How To Make Dog Cupcakes, Homemade Dog Treats Recipes

Uploaded by FrostingFran on 24.06.2012

Hi Iím Frosting Fran. Put on your pearls and pull up a chair because I want to talk
to you about this new Cake Kit For Dogs made by Look at this gorgeous box.
It just says fun and excitement. And with this cake kit, you can make 12 dog cupcakes
to celebrate a dog birthday party or celebrate any dog party or dog themed event. Let me
show how easy it is to use this product and it was designed specifically to make baking
for dogs quick and easy. First of all, take a look at the box and up here in the corner
you can see that video instructions and recipes are offered on our sister website
We show you different variations that you can use with this basic box. Now. when you
turn the box over on the back, are all the baking instructions that you need to bake
a cake either in the oven or the microwave. And for todayís demonstration, Iím going
to show you how easy it is to prepare a cake to bake in the regular oven. First of all
what youíre going to need is your box, your cake kit box, youíre going to need a muffin
pan, and you can use any baking pan you desire, it just so happens I have a muffin pan here.
Youíre going to need an egg, youíre going to need a third cup of water and a quarter
cup of oil which I already have measured out here. So, you open the box and inside, youíre
going to find two packages. One is a package of cake mix and one is a package of dog treat
frosting mix, yogurt frosting mix. So Iím going to put the frosting mix aside and we
will come back to that. Letís take the package of dog cake mix. Itís a wheat based uh dog
cake mix, very healthy. Iím going to open it upÖby pullingÖand Iím not strong enough
to do thatÖoh here we go. Iím going to open it hereÖand letís pour the mix into the
bowl. And there it is, itís a very nice wheat flour, so it has much more nutrients than
plain old white flour. And all the ingredients that went into this are completely natural
so itís an all natural cake mix. OK. And now, according to the directions on the back
of the box, weíre going to add our third of a cup of water, our quarter cup of oil,
and vegetable oil is a good oil to use, and then one egg. And there it is. And all you
have to do is mix it up. You see Iím mixing it up and it mixes quickly. You do not need
a mixer, you do not need a blender. Thatís overkill. All you need is a spoon and a strong
hand and there you go. Thereís the cake mix, just like that. And what you would do next,
is take your cake mix, pour it into your greased muffin pan, or your cake pan, or whatever
mold you choose to make. And Iím not going to do that right now but you get the idea.
And thanks to the magic of video it just so happens that I have the finished dog cupcakes
right here. Look how they come out. Beautiful. And you get twelve of these out of this one
box. So now, this is how, how to make dog cupcakes very quick and easy. Just open the
box, pour all your ingredients into the bowl, stir. And go. And these would have gone into
the oven for 18 to 22 minutes. And make sure that you put a toothpick in to make sure that
they are done. After you take them out of the oven and they are completely cool, it
is now time to frost the dog cupcakes. So come on over to this part of my kitchen and
Iím going to put the cakes down here. Let me show you how quick and easy this is. We
have the packet of Fidoís Frosting which is an all-natural yogurt frosting, and it
has no fat, no sugar, itís going to dry hard, it will not melt, and it needs no refrigeration
once you use it. Iím going to open the package and pour the powder into the bowl. And Iím
really trying not to make a mess because when I am cooking I am not the most professional
chef, and I tend to get powder all over the place, but there it is. Thatís what the yogurt
powder looks like. A white yogurt powder, all-natural. And weíre going to take, let
me see how much water this is. This is seven teaspoons of water already measured out. Just
pour that into the yogurt powder. And again, just take a spoon and mix. You donít need
a blender, you donít need a mixer. Itís that simple, and it just mixes up. And make
sure that you use the exact amount of water that it says on the box because thatís how
you get it to work correctly. And there you go. You have a beautiful white yogurt icing.
And let me show you how easy that is to spread on the mini cakes. Take some with my spreader.
And there we go. You can even color this icing if you wish, any color you desire. If you
wanted to you could add a flavor to it and you could take your uh piping equipment if
youíre an expert baker and pipe different decorations on top but Iím just showing you
the basic cake kit and there you have it. Weíll let that sit and dry. And when that
yogurt icing has dried, itís going to dry hard, itís not going to melt. I will not
need to put that into the refrigerator. And these are going to be eaten right up. So again
itís the Cake Kit for Dogs, itís made by K9Cakery and the website is www.K9Cakery C
A K E R You can find additional recipes, dog cake recipes over here at Dog Cake World
dot com. And we show you how to make all different flavors using the same basic mix. And we hope
you come on over and check us out. And this is Frosting Fran reminding you that life is
short, eat frosting.