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>> >>DWANE: Tonight on KPBS evening edition, a grand jury report says a San Diego megachurch
shed gets get its license suspended and a troubled consumer get group gets a new leader.
How's the water at San Diego's beaches this memorial day weekend? A new pollution report
card is out. A candidate for county supervisor brought
out some farm animals to illustrate a point about government pork.
KPBS evening edition starts now. >> >>DWANE: Good evening, thanks for joining
us, I'm Dwane Brown. A wild fire east of Julian has forced dozens
of families from their homes tonight. The fires burning in the shelter valley area,
it started this afternoon and spread east ward.
Residents were sent to Borrego springs high school.
We are tracking it fire online at A mega church in Point Loma should have its
permit suspended. Services at the rock church draw about 12,000
worshipers to liberty station each Sunday. The areas master plan calls for education
use only at the church site. The rock church is not consistent with the
plan. Church leaders have yet to respond to the
report. There's a new leader at the utility consumers
action network. Kim Malcolm is the new executive directer.
She has worked with the public utilities commission and a energy non profit in the San Francisco
bay area. >> >>: I think we have a lot of talented and
a lot of great opportunities to help maintain utility rates, keep them low, it and reduce
utilities to provide good services and protect the local environment as well.
Got a solid reputation in almost 30 years of history and I think we have a great foundation
for building it and moving forward. >> >>DWANE: Earlier this year yukan, settlement
to keep the consumer group alive. Kim Malcolm will join us here on the set tomorrow.
San Diego's city school lead r said finalized layoffs for more than 1500 teachers this week.
Labor leaders are tried calling on the district to find ways to reduce the layoffs.
Kyla Calvert joins us. What's prompting this latest pressure on the
union and district leader? >> >>KYLA: Hundreds of teachers and other
school staff have received layoff notices only to have them rescinded.
That's created this sense that the district is bluffing, that things aren't really as
bad as they seem. Even Lorena 51 swrawl ez who hedz the San
Diego expim peer yl county labor union says no.
The 120 plug plus million dollar deficit in the school district isn't going away.
The governor's revise was worse than the January projections and it's time for the teachers
to sit down with the union & to come to a consensus of what the budget numbers look
like, and to reduce the number of lay offs that have already been finalized.
>> >>DWANE: What options to do they have to reduce these?
>> >>: Gonzalez says she does not support the teachers opening their contract negotiations,
but they could agree do things like extending the five furlough days they've had for the
past kum years in a side agreement outside of that contract.
She says what needs to happen is the district needs to present teachers with an accurate
picture of what making or giving up things like that would mean in terms of the number
of staff that could be brawtd back so they can make an informed decision about what they
would be willing to do to save some of these jobs.
>> >>DWANE: KPBS education reporter Kyla Calvert. The chancellor of the 23 campus California
state university system is retiring. Charles reed will be stepping down after 14
years on the job. He came under fire of r over salaries and
tuition. Nearly 3 dozen people have been endited in
an under cover sting on car theft, operation last judgment included early morning raids
in San Diego and Riverside counties. Police say they recovered 84 stolen cars along
with drugs and weapons. Thirty one people face charges ranging from
autothem theft to operateinga chop shop. San Diego county beaches got pretty high marks
in the latest heal the bay report card. The environmental group rated beaches for water
pollution levels nient 97% thoof county's beaches got very good or good grades for the
summer. Beaches facing the open ocean are usually
the cleanest. >> >>: If you're in an enclosed bay, harbor,
like mission bay or San Diego bay, or you're swimming near a flowing storm drain, creek,
river or lagoon outlet, chances are you're rolling the dice in terms of what the water
is going to be like when you go swim thrg. >> >>DWANE: This is the second year in a row
the county did not have a beach on the list of the state's dirtiest.
Some environmental groups in Arizona may sue the federal government to protect California
condors. Twenty two condors have die offed lead poisoning
in the past two decades and they want to ban lead bullets.
They say the forest service isn't doing enough to protect the birds.
There are 405 known condors both in the wild and in captivity.
>> >>DWANE: Controversy over San Diego county's 5Êmillion dollar neighborhood reinvsment
5 controlled by the 5 member board of supervisors, one candidate rung for the first open sleet
in nearly 20 years calls it a slush fund for supervisor's pet projects.
>> >>DWANE: This may look whriek something out of a petting zoo, but these pigs are on
display for a different reeses n all together. >> >>: You know it's an election year when
a candidate running brings pigs to town to illustrate a point.
