[WCS Documentary] 6. Who gonna be the A.Top?

Uploaded by PlayersCutTV on 22.11.2012

The morning of the second day players come down one by one
I'm going to try to just have fun
but try to avoid the loser's bracket
so I'll try to win all my games.
Off we go to the stadium.
Curious prepares for the on-stage game.
Loser's bracket round 3 against Comm, China's best.
Curious wins.
Comm is China's best, and that's why he's here.
But compared to Korean players
I think he could use some improvement.
Just a little more and in the future
I think he'll do a lot better.
Korean players have much more experience and greater skill
but I think it was worth the effort.
I was up against herO (winner's bracket quarterfinals)
and I lost 2 consecutive games on pro league
so it's time for revenge
but I saw him play yesterday, he was really great
so I'm pretty worried.
Money is money, there's not much to use it on.
I'm pretty much done with shopping
so I'm here just to have fun
enjoy the game for what it is.
I guess no one told Rain about investing in stocks.
So began the upper bracket quarter finals for the two players.
A match to the death, with a box in between.
Both coaches watch with their heart in their throat.
RorO takes the win for the main stage.
Here I come~
Why is Hero shaking his leg?
PartinG the opponent for the winner's bracket game 4
Comes running over, claiming Hero betrayed him
Hero promised not to be competitive, saying he wanted to take it easy.
But now that we're up against each other.
He's watching VODs and trying to figure me out.
I was really going to be a good sport
but now my feelings are hurt.
He's such a traitor.
No seriously, I'm taking it easy right now.
What's wrong with you PartinG.
PartinG says what he says, you know, taking it easy and not practicing and whatever
but he guaranteed victory at the interview.
I founded he was watching the VOD before the interview.
That's why I decide I wanted to beat him.
But I didn’t watch it before.
Yes you did.
No I didn't! You saw wrong!
It was after I swear.
Doesn't matter I'm going to beat you so bad.
Sure, I wish you the best. Hope you win
and big bro here is going to take it easy.
It's okay if I lose. I can be cool with that.
PartinG's plan to revenge didn't work out.
But they met each other again at the semi finals
PartinG successfully got his revenge and moved up to the finals.
The finals begin, and Asian's top player will rise!
Match between PartingG vs Rain was unavoidable.
I'm a bit sleepy
but I think I'll do alright. I played a game and
I think I'm having a good day.
Everybody is expecting a great battle between the two.
Executives from Blizzard’s Asian offices are here too.
The moment the Asia region champion rises.
Rain grabs the trophy with a 2:0 win.
A cordial gesture
so tired...
Medals are awarded to all 9 players
who participated in the Global Finals.
So can we go home now?
Gangnam Style?
But that's not the dance!
PartinG's horse dance is a bit off.
But hey it's all in good fun.
Rain is surrounded by fans just as he comes down from the stage.
And while Rain is busy with photo ops.
It was really difficult.
I was sweating a waterfall.
While other players are taking a break.
Rain has to play at the OSL finals.
I'm so jealous.
Yeah We're pretty jealous.
The victor is still doing interviews.
Please make it stop...
Other players are packing up.
The last two days of games have been quite memorable.
some rose up, while others sank low.
I guess I won't be going global.
awkward forced smile
I'll have to think of this as a learning experience
and improve on my remaining games.
We'll look forward to an upgraded Squirtle.
Out of the 10 Korean pro gamers, 6 were selected to represent Asia.
So a total 7 Korean players will be at the Global Finals.
Thanks for the great show!
oh, and Rain
Rain looks drained.
Looks like Rain got the silver
and PartinG got gold.
I need to clean my room.
I can't be bothered.
Rain looks extremely tired.
Is this a bad time for an interview?
I'm dying for some shut eye.
He might mess up my rhythm and flow.
I couldn't get any sleep.
There wasn't enough time anyway.
What's it like to be the champion? dunno really
I'm just glad to be going home tomorrow.
so taking care of what I need to do feels great
especially the going home part.
Good Night.
End of interview brings a quick smile.
So much for a cool interview with the champ.
Feels more like a fourth place interview.
Not enough excitement.
well, I just woke up
Congratulations once again!