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Music becomes beautiful because of you, welcome to today’s TOP CHINESE MUSIC, I am Dazuo
We have seen the wonderful performance of today’s gust at the beginning of this program
I feel that there are so many people in studio today, almost squeezing me out
So let’s welcome fresh debut idol group - EXO-M, welcome
Even though you guys have already done many interviews and greet others heaps of times
You still need to do your signature greeting movement
1,2,3, we are ONE! Hello everyone, we are EXO-M!
Your iconic deep bow and please do self introduction one by one
Hello, I am the leader of EXO-M, KRIS
Hello, I am the member of EXO-M, LAY
Hello, I am the member of EXO-M, LUHAN
Hello, I am the member of EXO-M, XIUMIN
Hello, I am the member of EXO-M, CHEN
Hello, I am the member of EXO-M, Kung Fu Panda TAO
After self introduction, how about your responsibilities in the group?
Because every member should play different role in the group
KRIS, what are you responsible for in the group
I am the rapper
En, you are responsible for rapping, OK, LAY?
I’m responsible for dancing
So you just dance and don’t need to sing?
I also sing
How do you think of your singing? Do you improve it through several years of training?
Moderate level…
Moderate? So modest, how about LUHAN?
I’m responsible for singing
How is your dance?
Heheheha…. Are your responsible for singing?
I’m responsible for singing and dancing
Singing and dancing, you are the only member who is responsible for everything. CHEN
I’m the main vocalist of EXO-M
Main vocalist, so you perform the singing part, right?
I’m rapper, the same as leader, then I do martial arts
Martial arts, so you are the one who do martial arts in MAMA mv?
Fans also want to see them dancing, we have seen the music video
And we want to see your live performance too, can you show a little bit?
OK. Please
(Is that what we want, not looking at each other anymore?)
(no more communication? no more love?)
(Even though being hurt, and tears gushed)
(We can make a difference to solve all the problems, tell me MAMA MAMA)
Thank you
Please give them MIC, no need to pick it up
Leave it there, I can talk about that
OK? 3, 2, 1
Thank you, Is it you who damage our prop?
Sorry, sorry...
You should pay for it
I have to pick it up
I think you may often forget many things when you really put yourself into the dance right? LUHAN?
Did you damaged anything at your home?
None, none
So you should talk honestly today, open your heart, you already owe us anyway
Then we will have a deeper understanding of EXO-M, their debut story and their life
At the same time, they will send out a gift exclusive for the audience
Let's have a seat and talk
Let’s welcome EXO-M again. Are you guys still a little nervous now?
That’s OK
Are you OK now?
We are still a little nervous now because it is our third interview today
So you are not very talkative, because Super Junior-M was very talkative when I interviewed them
We love to talk in private
En, just take it easy today
On 1st April, you met Chinese fans for the first time in the debut showcase
What was your feeling about your first show?
On 1st April, indeed, 12 of us were together
Because we are separated into EXO-K and EXO-M
When 12 of us were together, we could cheer up each other
So at that time we were not so nervous
We just wanted to perform better on our first stage
How about other members?
Very nervous, I am afraid of making mistakes, but we all performed well fortunately
Did anyone’s parents go to see you? On 1st April?
My parents
Only your parents?
I just know that my parents go to see me
Were your parents excited?
They felt happy for me because their son made his dream come true
Where are you from?
Qingdao, Shandong (northeastern China)
Did they go from Qingdao specially for you?
There should be someone from Beijing? (LUHAN) That's right
My parents were busy on that day, so they could not come
Maybe they went to see you but didn’t tell you
No, they didn’t
Would you be more excited if your parent were there?
Because you have been waiting for a long time, you may feel that you bring glory to your family
Actually I don’t have many chances to meet my parent
We went back to where we lived right after the performance
So I have no chance to meet them
You haven't met them?
No, I haven't
You didn’t meet your parents even though you were in Beijing
No, because there was no time
How did your agency arrange that?
After suffering a lot in Korea, you still couldn't manage to meet your parents
And I know you have many schedules
In the Top Chinese Music Award ceremony, I just feel that you sat quietly under the stage
You greeted some seniors when you met them backstage
But you were still not familiar with them
So how did you feel when you sat under the stage and saw people on the stage
Very excited, because that’s our first time coming back to China
And that’s our debut stage in China
We saw many seniors’ performance, and many seniors sat beside us
Because our seats were near to many other seniors
In fact we felt more nervous
Moreover, we wanted to get recognition from our seniors, so we hoped to perform better
The occasion was different
It is OK if there are only fans there, because fans are familiar with you
In the award ceremony, those were professionals who sing for many years
And they know how good you sing and dance
Wouldl you feel more anxious?