>> >>: Stop the pork. >> >>DWANE: Steve ban n is pushing to tight
thn pro steejers governing how supervisors divvy up 1Êmillion dollars a piece in grant
money. If elected, Dannon would face stiff opposition
from the board. >> >>: Addiction to spending is a very tough
habit to break. There's no question about that.
>> >>DWANE: Dannon says he will work with the county tax payers association to end or
reform the program. He was supported by Greg stein.
Stein says the neighborhood reinvestment fund was started in the late 1990iesfor one time
capital improvement expenditures. >> >>: We have discovered that is not the
case with millions of it dollars spent for marketing, puppet shows and so on.
This five million dollar slush fund grew to 10Êmillion dollars a year and it morphed
itself into a complete political slush fund to purchase political patronage.
>> >>DWANE: Dave Roberts sent us this statement: >> >>DWANE: We also heard from the campaign
manager for candidate Carl Hilliard. He questioned Dannon for campaigning on federal
government time for nearly three years. Dannon says he only used personal or vacation
time to campaign for the district three open seat.
Our election coverage continues with a look at San Diego city council's race for district
one. Sherri Lightner faces three challengers.
Amita Sharma is talking about that at the round table is.
>> >>AMITA: Out of the five San Diego city kownl seats at state, district one is likely
the most competitive. Council woman Sherri Lightner has three challenges,
businessman ray Ellis is one of them. Both are here with me to discuss the issues
in the race to represent district one which includes Carmel valley, university city and
La Jolla. Council woman lielt nr, you're about to complete
your first term. What are your accomplishments, why keung you
have so many challengers is? >> >>SHERRI LIGHTNER: My accomplishes are
it excellent kun sich wnt services. We've balanced the budget, if you listened
to the press conferences yesterday, we are doing very well financially.
It's one o the reasons I ran for office was to not only bring my neighborhood to city
hall, restore trust in the communities for city hall, but to restore fiscal stability.
We've initiated pension reform and managed comp.
The Mayor has called me a leader in managed competition.
>> >>AMITA: Why do you think you have so many challengers?
>> >>SHERRI LIGHTNER: District one, since you live in district one, you know district
one is a very engaged community, and there are a lot of people interested in serving
o the community. >> >>AMITA: A UT San Diego editorial described
you as an enigma. They say you've been inconsistent on your
position in the San Diego convention scepter expansion, you supported measure B but have
questions about the legality. That you voted for managed competition, but
you are worried about the unintended consequences. What do you think of the paper's characterization
of you? >> >>SHERRI LIGHTNER: I think they had a mition
mission with their characterization. >> >>AMITA: Anything else?
>> >>SHERRI LIGHTNER: I am very confident that I make very rational decisions and I
make decisions for the benefitÊ benefit of my community.
>> >>AMITA: Ray, let's talk about an issue that is very big in university city and that
is the proposed regents road bridge which would cross rose canyon and nature preserve.
What is your position? >> >>RAY ELLIS: We have about $800Êmillion
in deferred maintenance for infrastructure which includes roads.
You can drive around district 1 in La Jolla, and university city and see the pot holes.
While we've made some financial progress, we have tremendous amount of work to do.
Let's take care of the infrastructure we have now before we start moving forward with new
infrastructure. We have some very passionate opinions, environmentallests,
this thing's been on the plan for 45 years. The folks oin eastern side near Jen eas are
worried about safety. Disaster recovery and preparedness is an issue.
Let's deal with first our initial challenge of these on going infrastructure problems
with a lot of reports showing we're falling further behind.
Let's get a plan in place, put this back on the table and have a thoughtful discussion
with all the community stake holders and shaw see what the best solution is.
>> >>AMITA: The three other candidates have steak n a position on that proposal.
Why won't you? >> >>RAY ELLIS: I think weaver got to get
our priorities straight, first and foremost. I don't think no is a solution.
This idea that we've got these other solutions floating around out there, I've walked the
pre sink tds near Jen eas, those people are tired of the complications of not having it.
>> >>AMITA: Another issue is the Juan paseo proposal in Carmel valley at Del Mar heights
road and el Camino real. This would consist of retail restaurants,
office space, and I believe hundreds of housing yeun tsz.
You've ack sepped money from the developer of this project.
What is your position on this project, and some have called for you to recuse yourself.
Would you? >> >>SHERRI LIGHTNER: I would not recuse myself
from this project. I need to prep resent my community op this
issue. I've asked them to weigh in on it.
We've done a frequently asked questions sheet to explain why the city attorney has advised
not to take a position on this land use issue. We've made arrangements to have a public forum
this evening at Carmel valley middle school and look forward to the community's comments
on the draft and final impact report. We do hope they come forward with alternatives
they'd like to see, and note that it will be coming to council.
