Black Swan - The Dying Swan - So You Think You Can Dance

Uploaded by 4njoallo on 24.02.2011

Boy, you moved me
- How old are you?- 20
- And who is the coreographer of--- Myself
- Are you-- Joao is crying! Are you crying?
Wow, I can't believe it!
I don't know if I'm more touchedfor him or--
Thank you
What you presented to us is so moving, John
John Lennon da Silva. Boy, you're an artist. Of such greatness...
I hope you keep doing this forever,searching for your art, because...
What you showed us is amazing
I hope people at home have the perception
And have felt what you made me fell
I am completely touched. My vote is yes. My vote is yes
Thank you
You are amazing. You will dance on the next round
because you are amazing!
John Lennon nailed it, man! Nailed it!
- This kid is amazing - Outstanding
- Guys, I need a minute- Are you okay, Joao?- I'm fine
Well done, kid! You get the show badge
because you surely can dance
Why do you think you are "guilty"for this unseen and historical
moment on "If She Dances, I Dance"
Joao cried, he was moved by you.This never happened here.
I think he saw my potencial. He thought I would be just another guy.
For what I noticed by his look, and his face...
But when he saw the end of my coreography
He said: "you're an artist"
Congratulations, go on to the dancers' elevator
and I'll see you on the next round