Vete a la Versh - Vete a la versh: Especial de Navidad 2010

Uploaded by vetealaversha on 25.12.2010

Christmas Special 2010
This sure will be a Verry Merry Christmas!
Isn't it, Rudolph?
Oh, jolly! No doubt this'll be
an amazing Christmas, Santa!
*Reindeer sounds*
Ho ho ho!
I'm so hap...
*Reindeer sounds*
I'm so...
*Extreme reindeer sounds*
Please stop it with the stupid shit.
Yeah, right? I'm sorry.
Oh no!
Quick Rudolph! Initiate evasive tactic Alpha 1064!
Ah, yes... YES... yes... i-iniciating... iniciating...
I knew I had to read the manual
Oh! What am I gonna do now?
Santa! Help!
*Weird sound*
You killed my reindeer, you asshole!
Really? Nah, he's just sleeping.
Hey, I need you to bring me the
Super Mauricio Bros. game.
Retarded asshole! You killed the fucking reindeer
and still asked for something?
Well, let me explain
the thing is that...