I do want to vote and represent my community on tha that.
>> >>AMITA: Very quickly, ray, where are do you stand?
>> >>RAY ELLIS: I like the fact that it's going from pure commercial to a mixed use.
I think that encourages folks to live and work in their communities.
I think the plan as it stands right now is too robust and the mitigation needs to take
place on traffic issues. >> >>: Thank you so much for joining me.
>> >>SHERRI LIGHTNER: Thank you for your time. >> >>DWANE: Amita will talk with the other
two challengessers in the race in just a moment. Smoke is the number 1 cause of preventible
death in the U.S. and leading cause of cancer. Proposition 29 on the June ballot seeks to
raise money for cancer research, by increasing California's tax on cigarettes.
Kenny Goldberg says some San Diego institutions could benefit.
>> >>: At La Jolla's Sanford Burnham institute, more than 500 people are insolved in cancer
research. Dr.ÊSer Courtneidge directs one of the labs.
For more than seven years, Courtneidge has been studying how cancer cells invade tissues.
>> >>: In the primary tumor and the spread of the cancer around the body.
The which is what most people will die of. We're very interested in finding the mechanism
by which cancer cells move and invade and thinking of ways to come up with new therapeutics
that would target that. >> >>: Court nj points out it takes years
of false starts to get even one potential cancer drug to market.
That requires a lot of money. Courtneidge and other cancer researchers main
source of funds is the federal government, but she says federal grants are becoming much
tough toor get. >> >>: We have a lot of ideas, and particularly
in California, there are some terrific cancer researchers who are being limited right now
in terms of what they can do. It's not their imagination, but it's the resources
for them to be able to bring this forward. >> >>: Prop 29 would be a wind fall for research.
It would raise tobacco tax by a dollar a pack. Some of the money would go to smoking prevention.
Most f it would go to cancer research. The American lung u sos association is one
of prop 29's major backers. The association's Deborah Kelly says California
used to have one of the highest tobacco tax rates in the country.
But since California last raised tobacco taxes in 1998, a lot of other state have passed
us by. >> >>: We are standing at a pathetic third
33rd. That means 32 other state have higher tobacco
taxes than we do. >> >>: The tax on a pack of cigarettes would
jump from 87 cents to a dollar 87. >> >>: The only peep tool pay this are the
people who continue to smoke. They're going to be more motivated to quit
smoking, or smoke less, fewer kids are going to start smoking, and so all together, this
is going to mean a huge decrease in the number of people bhoo smoke.
>> >>RAY ELLIS: That has tobacco companies up in arms, they've bank roll ad massive ad
campaign againsted smoke. >> >>: I thought prop tboin was a good idea.
Then I read it. It raises 735Êmillion dollars in tobacco
taxes, but not one penny goes to new funding for cancer treatment.
Instead, it creates a huge new research beur awk bureaucracy with no accountability.
>> >>: It doesn't require the taxes be spent in California creating jobs.
>> >>: Defeat prop 29, that's nearly four times as much money as backers have raised
p.but supporters of the measure remain undeterred. San Diego al rnlgests admit smokers already
pay more than 5 dollars a pack. >> >>: It's annex pensive pass time to smoke,
but it's not a deterrent enough. Data shows about a 10% increase in the cost
of a pack of cigarettes about 4 to 5Êpercent of people will not take up the habit or stop
the habit. Those numbers sound good.
>> >>: The possibility of getting more money for kangs cancer research sounds good to San
Diego scientific community. Especially Dr.ÊChristina VORI.
>> >>: Medical research is one of the drivers for the economy in San Diego and in many parts
of the state in general. I think it will be very helpful to spark the
economy at these timeswhen things are not as they were some time ago.
>> >>DWANE: That story from KPBS health reporter Kenny Goldberg.
We continue our look at the San Diego city council race for district one.
Amita is talking to two more of the challengers. >> >>: Bryan Pease helped lead the legal fietd
to protect the feel fields in La Jolla cove. Now he's waging a fight against Sherri Lightner,
and former Johnson & Johns executive Dennis ridz had who is also vying for Lightner's
job, wants to be a leader who listens to his kun sich wnts.
Bryan, your are an acknowledged carpet bagger. You moved from south park to UTC to run in
this race, why? >> >>BRYAN PEASE: I think we need a progressive
in this race. You'll see fewer distinctions between the
incumbent and her challenger. There are more similarities between the two
of us than the two established candidates. I'm in favor of protecting the environment,
protecting labor, including city workers, weer we're not going to throw city workers
under the bus with prop B. It costs the city money to switch to 401k.
