Baman Piderman - Revealations Part 2 (Ep #13)

Uploaded by MondoMedia on 24.06.2012

[piderman:] noo noo
wherisdidhego dis not baman
no wheris wher's baman oh no no no no!
oh wh wher's baman
dowhe uh. ow.
ownono no no no
[guy:] just us...
[piderman:] mmnmnmnmnowaaaaa
whsitwho you do wih baman?
[piderbat:] well
remember when
[baman:] okay.
this sounds like a good idea.
[piderman:] why?
[other guy:] well becos
[guy:] just becos
[piderman:] ooh!
[guy:] yo cud go on a jurney!
[other guy:] yeh, to find him!
[piderman:] yeah
we cud go on da jurney to fimd baman!
les go get redy
hi punkin
[guy:] go on
[piderman:] punkin les go
yay yay yay
[guy:] awww baby [other guy:] aw baby
[guy:] aww
[piderman:] der he is!
baman wut r yu doing here
[baman] can i take my finger out now
it's all
cold an stuff.
oh. no.
we wudn want tha
[baman and piderman:] no no no no no no no no no
[other guy:] okay.
i fink we shud giv dem dis now
quig! we got do get ub ther!
[baman:] is dat our squib?
[piderman:] squib dinint com back...
[everybody:] yaaaaaay