NBA 2011-2012 season lockout updates

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It's over! NBA talks have stalled and the new season is likely cancelled!
As NBA negotiations neared an impasse,
chairman David Stern issued an ultimatum last week.
He offered players 50% of revenue, compared with 57% last year.
If the players reject this, then there won't be an NBA season this year.
Yesterday, the representatives from 30 unions gathered at a press conference.
Laker's star player Kobe Bryant and NY Knicks' Carmelo Anthony
also appeared to show their support.
Over the past six months, bosses and players have been fighting
about the share ratio.
Those players that have been laid off have been in a rut.
The rich bosses are in a better position.
But the players refuse to give in.
Both parties have been fighting over a few percentage points.
A few days ago, the bosses gave the players an ultimatum.
But the union refused the offer and decided to go to court.
The new NBA season is suddenly plunged into a harsh winter.
No more NBA for the fans this season.
The union even used 'union disclaimer' to let the lawyers handle the case from now on.
The bosses and the players are now in a deadlock.
They would rather cancel the season than give in.
It seems like this NBA lockout is going to stay for a while.
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