Classic track vs Audi R8 LSM - The Red Bull Terramar Race

Uploaded by redbull on 14.05.2012

The human being is the one that sets the rule and the engine replies
The car has to have the soul of the human being, otherwise, it is a machine that does not vibrate
The man gives soul to the engine
This circuit was built at the beginnings of 1922. It was opened on October 28TH, 1923.
Here, in TERRAMAR, took place the first Formula 1 GP, of what is the actual GP in Spain.
See it reproduced in history, takes you to times you have never lived, it is something spectacular.
In the beginnings of the past century, races were absolutely sport, we are speaking of the year 1923…
If we're speaking about motoring, Spain was the first in line that moment. There were 60 brands of motorbikes and 40 of cars.
In their route and in the driving, the pilot's skills came out.
The present circuits have lost humanity
In the 20´s people use to push the cars in order to make them start, today this is impossible.
The truth is that it has been a big surprise...
I know a lot about motoring in Spain and I had no idea that many years ago something like this was built
and that there were races of F1 here, in an oval circuit.
I am Miguel Molina, I am 23 years old and I am from Lloret de Mar
I am an official pilot of Audi in the DTM and I have 2 years on the Red Bull team.
In DTM there are very good pilots and quality, it is a championship in which the brands choose their pilots, you have to be at the top of your game to be selected.
The past year, things were good enough, so this year we will try to be at the same level.
Miguel is the first Spanish pilot who has arrived to DTM, not only has he arrived to DTM but how he has arrived at the top of his game…
and I know this year he is going to win a lot of races and he is going to fight for the championship.
I had read small histories about this circuit but I never had had the opportunity of being here...
I am very excited to feel the experience and what these pilots felt,
when they ran in this circuit in the 20´s and I am going to have a good time for sure!
The official record of this circuit is 45.8 seconds. Luis Zborowski Miller was the pilot who established this record.
I think, it will be very difficult because the circuit has a lot of pot holes…
We are going to have to do a lot of “zig-zags”, I think in that moment, pilots drove straight...
there are now “chicanes” that did not exist in those times.
The circuit challenge has not been beaten for many years.
We will try to have a good time and if we can do it, it will be great!
We are going to have stop in many places and we have to slow down to pass through the places where there are more pot holes
The relationship with a film crew is more than just a working relationship
It is absolutely amazing, it is as if you could fly.
I have a big curiosity to know how I will feel, I have never driven in an oval circuit...
and I have never driven with banking, of course, with a slope of 90 grades, it has to be amazing
It is wonderful that we have conserved something so old, that is a relic, because it is a part of motoring history
People who had the same passion that we have today