I'm in favor of capping pensionable pay and not having six figure pensions, but prop B
is a fraud and it does way too much and it's a political ploy in order to get votes for
mayoral candidate who helped to put it on the ballot.
>> >>AMITA: You're best known for your work on behalf of protecting the seals in La Jolla.
Some say you're just a one issue candidate. What are you doing to change that perception?
>> >>BRYAN PEASE: The seals are just one example of an issue that helped save the city money
and protect a treasured natural resource. The incumbent got a C +, and the seals are
one of the issues, and that was one of the issues basis of that poor score.
No other got that low of a score than Carl DeMaio.
I would be a much better vote for the environment, particularly on water use.
I want to see water recycling n implemented. I'm very suspicious of desal nation, I think
we can do a lot with recycling. >> >>AMITA: Dens Dennis, you're a former financial
executive. You've been critical of Sherri Lightner and
ray Ellis, the other challenger who we had on formerly.
You've been critical of Lightner saying that she's guilty of inaction and Ellis, you said
has not been specific on the issues. Offer me examples on both.
>> >>RAY ELLIS: With share Lightner, I dealt with her because on chair of one of her boards
for three and a half, four years and we would give her specific information on a topic whether
it be medical marijuana or a draft EIR, and either she ignores what we've asked her to
look into or as her latest thing now is she won't stay for our meetings saying that she
can't listen and yet I know for a fact that she's had meetings with the developers in
her office. >> >>AMITA: What about ray Ellis?
>> >>DENNIS RIDZ: I got into the race very late.
I did d side to give ray a chance. I had two breakfast meetingswith him and I
asked him ray, what are the issues important to Carmel valley and Torrey Pines and he couldn't
answer the question. He had Carl DeMaio call me, and Carl agreed
that ray didn't have the land use issues behind him.
So I gave him another chance, told him where to find the answers, and the only thing I
could get out of him was I'm opposed to I 5.
Why, ray? Silence. >> >>AMITA: What about the specifics on some
issues import tonight district wufnlt one is a is the Juan paseo project, proposition
B to end guaranteed pensions for city workers, and the regents road bridge in university
city. Where do you stand on those very quickly?
>> >>DENNIS RIDZ: I'm opposed to Juan paseo as it is established now for the square footage.
We would be acceptable of a smaller project, but the primary issue there is that the mitigation
that's being proposed even in the draft ER, they say it is outside of the control of the
city. We have a time span that could be 10 years
between the building of a project and not up grading the highway.
With the prop B, I don't think it's well put together.
I do not want to punish the city workers by creating a pension freeze or salary freeze
and on the regents bridge I've been opposed to that entire project because we should leave
the rose canyon alone. >> >>AMITA: Bryan where do you stand though
regents road bridge and the Juan paseo project? >> >>BRYAN PEASE: The regents road bridge
is an issue the community is divided about. I'm against building the bridge, but I am
more than willing to listen to community concerns with the folks who do want to have that bridge
built and think it can be done in an environmentally safe manner.
Juan paseo needs to be scaled down. >> >>AMITA: Thank you so much for speaking
to us today. >> >>BRYAN PEASE: All right.
>> >>DWANE: You can find information on the candidates and the issues at stake with this
election on along with the online voter guide go to
>> >>AMITA: Tonight in the public square, Mayor Jerry sanders whoo created a stir during
his news conference yesterday, not just because he said the city budget was better than expected.
He criticized councilman and mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio for taking credit for the city's
financial reforms. >> >>: He probably takes credit for my weight
loss, for the weeds I pulled in the back yard last week rk it's all bullÊ
>> >>DWANE3: Had never voted for a city budget. DeMaio as the Mayor's words could be chalked
up to the campaign's silly season. He said I don't care about credit.
I just glad our fiscal reform agenda is working for tax payers.
He also said we all can celebrate and be proud we have made this much progress without a
tax increase. The Mayor got some response on
And mission accomplished says: >> >>AMITA: You can weigh in on the conversation
by following us on Twitter, liking us on Facebook and of course you can e mail us and now Dwane
has a recap of tonight's top stories. >> >>DWANE: Dozens of homes east of Julian
have been evacuated because of a wild fire. County grand jury says the permit for the
rock church should be suspended. The report says the church is in an area designated
for educational not use and not for churches. The church attracts an estimated 12,000 people
on a typical Sunday. All of tonight's stories are on our website edition. We are also tracking the banner fire there,
and thank you for tuning in tonight. Have a good night.
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