Adding Doors, Windows and More — AutoCAD Freestyle Symbols Tutorial

Uploaded by Autodesk on 22.04.2010

Hi, my name's Marianne. I'm on the AutoCAD Freestyle team here at Autodesk. And in this
video, we're going to take a closer look at the Freestyle Symbol Libraries. Symbols are
pre-drawn shapes that you can use in your drawings.
You access this content in the Symbol Libraries palette - which I'll go ahead and drag a little
bigger. By the way, notice this little arrow here? That's how you collapse and expand the
palettes. Ok, so let's say I want to insert a door into
this wall opening here. I already have the Doors and Windows library open, so I can see
all the doors I can choose from. I'm just gonna keep things simple and choose
this 90 degree door, but first, I'll check the dropdown to see the available sizes. I'm
going to stick with three feet. To place the door, I simply drag it into my
drawing. I'm actually going to drop it right here for now, so that I can do some edits
before I place it in the wall. So just like other drawing objects - I can
rotate the door by dragging the Rotate handle. OR I can just click a Rotate shortcut.
Now – another thing that's nice about the content in the symbol libraries is that they
have these additional grips– for example, THIS is the Alignment Grip which makes it
easier to position the door exactly where I want it.
So now our door looks like this, and I notice that it's opening towards the window, so I
use the Mirror grip to flip the door so it's not covering the window when it's open.
Now let's say I want to add a table. This time, I'll use the Search feature to type
in the word “Table” and I'll quickly see all the available Tables. I like this table
with chairs, and this time when I click the dropdown, I see the different styles I can
choose from. I'm gonna choose this round kitchen table, and place it in my drawing.
And here's another shortcut: I can click this arrow underneath the table to choose a different
table style if I wanted to. I'm gonna keep Table 3, but I am now going to resize it to
fit my kitchen layout, using one of the Resize corner grips.
The symbols that you like and use often, you can add them to a Favorites library; just
click the star, and they'll be added…. and if you need to remove a symbol from here,
you right-click and choose Remove. Now, just for fun, I'm going to add some color
using the colors in the Fill Library. When you start using the Symbol Libraries,
you'll see there's a lot to choose from in addition to Doors and Tables, so have some
fun with it!