Know Your Risk Factors

Uploaded by CDCStreamingHealth on 19.03.2012

My name is Dr. Amie Hsia and I'm the medical director
of the Washington Hospital Center Stroke Center.
I'm a vascular neurologist, which means that I specialize
in taking care of patients with stroke.
Stroke is the leading cause of adult disability,
in addition to being the fourth leading cause of death.
If there's one thing I could tell people it would be that
stroke is preventable and it's treatable.
Heart attack and stroke share some common risk factors.
These include high blood pressure, diabetes,
high cholesterol, smoking and obesity.
It's important for people to be aware of what their risk factors
are so that they can address them appropriately.
If you do suspect a stroke call 911 immediately do not delay so
that you can receive potentially life-saving treatment.