Yes, more nervous
LAY, you don’t like talking?
Not at all
How did you feel when you performed on that day?
I just wanted to perform what I can for everyone
There are two Korean members, actually they might feel better on that day
Since they did not know who was sitting there
They might be more relaxed?
As it was the debut performance, we were very nervous
Besides, many seniors in China were present that day, we became even more nervous
After the performance, my feet were impotent
I am familiar with a senior in your company
I know something about the training system in your company and I know how hard it was during training
So, how long had you been trained before your official debut
Everyone is different
How about you?
I had trained for four years
Four years is not a short time
Let's talk about your miserable history later on, everyone will cry when they talk about it
LAY, how long had you trained?
Four years
You also four years
I am fair, a year and a half
Your time is shorter
A year and a half can be considered a short time
3 years and a half
You can say this in Chinese
I am much better too. One year
One year? Yes. OK
I was 11 months
11 months, read after me, 十一個月
OK, good
11 months is very short, one year is also short too
Four years, was it tough during these four years?
Yes, I had hard moments but also happy moments
The hard time is the nonstop practice from Monday to Friday
Sang songs in the morning and danced in the afternoon
And the training life was invariant
And what about weekends?
Weekends... We have time to rest
Compared with the training at weekdays, what's tougher was
Because the training is something we like to do, it was not so hard
Mainly because we couldn't stay with our family, sometimes we got homesick
But our work always comes first
I think that there are 2 questions that you care about most
First question is since I had trained for such a long time
When I could debut or whether I could debut or not
This is a question that you need to face with every day
Now that you are siting here, it means that you have gone through it
So you can tell us more, had you ever have such kind of worries?
LAY, had you?
Anyway, I think in this way
It is OK as long as I have tried, then there is no regret
Were you homesick at that time?
Whether eating in Korea is a hard thing or not
We got used to it when time passed
What did you eat?
Actually it's quite yummy, at first I wasn't used to it, gradually I was okay with it
You are totally different from others!
Others would think the food is good at first, then they'd get bored of it
Maybe because the canteen of our company is better
I know the one behind loves eating meat just by looking
Did you think that the beef was very expensive?
I found that the beef could be sold in such high price after I have been to Korea
But it's OK, we are given a menu when having meals, we can make our own decision
What would you do if you want to eat homemade dishes? Did you call your parents?
The only thing I could do is to call them and confide to them
You also trained for a long time
Not a really long time
You just say one year and half
Yes, one year and half
How did you enter SM at that time?
I was learning language in YONSEI UNIVERSITY
One day I hung out with my friends in Myeongdong
Such an old-school story again
You were spotted when you were walking on the street?
How come there are so many people hanging around all the time in your company?
I don't know
They can find all kinds of people when they hang around
Because I remember ZhouMi was found when he went shopping in Guangzhou
So what did you think when you got this invitation?
Were you irresolute?
Without hesitation
I agreed immediately
Because after you get the invitation
You only need to go to the audition
They think that you look pretty good, and they would like to see how your ability is
Were you good at singing and dancing at that time?
These were my hobbies only...... (Murmur that we can't hear clearly)
One of you was trained for one year only, do you think one year time is enough?
One year... It was quite surprising that the company gave me such a great chance to debut
That means you think it was too hurry? Or you should practise for two more years......
For me... I am very thankful to the company for letting us be one
Was it tough?
When I just came, I had great pressure... Because I couldn't speak Korean...
Is your Korean the least proficient among the Chinese members?
I am the worst
I avoid to be direct, yeah
How about now, your Korean
I'm quite good now
No communication problem
I think they would be more anxious because you are promoting in China, is XIUMIN working hard on Chinese?
How well you are?
I am learning with a private tutor
They speak in Chinese or Korean in daily life? Do they teach you Chinese?
The Chinese members can speak Korean fluently
But if I speak Chinese, I am not proficient enough to communicate
You are spoiling him, don't be too fond, you must talk with him in Chinese
How about CHEN? How long has him been learning Chinese?
