My Australia: Episode 05 - Part 2

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Raisa grew up in Bandung Indonesia with her parents and younger brother.
As a baby she was fat.
She got skinny and liked to dance and play the piano.
She had a head for numbers and she won a lot of mental arithmetic competitions.
368 plus 534 plus 235 would be 1137.
She started a double degree in Indonesia but then won a scholarship to study international
relations at Flinders University in South Australia.
She now lives in a share house close to the University.
When she needs a break from study she sometimes goes into the backyard and does the hula hoop.
Iím living off-campus. I live very near to Uni.
I just have to walk around five minutes and then I take the loop bus.
You go to the main campus. So thatís really good.
Living here has definitely made me independent.
I learned how to cook here whereas before I got here Iíve never even touched a stove.
Iíve never even cooked instant noodles.
My favourite thing about being in Australia is the relaxed life, I guess.
Like I can really enjoy my life here. I donít feel rushed to do things.
I do realise that if you want to blend in and make new friends that you have to sort
of put an effort to put yourself out like,
not only wait for people to approach you but just generally smiling and everything
and people will approach you, so itís not really that hard I guess.
Iíve never, you know, really been good at any sport or whatever, been a sporty person
because I mean like itís just so humid in Indonesia, like you donít really want to
go out, itís so sticky and everything.
So tonightís volleyball event will be a challenge for me I guess because like, well,
I mean like Iíve hit a volleyball but Iíve never actually tried playing it.
And playing it is a lot, well, you know, a whole different thing because like
you have to actually aim for it to go over the net and you know, go within certain boundaries
and stuff
and I donít even know the rules of volleyball.
Hi Raisa.
How are you?
Welcome to Adelaide. Welcome to Henley Beach.
Thank you.
So you've come to join us to play beach volleyball?
Yeah. Iíve heard that you guys do it every week and stuff.
So, if you donít mind, yeah.
Weíd love you to join us.
I just hope that they donít mind you know, my un-athleticness, because like Iíll probably
screw up their game and stuff.
But Iím okay with meeting them so the question now is are they okay with my athleticness.
Okay Raisa, letís go down to the beach and have a hit of volleyball now then.
Yeah, sure, sounds good.
Well, Iím looking forward to the beach because like they have really great beaches here in
Adelaide and stuff and yeah,
like trying to play volleyball also on the beach Iím looking forward to that because
Iíve never done that before.
I hope that I won't, you know, be too embarrassing or like, you know like, never get the ball
across or whatever,
but Iím sure itís gonna be fun anyway and theyíll know that Iíve never played volleyball
before so whatís to lose anyway?
And itís lots of exercise when itís windy like this because itís harder to chase that
You have to jump high too so ...
Well, youíre a pro and Iím like super duper beginner, like Iíve never played before.
Iím not a pro because Iím so short.
Well, Iím short too so there you go.
They have Baywatch, they have you know all sorts of movies so I knew that you know,
all the people outside Indonesia do play on the beach and stuff, but like, the city where
I come from, Bandung,
itís like near the mountain areas, so like we donít have beaches and stuff so I donít
see it on a daily basis or whatever.
Hairdressers playing volleyball, yeah.
Raisa when we start the game we always have to stand behind the line here ...
Behind the line?
Behind the line and itís always on the right hand side, okay,
and then the umpire will blow the whistle and then thatís when youíll serve it.
Normally a serve is the punch behind the ball,
A punch like one hand?
Yes, the ball in one hand and punch.
Punch like that.
Yes, absolutely and then that will take it over the net.
You aim to get it over the net.
Okay, you also do this right, thatís what Iíve seen in movies and stuff.
Once it goes over the net for the first serve, theyíll retaliate so theyíll hit it back
and then thatís when we run closest to the net and try and hit it back with our arms.
And it goes back and forth like that.
They play it I think for a bonding session and sort of relaxation.
I mean like at the end of the day.
They do it every Wednesday and then after that they go to the pub for a drink and stuff.
So yeah, thatís one of the things that I like about Adelaide you know, the relaxed
lifestyle and getting close to people.
Yeah, itís lovely.
