Tanu weds Manu hindi movie part 8 (LAST PART) in HQ with english subtitles 2011

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Brother Manu.
Just a minute.
Let's go buy you a suit.
For your marriage.
Sure? -Yes.
Just a minute.
Uncle, it's like this.
I have 2,000 and you pay 10,000.
We'll give it to the inspector...
...and get Raja jailed.
You cannot fly a kite. -Your string is not proper.
I won't give it. -It's completely entangled.
Pappi. -Yes.
Did you cut anyone's or did everyone cut yours?
They don't let it fly. They cut it down quickly.
Your neighborhood is very mischievous.
Can I say something?
Thank you.
Uncle, call the police. Police.
Where did this other band come from?
Please, please. -Please stay back.
Call the police. Call them now.
I'm ready to die today.
Pappi, Pappi, this is wrong. -Uncle, you stay back.
This is wrong. -You stay back.
Aunt, make him understand.
Inspector, where are you?
Brother Manu... -There is Chaos over here.
You stay here. Why are you going there?
You... -Jassi, stop. -Manu... -Jassi, stop.
Jassi, listen to me. - I won't spare him. Let go of me.
Listen, your under my oath. - Jassi. Jassi, you come here.
Tanu, do something.
Why are you crying? -What now?
That's fine, but why are you crying?
I know how to ride a bike. -But I don't.
And anyway, Tanu, this isn't the time to sit at the back.
What should I do with you?
Anything you feel is right.
On that day, you took Tanu away and I kept quiet.
Because I felt that was right,
Today I am taking her away.
You do whatever you feel is right.
Is this a joke, doctor?
What do you think?
You will make a mockery out of me...
...in from of half the city.
And I will do nothing.
Try to take her. I will shoot you.
Theoretically I should be scared.
But practically, I'm not scared
Because I feel that whatever I am doing is absolutely right.
I'm taking Tanu away.
Because If I'm scared, then I'll be shot.
And If I don't, then I will still be shot.
And you, Tanu.
You feel that I won't shoot.
Raja, I was scared for Manu.
Otherwise, I am not scared of anyone.
Just great.
In this story, you're the Ram, she's Sita...
...and me, Ravan.
If I am Ravan, then so be it.
Where shall I go?
Doctor, when I got ready and stepped out of my house...
...even my mother didn't come and bless me.
No one wanted this marriage to take place.
But, what can I do?
I have promised.
I am coming with the wedding procession.
But at the last turn, I remembered another promise.
I will get you married to the girl you love.
And, Tanu, I might be joker...
...but not a betrayer.
And then, if he wasn't such a nice person...
...if you didn't love him so deeply..
...and if I wasn't slightly bad...
..and if it wasn't a Monday today..
..then I swear on Bholenath.
I would've shot him.
Didn't I say it, doctor?
We have an old connection.
My best wishes for your wedding.
Play the drums.