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That’s my nose. I’m filming this week. 3 00:00:36,001--> 00:00:37,01 What are you doing?
Memorializing your stupidity.
That’s really disrespectful.
Don’t worry. It won’t make it to YouTube.
I don’t know, you two rolling around is pretty entertaining. 8 00:00:50,01 --> 00:00:51,01 Rolling around?
I studied fight at the Royal Shakespeare Company.
That’s fake theatre shit.
It’s not fake. It’s very disciplined actually.
Well I studied street fighting and majored in getting beaten up.
Aw, look who’s feeling sorry for themselves…
For rolling around like a little girl.
Don’t insult our gender.
Ok, like wusses.
Bloody nose. Other side. Hang on.
Oh it’s ok. Thanks, mate.
Mate? He stole your camera from me.
Yes. Actually, I’m going to need that back, man.
That’s a problem.
Yeah, the problem is that if you give it back, you lose your visiting privileges right? I get it. That’s really weak man.
Give me your word that you’ll get it back to me.
Word. Done.
Give me a hand with this.
Robbie, this relationship’s over. You know that. Why are you prolonging your agony?
Vanessa! What? Don’t.
Stop trying to tip toe around it. She has another guy.
You do?
You do? You little minx.
She does. Fiction.
Yup. Ok, I’ll be right down. Hey little one, I’m gonna hit the highway, the plane can’t wait.
Packet of sugar. It’s the only thing that works.
Drink this.
So Robbie, it’s in your best interest…
That’s enough.
Good. Is it gone?
Hey Robbie, so if you want to get clean and sober, I know a place that can help you with that.
I’ve been there and done that. Thank you.
Yeah, you’ve gotta really want it though so, if you change your mind, you give me a shout alright? From firsthand experience.
Mel can’t make it. What’s wrong with her? She’s sick. Oh. 42 00:03:13,01 --> 00:03:23,01 She’s said you can shoot. Really? She said you should shoot it. I can shoot it? Mel said that? She said you should shoot it. Ok, ok. I’ll be there in a flash.
Did I just hear that right? 44 00:03:27,01 --> 00:03:28,01 Mel’s sick and said I can shoot.
See, I knew you had it in you. You just needed a little assist from me.
This is fantastic. Who’s the other guy?
Don’t listen to Vanessa. Her imagination far exceeds her knowledge of my life.
Look whose covering up now.
So there’s not a new guy? I didn’t say that.
What’s the problem Jan, you say very little.
My problem is mine, not yours Robbie. 52 00:03:53,01 --> 00:03:55,01 Hey. I’ll get my driver to give you a lift down there.
Go get ‘em super star.
Robbie, your nose, your ear!
Let’s see. Jeez, you are really bleeding man.
I’m fine. I’m fine. Are you sure?
I’m fine. It’s my meds.
Alright, I’m fine. Get him down on the…. I’m fine
Put your head down.
Has this happened to you before? Nose bleeds. Your ear? No.
Sit down. You need to stay off your feet. Come on. There you go.
Blimey. Didn’t you play a doctor in a movie?
Yeah, A Long Way to Heaven. 65 00:04:32:01 --> 00:04:36,01 You weren’t convincing in that either.
Really? I thought the script was a bit iffy, but I mean liked my character…
You were fine, Gery.
Define fine? Very good.
Not excellent? No.
Yeah I know. You’re pretty good there missy.
Graduated from nursing school.
Yeah? And then what?
Gave it up to be an actress. Good choice.
No, not yet Chase. I’m just getting ready to…
Well, what time do I need to be there?
Look, just go. I’m fine. Go.
And if I can’t be there in 15 minutes and then what? You can’t just push it back for an hour? Come on.
Hold for a second.
Hold what? You’ve got to do it. What’s the matter with you? Can you handle this?
You’ve got to look after yourself man. Yeah?
I’ll be outside the building with a black town car.
Jan, hurry!
I’ll take care of him. Go.
You’ve had it in for me from the first time you met me Chase. Why? What did I do to you?
All I want to do is work and you turn everything into an emotional roller coaster. What did I do to you? Why me?
What did she say?
Mel likes me.
Great. 91 00:06:17,01 --> 00:06:18,01 Go.
Do you really mean that or are you just playing mind games with me again? �