Yeah, Noelene told me about the rules of the game, you know like,
you have to go this way when you punch, or like you know, go upward.
Well, it doesnít sound complicated but you know sometimes turning theory into practice
is a different matter.
So I donít know how Iíll turn out but oh well, thereís nothing more I can do I guess.
Are we good to go everyone?
Iím feeling excited but Iím also worried because you know the team before was really
Well, when I first started I was pretty much clueless
like I didnít really get the hang of it and that you could get three hits before you know
If I had knew that from the beginning like I would have reacted more sort of
because like when I thought that the ball was going to go down then I just left it because
I didnít know that you could get three shots.
The team was really friendly. They were really supportive and helpful.
I mean like I screwed up their team but they were still you know, very supportive
and saying cheers like, ëOh, good job,í and everything,
but all I did was just, you know, whack it a little bit.
Raisa! Good girl.
I started to get into it at the last quarters maybe but yeah, still I have like heaps to
improve and everything.
After all itís still my first game.
Good, thatís fantastic.
Well, at least I can serve quite well even though when I hit it I rarely get it in.
That was fantastic.
Except it went in the wrong direction.
Iím definitely proud of myself because Iím trying something new in a different country
in a different surrounding and I guess like you know,
as human beings, you always have to try new things, be open to new things because thatís
what makes life more fun.
I feel tired.
I mean like, sand, like moving in the sand requires so much effort and everything, but
it was heaps of fun, yeah,
except that you know, I had trouble getting the ball over the net as I predicted and yeah,
but it was heaps of fun.
Okay cheers.
Hereís to Raisa, thank you.
This looks really good but you know, all of the calories that I just burnt, bam!
In this drink, itís gone.
Yeah, the night was extremely fun like we had drinks and stuff at this wonderful place
and yeah,
it was really nice to end the night with a drink and you know, just chit chat with these
and like theyíre just really welcoming me, like they invite me to come next Wednesday
for another game and stuff
so yeah itís really nice today and the weatherís really nice and itís a great end to everything.
I donít know about you but I say any sport that comes with a drink like that at the end
of it is a good sport.
Coming up after the break we talk fast cars and race tracks.
Stick around.
Excuse me mate, can I ask you a few questions about motor racing?
Yeah, sure.
Okay, do you like it?
Oh, I can't say Iím a big fan of it but each time it comes on the TV you know, I wouldnít
refuse to watch.
Motor racing.
Itís good. Itís exciting.
Itís just different to every other type of sport there is out there.
Umm, that the cars go really fast.
I donít know, that itís entertaining.
And whatís the enjoyment you get out of driving?
Me out of driving? Not having people run into me for a start
Umm, just it gets you places, like, donít have to get a bus or anything.
Well, I like the accelerating, the taking off,
just the feel of taking off in like a V8.
Well, if I had hair Iíd be able to describe wind in my hair but I donít have hair.
Is there enjoyment though in driving?
In the country yes, off the road.
Every man in his life should have a convertible at some stage.
Itís a feeling that we all need to experience.
And would you ever like to go, you know, just drive around a racetrack like you know,
as fast as you could, like ...
What would that feel like?
Yeah, Iíd love it, yeah, itíd be a definite thrill, and adrenalin rush.
So thatís what some Australians think about fast cars, and Kema loves them as well.
Heís about to put on the safety suit and the helmet and go racing for real.
My name is Woohyun Kim. My nickname is Kema.
Iím from Seoul Korea.
There are four people in my family.
My parents and my older sister and me.
I have one more new family member, my brother.
He is my sisterís husband.
My sister has got married about eight months ago.
As you know most Korean men have to do military service so I also did three year military
service as a Marine.
Marine means special group. I volunteer to be a Marine.
efore I came to Brisbane I was in Cairns for three months.
I study English in my language school.
I think I improve my English so that was very nice time.
There are two purposes for coming to Australia.
The first one is to study English.
The second one is to experience Australiaís culture and life.
I think Australia is one of the most beautiful natural countries in the world and there is
a lot of beautiful places.
I live in an Woolloongabba apartment in Brisbane, near city, yeah.