I learn Chinese only for a few months
Who can speak Chinese better? You or XIUMIN?
XIUMIN哥 (elder brother)
You are very busy these days, you spent four years or shorter time to get used to life abroad
How do think about living abroad?
KRIS is the leader so he speaks felicitously
Let me ask you, what is the toughest thing for living abroad?
When being overseas, the first problem should be language
Was it troublesome? No one understood you, did you need to speak in English?
English... occasionally
We mainly relied on these friends, our teammates
When we came to China we would help them too, help each other
When we were in Korea, the seniors in the company and other trainees would also help us out, so it's alright
Who do you live with in Korea?
I see people living in big apartments, someone lives with the manager
Others live in a super big room, each one get a bed, like princes in a castle
What is the layout of your dorm?
In the dorm in Korea, I and LAY share a room
You and LAY share
Yes. XIUMIN, LUHAN and KRIS share a room
And then TAO... Our dorm has two storeys, he lives with the manager in the first storey
TAO, are you difficult to manage? The manager has to keep an eye on you?
Because there are many things I don't know, I can ask the manager
This can help him learn Korean
Do you arrange it in purpose?
For example, CHEN and LAY can learn Chinese and Korean together
Yes, it is specially arranged so that members can learn languages with other's help and we can be closer
How does he treat you, LAY?
He is very good to me
Does he bully you?
Not at all, really good
You look good-tempered
Sometimes... I have temper
How does he bully you?
He doesn't bully me, really very good
Then do you bully him?
It is impossible not to argue when living together
No arguement, we have close relationship
How close are you?
Such that... really good, I treat him meals, he also treats me meals
What do you treat him? Who pays more?
I have never paid attention to it...
LAY is going to crack up, no one ever pressed him like this
LUHAN, how about you? How is your life with 3 people living together?
We're fine, because we practised together every day
We know each other well, we're comfortable
If you guys don't hang out together, there's no one else you can hang out with
You spent your everyday life with these few people
Then the Korean members are going to experience
Just like you, spend a long time - four years in Korea, but you're back to China now
What is their impression on Beijing? How much do they know about China?
In Korea, LUHAN introduced some scenic spots and heritages like the Great Wall and Tian'anmen
Also Chinese cuisine, we tried that in Korea together. Other members also introduced a lot
LUHAN, you introduced herritages like the Great Wall?! How did you introduce it?
I just said... These are must-see sites in China
Have you been to the Great Wall?
Of course, in my childhood
You went to there before? I come to Beijing for a long time but I've never been to there
You should have a look
Where else have you introduced?
Tian'anmen, that's it
And that's all?
Even I say more, they can't understand, they can't imagine what it is
I just remember a thing as you were saying "can't understand"
This thing was actually a misunderstanding
On the day of our ceremony, one of our female MC said to the audiences with a good intention that
EXO-M cannot understand even though fans shouted because they are Korean
And then KRIS said something, right? What did you say at that time?
I said we had four Chinese members so that we could understand
And then it caused a furore
All the people were thinking what was wrong with the female MC and what was happening
This is a problem that we must to face
Many people think that you are a Korean group, but actually you have four Chinese members
So from a certain perspective we can define you as a Chinese group, that's OK
So do you always face this problem? How to define the positioning of this team? KRIS, what do you think?
It is unavoidable that at first some people may know little about us
Because our agency is a Korean company, they may think we are a Korean group
But actually the positioning of our group, and the main objective is to
Come back to China and perform for fans in China
So we have four Chinese members and the structure of the team is aimed for China market
Thus we hope to be a local group, especially for China market
Hope to be a local group, so next time if I have the chance to make an introduction
I will say Chinese group EXO-M, it is alright to say so, right?
Yes, no problem
Then I know what to do
If you wish to become a local group, you should understand the circumstance of Chinese entertainment industry
And also some necessary communication, including explaining these things to Korean members
Do you have your favourite Chinese singers?
Lin Junjie
Lin Junjie, JJ
You can directly say JJ
How do you know JJ Lin's songs?
When I first practise Chinese songs, I asked LAY to recommend some songs
So I know JJ Lin
What about CHEN? Do you have favourite Chinese singers?
Leehom Wang
OK. Why do you like him?
Because his songs are very good
He is handsome and sings well, heh
So what about you? KRIS?
I... many
Take several as an example
I have many preferred actors rather than singers
Tony Leung and Takeshi Kaneshiro
So because they have good acting skills?
