Lazze Metal Shaping: Tricks Using Magnets to Make Working Easier

Uploaded by lazzemetalshaping on 09.12.2009

So when we building a car body we using something that is very unique, actually and we using
very strong magnets. And because when we make the left side and then we make the right side
of the cowl, and then we make the door but then we going to put the pieces together;
how do you hold that piece there the door together with the cowl, it's almost impossible.
So I figured out and find out those magnets. So if we put four of those magnets it's going
to hold the whole door, we can adjust the bead up and down, and we can adjust the gap
between the cowl and the door. When that is right we can just tack weld it together with
a MIG and it stays there. Then we can take those magnets and we put them on the rear
quarter panel and do the same there. Then we can start to adjust the body so it has
the right dimension inside and then cross support it with some bars inside there or
pipe. So this is really, really good. But I also find out another thing that we can
use it for. And I going to go over to the table with those. We can also use the magnets
to hold a trunk lid or a door or something like that because we can use those and it
actually give the panel legs. And it doesn't move as much as it sits on the convex shape
and on the skin on the table. So those give the piece legs that is really, really great
and I find out that. And if I using a little rubber on the table those stays even better
so it doesn't move around. And if this is for the trunk lid you can bend the edge here
with a bead roller, and shrink it and stretch it, and then you can hammer and dolly it here
and nobody else need to hold it for you. So those magnets are really, really good. Another
thing is that you can use it for is if this is a roof skin you can hold the whole roof
skin on the car like this. And you can look at it and maybe push it up or push it down.
And when you are done with that then the magnets hold it where you want it to be. You go on
the inside and you scribe it on the inside, and then you trim it exactly on the line,
put it together and keep the magnets over again to hold it in place. And that will take
hours and hours of rough work to, to hold it in place. But the magnets it's so simple
and makes life so much easier and more fun when you weld pieces together. The only thing
you need to be concerned about is that you don't use or TIG weld it too close to the
magnets because you think something is wrong with the TIG welder. So you can't weld too
close to the magnets but that's okay you can move it around and you can TIG weld it together.
They going to be available on the website