Motivation Episode 5 - Control vs. Motivation

Uploaded by MrRaphaelLove on 16.06.2011

i'm going to talk to you about
you might be asking wins control have to do with motivation
control is motivation
It is directly related motivation because
the more control you have over your life
The more focus you have with motivation
as in what goes inside here
if you look at the rigid
it'll kill your motivation
if you put good stuff in it
it will help your motivation
it can be very simple
the problem is
for some
may not be talk to you but for some
they decided in advance
i needed
whatever that fingers this book this
control is motivation
this relationship
something outsider here
for them to be successful
and then there's others who
hobbling just within sight here but don't decided they want expander grow
they just
in order for you to move forward
to growth
to become more
you have to pick it up in your mind
that that's what you want to do so it starts here
you have to nurture that seem you have to give it
you have to give it a energy
by giving your life in energy u_s_ determine where it's going to grill and
where it's not
you determine
control is motivation
fifteen betsy
that siege in grozny anything you want to be
but you determine what it is
you decide
that's what you want to do
but he never decide then
it doesn't matter
i ask this question of you what is it that you really want to do that
softened go back to him
things were simpler
as a child
we didn't have any limits
you didn't have any reasons why
you didn't believe that you could
that's the scene
the police
what you believe in what you focus on growth
me personally
i'm really trying
gives that circumstance
i'm believing something that doesn't count
i'm not allowing things that are negative
control is motivation
not accepting unsettling for
any old anything
i believe it is a higher purpose for each and every one of those
to contribute giving birth
but we decide when that starts we decide that actually begin to happen
and pray
that today's the day that you decide
to grow
and make a difference in someone's life
doing wealthy we used to meet
we can connect with you
waiting for you
to help them
make a difference in someone else's life
president risk that direction
and hopefully that person believe that helps you decide
that you make a difference
control is motivation