Acting skills
I like...
Why are you so funny? I don't know why
I like JJ Lin, Jay Chou, Leehom Wang, yes
JJ Lin, Jay Chou, Leehom Wang
They debut for a very long time
So you already know them before you went to Korea
What about others?
I...the same as LAY
Is it because you cannot listen much Chinese music in Korea?
No such thing
He likes Khalil Fong
Oh yeah, this one is rather new
So do you like Khalil Fong, too?
I like YuQuan
YuQuan, so you have already seen them, right?
Yes, very happy
How did you feel?
I have something to say, the next day of our ceremony, I took the same plane with YuQuan
Then we talked about you, they said they thought you are a Chinese group because you have four Chinese members
I replied yes, that's their positioning
And they said that if you are a local group, you should stay and live in China
And be aware of the circumstance of Chinese entertainment industry, to let people know you are a Chinese group
This is a suggestion from senior YuQuan, hope you can listen to it
Thank you
What about TAO? Is it Jet Li, Jackie Chan?
I like singers as well as actors
Who are they?
I like Leehom Wang
You are like minded
And Zhang Jie
How do you know Zhang Jie?
I like his songs and practise his songs in Korea
Then do you like Xie Na(Zhang Jie's wife)?
Don't look at the manager, he is also smiling, just say
Quite good
So they are very shy when they being interviewed
It is different from Super Junior-M, because they have been in Super Junior for a while before they became SJ-M
They are familiar with this kind of programs, so they are not new when they became M
Next we want to know whether Super Junior-M have some suggestions for you?
Because they are a very influential group in China, right?
Have they shared their experience with you?
Yes, many seniors give us suggestions, including Super Junior-M, TVXQ
Which member are you familiar with in (SJ)M?
Henry, because he also studies in Canada, so we can communicate in English
You are closer with Henry, what about you?
You're still again. You have to answer this question!
Does his reaction always lag behind?
No no no
What happen to you today?
I have cooperated with SHINee senior, I participated their concert
They are very nice, they are considerate of me and also us
I am closer with f(x) AMBER senior
Why? You are the first one to mention girl?
Because when I first came to the company, all the people were speaking Korean
At that time I haven't met our members
AMBER was on the ground floor and greeted me in Chinese, so I felt very warm
So you are closer with her
So you are not familiar with anyone? hah
I am close with SHINee TAEMIN and f(x) VICTORIA. They often take care of me as seniors
You are rather close with them
Do you go out for eating together or playing together?
Nope. I just have a cooperation stage with VICTORIA on SBS
TAEMIN often teaches me dance
The manager is so strict
How about the two members?
Is CHEN close with anyone?
Super Junior KYUHYUN senior
You're closer with KYUHYUN
When I'm practising singing, he always come to encourage me
That's so warm, giving encouragements
One more please.
I'm... Super Junior-M Henry senior also
Eh, it's a bit strange, Henry kept a low profile when he was in China
Then why would he... Why are you closer with Henry?
Although he is the senior, he came forward to greet us first
He came first? Then where is other
In fact everyone in SJ-M is considerate of us, and I am closer with Henry
SIWON senior and DONGHAE senior also give us many advices, there's no big difference
The leader functions under this circumstance. I'm just joking
Next we'll have a tacit test
As just mentioned, it is not long since your group is formed
But you guys have been together for a long time, training, playing and living together
So, next, there is a tacit test for you, let's see how much do you know about other members
You have to answer my questions, then point at the member who you think is the answer
Let's see who has some special traits, OK? We have some props
I will ask questions, after the START instruction, you have to point at the member to show your answer
It aims to let fans know the other side, other charms of EXO-M
After I ask a question, there's time for translation, then we wil start
Question 1: Among you, who cares most about appearance?
3, 2, 1, start!
Wait a minute
So LUHAN gets most votes?
3 of them point at you, 2 point at him, who you are pointing at?
3 of us point at KRIS
Ah, you point at KRIS, LUHAN explain first, you have 3 votes
Ah, 2 votes, come on
Not really facial expression management...
Facial expression? Appearance!
Ah, appearance, sorry
Not really appearance management
I don't... manage a lot... why me?
Yeah, why do they choose him, why him LAY?
