Lindsay Lohan Drink Recipe - Jagermeister Drinks -

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Today on Drinks With Diablo,
We're making our favorite redheaded slut variation.
I'm talking about the Lindsay Lohan.
The presents Drinks with Diablo
The Lindsay Lohan.
Alright welcome back to Drinks with Diablo.
This is your host, Jöhnny Dîablø,
And today we are making the Lindsay Lohan.
Just like I said in the intro,
It's a red headed slut with little Coke in it.
Har har har.
Alright so we're just going to
Make this size of a glass, I guess.
We're going to add equal parts cranberry juice,
peach schnapps, and Jägermeister.
Then we're going to throw it down in a glass.
Then we're going to add a splash of Coke on top,
because you know,
that's the joke.
Here we go with:
Peach Schnapps!
For the Win.
I really do think that the peach schnapps
really brings the drink together.
[ shaking that drink ]
Alright, let's throw it back
Now you do know that back in the day,
Coca-Cola used to put actual cocaine in there, right?
And Pepsi? Think about it.
Pepsi, it gives you pep...
because they had cocaine in there too.
So throw back a little Coca-Cola.
That's a little bit more than a splash.
We'll see how that tastes.
There we go, the LIndsay Lohan.
A Redheaded Slut with some coke in it.
Let's try it and see how we like it.
It's not bad with a little coke in it.
Alright, now in the comments below,
I want you to name your favorite Disney child star
that had a meltdown later in life.
Is it Britney Spears?
Is it Miley Cyrus?
Is it Lindsay Lohan?
Do you think that the iCarly chick is going to turn wild child on us?
You let us know, alright?
Thanks again for being here,
and as always,
you know
It's Happy Drinking Time,
Happy Drinking Time! [ laughs ]
Lindsay Lohan recipe:
1 part Jagermeister,
1 part peach schnapps,
1 part cranberry juice,
Splash of Coca-Cola.
Drinks With Diablo:
A Presentation of
We're making our favorite Red Headed Slut variation,
that, uh — oh, never mind.
>> Lilly: Lindsay Lohan?
>> Diablo: Huh?
>> Lilly: Lindsay Lohan.
>> Dîablø: Yeah.
>> Lilly: Cause she does coke.
>> Dîablø: Yeah.