Cultural Awareness for Healthcare Professionals - Promo (English version)

Uploaded by ClarkCollegeCCE on 17.05.2011

I am Albanian.
I am Chinese.
I am Deaf.
I am Punjabi.
My diversity is strength, not an obstacle.
I want to be treated with respect.
...with respect.
I want you to acknowledge my beliefs and customs,
even if you don't understand them.
I want to feel I have been heard and understood.
I want to understand what I am being told,
and not be made to feel small if I don't understand.
I want to feel safe.
English is not my first language, so when
you are talking about my health.
Please don't use medical jargon.
Make sure I understand your instructions...
a misunderstanding over a dosage could be fatal.
Don't forget to ask me about the quality of your care.
My feedback is valuable.
If I have a complaint, I want to have somewhere to go,
where I will be heard and understood.
I want to see my culture represented
in your organization.
I want to feel safe.
When I come to you, I am sick or hurt.
I may even be afraid.
I am at my most vulnerable.
Being Understood.
Understanding you.
Being treated with respect.
Being made to feel comfortable.
Being accepted as I am.
As I am.
These things instill confidence.
Make me feel safe.