Even though I live in my apartment in Korea for two years myself, I didnít cook too much
Not really good but I can cook nowadays because Iím getting used to my life in Australia
so I have to cook myself.
I work in pool hall in city.
I clean some tables and I give some drinks for customers. Sometimes play with my customer.
Iím going to drive V8 race car.
Iím so excited because itís my first time to drive racing car.
I guess I can do very very well.
I went to Townsville to watch supercar V8 racing car.
Itís my first time to see racing car, car racing.
It was absolutely amazing because amazing speed, very fast and of course, beautiful
racing models.
I didnít know how much Australian people like car race because in Korea itís ... car
racing is not very common.
All right ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to V8 Experience, all here to drive the V8s today.
Thereís some important tips you can pick up on that can make your driving better out
on the open road.
Todayís activity is potentially dangerous.
There could be some kind of an incident that could result in an injury.
The injury could even prove to be fatal, so you need to be aware of the dangers of todayís
Iím ready to drive but Iím getting nervous a little bit
because it is my first to drive a racing car, but I guess itís a very nice experience,
This one hereís for you.
There you go.
All right.
All good.
Okay mate, in you jump.
This is Ross, heís one of our most senior instructors.
How you going mate?
Whatís your name?
My name is Kema.
Pleased to meet you matey.
All right, what I want you to do Kema is just sit back on the seat and relax.
Okay, thatís good there.
Howís your foot on the clutch pedal Kema?
All the way to the floor?
I think people have weak points and strong points.
One of my strong points is confidence.
You know, in Korea I take the left side handle but in Australia I have to drive right hand
so just about this Iím a little bit nervous.
The first lapís going to be quite slow.
I want you to hold the wheel in the ten to two position and Iíll actually help you steer
the car and put the car into the race lines for you.
And once we get out on the circuit weíll only use third and fourth gear.
So weíll go down into the corners, go down into third gear, back into fourth.
Thatís all youíll need to worry about.
Third and fourth.
Yeah, third then fourth, third and fourth all the time.
The first important thing in motor racing is the entry into the turn.
The later you can turn into the turn the earlier you can get on the bound, the faster you can
come out of that turn.
And itís a lot safer. If you turn in too early youíll still be on the brakes at the
apex as you sail out through the gravel trap.
Weíll just hold that speed at the moment.
Nice and slow for this first lap.
When youíre ready, into fourth gear
Okay two hands back up on the wheel, accelerate hard now.
You can go full throttle.
Hold it flat. Hold it flat, thatís it.
Righto, back to third gear now, third gear, over to the left,
brake, brake, brake.
Off the brakes, let it roll with the apex, thatís it.
Right out to the yellow cone, full throttle now.
Hold it flat, hold it flat.
Thatís it.
Lift off the throttle, turn in.
Now you can go full throttle again.
Hold it flat.
Just trust me, go to flat.
The speed of the car I drove in is amazing.
I travelled about one hundred and sixty kilometres per hour?
Straighten it up.
Roll it in.
Full throttle again.
Take it out to the right to the exit.
Keep it going, keep it going, keep it going, keep it going.
Howís that?
That puts a smile on your face.
When I was under stress in Korea I went driving around my home town.
Sometimes if I open car windows during driving I can feel refreshed, so I can get rid of
Wow! Howís that?
Well done.
Howíd you go?
Very nice. Fantastic.
You enjoy that?
Yeah, sure.
I think you did pretty well.
Thank you.
At first my speed is very slow but as time goes by I can speed up.
It was so exciting, absolutely, because after overtaking I feel ... I feel very nice, yeah.
My parents will be happy when I talk about it to them.
So maybe they proud of me and Iím proud of myself.
That looked like a whole lot of fun.
Time to wave the chequered flag now.
Thanks for watching My Australia.
Hereís whatís coming up on next weekís show.
Akki tries fishing the Aboriginal way with a spear,
The crab came up to my feet and tried to fight me or something.
After a day of snow skiing, Faye heads out looking for dancing at the local pub
and Michelle faces up to her fear of drowning and gets into the pool.
See you then.