I change my mind
Ah, pick up the MIC
I change my mind
Then it's him, so LUHAN does not pay a lot of attention to his appearance
KRIS, no doubt, you get most votes
Really? How can you treat me like this
You don't need to act, I'd say
I will also vote for you just by judging from your faces
Yes, without hesitation. Why? How long do you spend on dressing up before going out?
Not so long
Then why do they vote for you? LAY, why do you finally voted for him?
Because he
I think you are a honest guy, so tell me the truth
He likes to spread something on his face before sleep, usually on my right-hand side
What does that mean?
When I am doing something else, for example, I am writing a song with computer
Suddenly leader sits on my right-hand side, puts a mirror in front of him and begins to spread
How long is it?
About 30 minutes? Or 15 minutes?
What does he usually spread ? Have you ever noticed?
No, I pay no attention on him
You don't care? Don't you learn from him?
Let him spread, do his own thing
That's before sleep, how about going out?
Everyone tidies up himself before going out
What are you spreading that takes so long?
Not so long. Around 5 minutes
I spread beside him because there is a table, it's convenient
If one's testimony is not enough then listen to one more, LUHAN, how is he?
Actually I don't pay much attention so I don't know
Who you vote for?
I vote for TAO
You vote for TAO, right?
OK, who votes for KRIS, TAO, are you? Why?
Sometimes, I go out with leader, for example, shopping
Leader takes care of his hairstyle every time, you know
He spends so much time on his hair, when I have put on my shoes
Leader, why don't you come out? He says OK, coming
I still have to wait for another 5 to 10 minutes
5 to 10 minutes
But it's normal for boys to be aware of their hairstyle, I have to defend for KRIS
You don't dress yourself up when you go out?
I... do dress up, but I wear hats to go out
Let me sum up, maybe the problem is he gets up late
That means, you get up early and tidy yourselves up
He gets up late and uses a similar or even longer time to tidy up, so he becomes the slowest one
LAY why do you look at me like this (I'm shy), do I point out the truth?
He loves having a lie-in?
He does not have lie-in, he just gets up the latest. But... He usually goes out later than us
What means by "getting up late"?
When we are all ready, we clap our eyes on leader crawling out of the bed
Leader, you are the leader
Why are you the latest one?
It...depends (on feng shui of the day, I know it)
I won't be late going to company, but other than that I will
So what are you doing at that time? You wake up but you just want to stay on the bed for a while right?
Usually I sleep late...
The first question, you all point at the leader, leader seems to not agree with you
Here comes the second question
Among you, who is the most funniest in daily life?
3, 2, 1, start
Ah, it's really you! You seem to be well-behaved
LUHAN, It's your turn, I think you can state clearly
Sometimes, we put ourselves into the performance on stage, but in daily life he is really childish
He likes making jokes, being naughty
Is he really humorous or he acts dumb to make others laugh?
He is really humorous, he can make us laugh
Do you tell jokes?
Then how do you express your humour?
I say something, then everyone laughs
He is really funny
How do others think, TAO?
He sometimes react slowly, when I say something to him, he just
You think he is scatterbrained(in a cute, positve way) too?
I talk to him and he replies after a long while
His reaction lags behind, he is always like this. How do Korean members think?
When LAY is talking about something funny, his gesture and posture are very hilarious
What about you, CHEN?
LAY's facial expession is really funny
He is... He likes making others laugh, maybe he is talented
Don't gaze at me, I wanna laugh when I see your face
The answer to this question is very obvious
Question 3: Among you, who changed the most after debut, like personality, appearance, clothing style
Here you need to know that a lot celebrities are not happy to see their old files
For example, the materials before audition and old hairstyles
So you have to recall the changes since your first meet with each other
OK, 3, 2, 1, start!
No one says something? 3, 2, 1, go!
None? TAO who do you point at?
I pick the leader
Leader, why is he?
Because his hair was very long when I just came
Leader just stared at you hehe~
How much did he change? How long was his hair at that time?
His hair is as long as here
Your hair was that long?
I was keeping my hair long because of the company, to assist styling...
And you?
I? I was like this
So...you went for a year right?
Not changed a lot So...you went for a year right?
So...you went for a year right?
LUHAN who do you point at?
No one
You have to choose one
Do you guys think this question is kinda aggressive?
So let's just pick someone, who do you choose?
Well.... actually I think we all changed, more or less
What kind of changes do you have?
Hair. My hair was cut off a lot
You have long hair too?
