The Ventrac Story - History of Ventrac designed by the Steiner brothers

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It is here in the heart of America near
Orrville, Ohio
where family is important and
hard work and innovation
is still seen as a way to get ahead.
It is here
that Venture Products began.
Marvin Steiner's passion for mechanized farming was ignited by the
rationing and shortages of World War II.
The family farm east of Orrville, Ohio became the testing ground for many of his inventions.
Over the course of the next fifteen years, Marvin
and Mary had seven sons.
They loved to help their father with his inventions
and it was a treat
when they got to run the machinery he had created.
Not only did the Steiner boys were learn their fathers trade,
they also learned their fathers work ethic,
his loyalty to God,
and his passion for humanity
which often saw him using his new inventions to help out neighbors in need.
Thus it became a Steiner family tradition
to work at making life simpler
by using
practical engineering,
design ingenuity,
and good old-fashioned common sense.
In the mid-nineteen seventies
the Steiner brothers formed the Steiner Corporation
and over the next fourteen years their company grew
into three major marketing divisions.
A community repair shop
turf equipment, which was sold to a British company in 1988,
agricultural equipment,
which was sold to a group of employees the same year,
and became Venture Products in 1996.
The Steiner brothers soon launched the brand name Ventrac,
and in 1998,
focused their energies on creating the next generation of all wheel drive compact tractors
Since then
this new line of innovative machinery
has captured the imagination of the marketplace.
One key feature that caught the eye of buyers
was the minute mount system.
This gives Ventrac users a choice of more than thirty different attachments,
all of which take a minute or less to attach or detach.
This makes Ventrac tractors extremely versatile
and gives a maximum performance the landscapers,
tree growers, and nurseries,
parks and airports,
golf courses and other sports facilities,
homeowners, churches, and universities,
shopping malls,
rental yards, and more.
While other products may claim to do the work of the Ventrac
they don't have the quality,
the durability, or the craftsmanship of a Ventrac.
To learn why
all one has to do is look at the vision statement of Venture Products.
It's a simple one.
Our vision is a commitment to providing a unique, superior quality product
while maintaining the highest standards of business ethics.
We will be a positive influence to the global community
growing added balanced rate while
for remaining an independent company.
Venture Products approaches this vision
by pursuing five core values.
The first of these is quality.
Quality is paramount in Venture Product's manufacturing methods,
marketing efforts,
and in its relationships with others.
Without a dedication to quality
the Ventrac might be just another lawnmower
instead of the finest piece of machinery of its kind.
Next comes ethics.
Venture Products is committed to maintaining the highest standards of business ethics with
its customers,
and the global community.
These standards are incorporated into every interaction,
both business and personal.
Another value is growth.
Venture Products seeks a strong, balanced growth
that enhances the markets it sells in
and solidifies financial stability.
Not only does Ventrac commit time and talent to the production of a unique and innovative
that is second to none,
it is also committed to reaching their full potential
in developing new products,
in discovering
new manufacturing and management techniques,
in personal growth,
and in the development of people and their ideas.
The fourth value
is independence.
Venture Product's purposes to remain an independent company
what the desire, the motivation,
and the ability to control it's own direction.
As a manufacturer of high-quality products like the Ventrac
our responsibility is to our dealers and their customers.
Remaining independent gives us the freedom to service
develop, and sell our product as we see fit
and as our market demands.
Venture Products values its independence.
It's two manufacturing plants are in America's heartland
Orrville, Ohio.
It's product line is hand crafted by experienced technicians
who take pride in their work
and are dedicated to excellence.
The final Venture Products value
is people.
Through business relationships
the goal is to be a positive influence in the global community.
Venture is dedicated to being
fair with employees and customers alike,
maintaining an environment that encourages growth for both company and community.
Venture Product expects its employees to reflect this responsibility in their individual jobs.
Ventrac equipment is sold only through authorized Ventrac distributors.
Venture Products is always looking for enthusiastic, and qualified distributors and dealers
seeking opportunities to promote their businesses
through superior quality products
while maintaining
the highest standards of business ethics.
So, whether you're a dealer,
a distributor,
or you found yourself in the market for quality maintenance equipment
that exceeds expectations,
you are invited to discover Ventrac.
Venture Product is proud of its accomplishments
and welcomes you
to share in its success.
We're determined that Ventrac can unlock oppurtunities never before imagined
and we welcome you have to become involved with us here Venture Products.