A Beautiful Mind (8/11) Movie CLIP - Charles Isn't There (2001) HD

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Can you hear me?
Go easy now.
Thorazine takes a little while to wear off.
Sorry about the restraints.
You've got one hell of a right hook.
[Weakly] Where am I?
MacArthur Psychiatric Hospital.
I find that highly unlikely.
You made a mistake.
My work is non-military in application.
Which work is that, John?
I don't know anything.
[Laughs] There's no good in keeping secrets, you know.
I didn't mean to get you involved in this.
I'm... I'm sorry.
The prodigal roommate revealed.
"Saw my name on the lecture slate."
You lying son of a bitch!
Who are you talking to? Tell me who you see.
How do you say, "Charles Herman" in Russian?
How do you say it in Russian?
There's no one there, John. There's no one there.
He's right there. He's right there.
Stop! I don't know anything!
Stop! l... I don't know anything!
My name is John Nash.
I'm being held against my will.
Somebody call the Department of Defense.
My name is John Nash.
I'm being held against my will!