The Amazing Race Latino America 3, E 1n (2/4) subtitled

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Three... two... go!
Go, go, go!
You have forty dollars for this leg of the race
Board one of the marked vehicles until you reach
La Estancia Bonaccord
where they will find the next clue
Teams must now make their way to Calafate by car
where they will find the next clue
Go, go!
Let's go
Hurry up
Ale, are you coming?
When we left I realised I had left her behind
so I started to shout then I started to change my tone
because I started to get desperate.
Ale! C'mon, Ale!
We are the first car to leave we did better than others team physically
Hurry, mate! Route 11, 22 km
Hurry So ready for this!
Route 11, 22 km through to the airport
We are third of fourth The Colombians and the Chileans are ahead of us
Route 11, 22 km via the airport, please
Next time use the backpack with two straps not just one
that's slowing you down
As fast as you can mister please!
Just reading the first clue realising this is a happening
it's happening
We chose this car because the driver looks aggressive and you need an aggressive driver in the race
We are last, shit It's my fault
Colombia is behind us and then 500 m behind them other teams
To the left here! Yeah, mate!
Well done, son!
Chile went by the exit without noticing making us first!
There is the box! Leg it! Leg it!
In a detour, teams will have to choose between two different tasks if after trying one, they want to change
they will be allowed
In this detour, teams must choose between tasks related to livestock a pivotal economical activitity
in Patagonia. Teams will have a choice between
bales and shearing
In option A, teams will have to push bales of wool from one point to the other
when they finish they will get their next clue
In option B teams must shear a sheep completely to get the next clue
Bales or shearing? Option A
One of you from each side just push
you have to get to the other side
Come on love, run! Detour
Bales or shearing? Option B, let's shear a sheep
You have to get all the skin off
Honey, I think the other option might be easier no, we are fine
Quick Pablo! Which one shall we choose?
Option A
Come on Come on
How far? You have to get to the end
Get a rhythm I feel like Rocky Balboa
Don't stop Don't stop
We were doing well but the Colombian boys were struggling with a puddle
so we had to stop at that moment
and then pass them
Go to Hotel Alto Calafate
After the detour teams must go to the Hotel Alto Calafate
to write their names down in the board before a mandatory resting period
this schedule will determine when the teams leave tomorrow.
Go, go Hotel Alto Calafate
Put your name on the board this will determine the leaving order tomorrow
Who is that? The twins
We passed another one! The Chileans made a mistake
Good, good!
We left first but we were a little distracted
Thank you
Let's go
Here is the clue box
Option A
Option B
Option A, right?
Option A
Option A, that's what we are going to do
Careful with my little finger keep going
keep going love
Let's start here
You have to do all of it
Is it really hard? Get your hand off it
Put your name on the board this will determine the leaving order tomorrow
We are both farm boys and we knew that shearing is harder than pushing bales
Thank you Go to Alto Carafate
Done, mate! We are first!
Very extreme my arms are like argh!
That was really hard I thought it was just like bzz
We are going to switch
Do you want to switch? Yeah
Let's go
Thank you Board your vehicles and go to
hotel Alto Carafate
But help me! Just one more, one more!
Thank you
Let's do it C'mon, don't stop
Are you kidding me?
That was really hard My lung and intenstines were about to collapse
but it doesn't matter
Thank you
Write your name on the board
Board your vehicle to the hotel
I'm not going to give up Come on
Is it stuck? Do you want to switch tasks?
We are halfway there! You are crazy, we have lots left