s me, me!
Ah, Kang Hwi-nim! I forgot.
Why is it so noisy? Is Bum Soo hyung angry?
He asked to cancel the schedule, but Tae Ik refuses…
Why cancel the schedule?
Because it is noisy due to me?
That is…
I have to go for a radio broadcast. I will tell you later.
Alright, come back safe.
Excuse me, don’t take out anything from the refrigerator to eat..
There was total havoc earlier. He said that a thief had entered.
I will buy something delicious on my way back later on.
Alright. Tae Ik will throw a fit. Hurry and go.
What on earth is happening outside?
I can’t even surf the internet on this.
If it is a radio broadcast... That means I have freedom for, at least, 3 hours as of now.
Should I take a look and see what has been happening so far?
Why would this photo?
A photo that speculates Won Kang Hwi and Lee Tae Ik to be gay was revealed and is evoking criticism?
Ah! What is this?
Who on earth would release this photo?
Why would I with that kind of guy?
Shock! Take One Members, Lee Tae Ik and Won Kang Hwi, A Gay Couple??
Don’t imagine! I mustn’t imagine! You should never, Won Kang Hwi!
Lee Tae Ik, this traitor!
How dare a guy like Won Kang Hwi!
Lee Tae Ik, this traitor!
How dare a guy like Won Kang Hwi!
Tae Ik!
Bum Soo hyung-nim…
Hey! Back up!
Just go!
Whether we back up or go forward, we can’t budge at all like this.
Stylist Jang.
Open the door.
I said open the door!
Are you crazy?
Then what am I to do?
You said that we can’t budge.
I can walk in.
Open it.
No, you can’t. If you go in now...
This is something that I must experience once.
Tae Ik!
Don’t you remember what you said to me, Senior Manager Hwang?
The truth... will be revealed someday.
If you are honorable... Face it unflinchingly!
Everyone, go outside! Fire! Fire!
Fire! Fire! Fire!
What are you doing? Hurry and go!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
What about Stylist Jang?
Stylist Jang isn’t here!
Hey! Tae Ik!
Stylist Jang!
Are you alright?
Stylist Jang! Come to your senses! Why are you like this?
Stylist Jang!
Stylist Jang!
That's right! International star Jin Se Ryeong.
Ah! Hyung-nim!
Miss Jang, who has been secretly dating Lee Tae Ik for the past 3 years...
The two of you get engaged.
What? She is getting engaged to Tae Ik?
I think it will be good for you to be careful for the time being.
You can't get caught by Lee Tae Ik.
Can't you save Tae Ik this time, Stylist Jang?
Like this... wow!
Didn't you come because you have something to say?
Forget it.
The only person who can solve this problem is Stylist Jang.
Seeing you today, the two of you suit each other well.
You crazy!
Petty person?
Rude bastard?
- You punk! - What? What?
- Wolf! - What?
Lee Tae Ik taken...
reveals hidden fiancee?