University of North Texas Arts and Music

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The choice of more than 36,000 students. One of the largest universities in
Texas. The most comprehensive university in North Texas region.
This is the University of North Texas. The place where discovery begins. Where promised becomes
progress. Founded in 1890, UNT has grown from a small teachers' college to
an emerging national research university
built on a foundation of excellence in education,
business, science, humanities and the arts.
Expert rankings in US News and World Report Best Colleges 2010 guide
named UNT among the top national universities
making innovative changes in academics,
faculty, students, campus life, diversity and facilities.
Our college of music is one of the largest and best in the nation
rewarding Dallas-Fort Worth community
with more than 1,000 music concerts every year
We're world renowned for Jazz...
as home to one of the best programs for this distinctly American art form….
And our faculty,
students and graduates
also perform
and conduct on opera and concert stages
with prestigious musical companies around the world.
In classrooms,
our graduates are teaching the next generation of musicians to follow the sound of their dreams…
just as countless Grammy and Emmy award-winning artists followed
their dreams as UNT students.
And every day, in private practice rooms,
small classes
and one-on-one lessons,
young artists learn
from the best: former Van Cliburn gold medalists,
soloists for the New York Metropolitan Opera,
acclaimed concertmasters and highly sought after composers.
And prestigious artists -- like violinist and conductor Pinchas Zukerman and jazz
legend Dave Brubeck -- lead master classes
and perform in our world-class Murchison Performing Arts Center.
As home to authors and poets,
filmmakers, actors, and dancers,
and visual artists of all kinds,
a rich cultural environment
thrives at UNT.
With five galleries that promote living artists and their works, as well as a robust calendar
of theater productions and dance performances,
UNT is an amazing cultural center and resource.
The Texas Fashion Collection
– one of the nation’s most important collections of historic fashion and couture
– gives students access to works by Armani,
Chanel and others.
Our Master of Fine Arts program is ranked in the top 25 percent nationally
and we offer a Ph.D. in Art Education
– also one of the nation’s best.
Our list of graduates reads like a Who’s Who of the arts
ecause UNT’s arts programs are among the most comprehensive in the nation
and the best.
Being the best is a UNT tradition.
And not just in the arts.
imagination fuels discovery of all kinds.
We're combining
music and medicine to discover new ways to protect hearing loss in musicians
– because there is no tool more crucial for a musician than hearing.
And we’re using ultra-sensitive sensors and high-speed motion cameras
to analyze and
reduce performance-related injuries for pianists and other musicians.
Industry and research converge at our nearly 290-acre Discovery Park,
where other life-changing technologies are created.
Our scientists are developing
bright white organic light,
finding ways to prevent jet engine decay and overhauling the 911 infrastructure.
And on our
green is embraced as a way of life
– from environmentally friendly LEED-certified buildings
to vehicles fueled by biodiesel
–Our commitment to a sustainable future is undeniable.
A future that our students define for themselves
through our nearly 250 degree programs.
And each year, more than 7,000 of our students graduate and join the workforce,
as critical thinkers
dedicated to making a difference.
We are the University of North Texas.
Redefining what's possible,
setting new standards of excellence
and creating boundless opportunities. Discover UNT.