Yeah mine was like here before
Your face is already this small and you had your hair down to here...
Could you even see your face?
Yes, I could
Was it like Hanazawa Rui's long hair?
I have naturally curly hair, it would be wavy when it's long and my head would seem very big
And LAY?
I think we just debuted so we are still very new
How did you look like initially?
Mine was curls as well
How long? Is your hair permed?
Natural curls, extremely curly and very long
All curly hair guys are having a meeting?
How about the other two Korean members? CHEN, do you remember your styling when you just came?
Kinda normal and casual
It seems a bit more fashionable after debut
There is a saying I'm not sure if you know how to translate, 洋氣多了(more trendy)
Note: XIUMIN is not the youngest but the eldest in the team, born 26.3.1990 One more member here, how about you? I think you were very young at that time
My hairstyle was very casual before debut, I always wear hats, after debut my hair looks better
Did you ever think about which team you were going to be assigned? When did you know such a thing?
In fact, we already knew about the grouping. Our team was originated for China market
Our team was formed for China market
And 12 of us are just like the slogan WE ARE ONE, a large group, so we are OK to go to either team
OK. Now you are already in a group, the relationship between members must be very close
The next question is, tomorrow is EXO-K member SEHUN's birthday
Our director wants me to ask LUHAN what kind of birthday wish do you have for him?
I asked the director why specifically ask LUHAN and she said you two seem very close, is that right?
Yeah, we are close. Wish?...
Yes, look at the camera
In Chinese or Korean?
In Chinese, we will add Korean subtitles
SEHUN, tomorrow is your birthday, you will be 1 year older after tomorrow
Wish you can be more matured and sensible. Hope you DaeBak(Korean word meaning great success) in Korea
Happy Birthday (Korean)
Are you really close with him? Like usually playing together?
Actually, not always together, since two teams practise separately, but we often have meal together after pracice
The reason that I ask you this is your birthday is also coming, right?
So what kind of birthday wish do you have?
I hope I can be happy every day
Happy every day. What is your definition of happy? Eating and drinking?
If the whole M, and the whole EXO can be good, I would be happy as well
If KRIS answers this question, he must say he hope you can come to Beijing and have fanmeeting very often
Do you have this kind of idea?
How do you know I'll answer like this?
Leader must answer in this way!
I would change......
Do you want to have fanmeeting in Chine, in Beijing?
Of course we want to, not only Beijing, but also all over the country
Including every city to meet our fans
Well, the interview is about to come to its end, in the beginning you have shown some talents
I think Chinese fans would like to hear some messages from you, although you are repeating the same speech every day
Hope you can be more wholehearted, leader says you would change, so let's see how do you change, leader first
We have just returned to China to have activities, we can really moved and happy to see so many friends supporting us
Later hope we can go across the country and meet you, hope you like our work and support us
We will work hard to present the best to you, thank you
Thank you very much for supporting us, we will continue to work hard
Wish you healthy, happy
May everything go your way right?
We just start as a rookie and we are not doing perfectly, but we will show you the best stage by paying more efforts
Hope everyone can support us and pay attention to us, thank you
Although we does not debut for a long time, you are already giving us support and love with enthusiasm, thank you very much
Hope everybody can wait until we bring out the best of us
OK, we'll wait for this day, waiting for you. TAO
No matter how hard, how difficult, we will keep going and thank you for your support
12 of us will keep bringing the best of us, thank you everyone, thank you everyone
Thank you for your concern and support since those pre-debut days
I and XIUMIN will pay more effort on learning Chinese in order to communicate with our fans, and we will work harder
Thank you (Korean) Thank you (Chinese)
At the end of the programme, we are going to send out an exclusive gift for our audience
A gift containing EXO-M's signatures, and we'll let them sign on site
Please give me a pen
This pen is not OK
Which side do you sign on? The back
Use a finer pen, there's not enough space for so much people
This one is too thick, no way
OK, 3, 2, 1
At the end of the program, we are sending out an exclusive gift - their photo
We'll let them sign on the back, so there's in total 3 gifts
Sign it one by one
The photos with EXO-M's autographs are on my hands, they are real
Everybody take a look, there is no fake ones
These signed photos are on my hands, if you want it, please answer a question in our Weibo, then it might be yours
At the end of the show we have to thank EXO-M for coming! Thank you
Moreover, we can watch their "MAMA" together! Thank you